Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sesame seeds anyone??!!

As of today, I am 4w6d pregnant, and my symptoms have finally started. My boobs are getting bigger and started to hurt yesterday. It's so weird what a difference a day can make. I have also gone from STARVING all the time to hungry but nothing sounds or tastes good. It's so hard to force food down right now. Some of my favorite foods taste HORRIBLE to me all the sudden. If my stomach didn't start painfully growling, I don't think I would eat at all. I'm still pretty tired all the time, recently I have had insomnia so I don't go to bed until 2am. However, I still wake up super early at like 7 am. So I'm not getting much sleep which I am SURE doesn't help with the exhaustion during the day. I'm not nauseated....YET! Everyone keeps telling me it will happen about 6 weeks, I've got my fingers crossed it doesn't ever hit me. Neither my Mom nor my sister ever got morning sickness so I'm hoping that is skips me as well. According to a book my friend Leslie gave me, our baby is the size of a sesame seed today, maybe that explains why I'm starting to feel like this :)

Ohhhh! I need to go, I just thought of something that sounds good...Zaxby's!!! I have to get there quickly before my body decided it's nasty!


the student said...

CONGRATS!!! Yay for horrific pregnancy symptoms, each miserable moment is a reminder of the wonderful things going on inside of you :) Hope it doesn't make you too crazy, though!

ChanandJason said...

I remember those days - for me, teh food "issues" are still here 5 months later...but I have friends who had NO sickness at all. You might get lucky!

GONYY06 said...

Yaaaay for pregnancy symptoms!!! The baby(ies) just want to remind you that they are there inside of you and that you really are PREGNANT :o) I will send on my no-sick/ not really any symptoms dust to you since I am now 16 weeks and still don't really feel pregnant :o) Looove you and hope your feeling good and able to eat today!

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