Tuesday, October 28, 2008

20 weeks!!!

Well we had our 20 week ultrasound/check-up and everything looked GREAT!!! The good news is he is still a boy (phew!)! The bad news is...he is stubborn like me. He was acting crazy during the ultrasound. He wouldn't sit still for measurements and regardless how many time she shook him to try to move him he always flipped the opposite way. HAHAHA. We didn't get any cute pictures really, he just wouldn't cooperate for that. Thankfully they did do a DVD for us, and he was doing some pretty funny stuff on there. At one point he was trying to flip over but couldn't quite make it. So he got stuck in the "A" position (picture your hands over your head on the floor and feet also on the floor with your butt in the air, like your trying to do a handstand but can't quite kick your legs up over your head) It was so funny, he actually picked one leg up like he was trying to kick it over to do the rest of the flip. It was tooooo cute. Oh and we also caught him playing with his penis. So I guess he really is Mike's child. It was so funny! It's crazy how much I already love that little man. The first thing I did when I got home was immediately put on the DVD and watch it over and over again. I'm going to have to be careful not to wear that thing out over the next few months. I mean I need to keep it in good shape to show his first girlfriend when the time comes. "Look,*enter his girlfriends name here* there London is playing with his penis, isn't it cute" HAHAHAHAHA

Everything looked really good. They checked his heart, kidneys, bladder, hands, feet, arms, legs, head, brain, umbilical cord, and upper lip (to make sure he didn't have a cleft lip). Everything check out PERFECTLY!!!! He weights 14 oz so he is only 2 oz away from a pound now. He is still measuring big by over a week. The Dr told us today, that even though I haven't gained much weight yet (only 3 lbs), that I needed to be careful not to gain too much since I was so HUGE as a baby. He said the more weight you gain the more weight the baby gains and since I am genetically more likely to have a LARGE baby, I really need to keep an eye on it and only gain about 35 lbs. Hopefully I can do that. However with the holidays coming up, it's gonna be tough! I'm sure I'll manage though.

Well I am off to go shopping and buy London a baby book!! I need to start organizing all of these ultrasound pictures.


Anonymous said...

YAY!!! This is so exciting!!! I love it all :o) That is really fun you got a DVD to watch over and over but you're right about needing to keep it in shape! Oh and speaking of keeping in shape I wish I only gained 3 pounds when I was 20 weeks!! I think you are doing juuuust fine regaurdless of what your doctor says! It is so exciting that you are at your 20 week mark, I felt that once I hit 20 weeks things really started to speed up and get that much more fun :o) Oooo and I got one of Londons gifts in the mail today so I am super excited! haha Well I am thinking of you all, give that little belly of yours a rub from me!

Kristen said...

I'm glad that London is doing so well! I bet you and Mike are so excited to meet your little boy!

CCG said...

That is so exciting!!!! So glad to hear that he is thriving and is happy and healthy..and keeping himself entertained in there ;-)

Anonymous said...

That is awesome! :)

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