Saturday, February 12, 2011

IVF update: Stim day 6

I'm home from the Dr and I have DETAILS!!!

Things went really well today. I actually had my Dr do my ultrasound this morning and she was more than willing to give me all the details that I wanted. I didn't even have to get rude with anyone.

As of right now I have 20+ follicles. All ranging in size from 12mm to 15mm (with the exception of a few crazy 24mm runaways)  WOOHOO!!! I am so excited, not only to finally have some specifics, but also because my ovaries are stimming like rock stars. Hummm, does that even make sense to compare my ovaries to rock stars? Probably not, but you get my point. I will be 30 at the end of the month, and just figured my ovaries wouldn't produce as many follicles this time. They are definitely proving me wrong though.

My meds have been reduced again to about 37.5iu of Follistim (yes, I have to divide one 75iu vial in half. Fun fun!) My next appointment is Monday at 8:45am and as of right now it looks like ER will be on Wednesday 2/16.

Remember how I wasn't feeling any pain in my last post? Well apparently my ovaries read that post too because they are now REALLY tender. I can barely even sit down today. My jeans have been retired until after ER because I can't take the pressure on my waistline.  I'm living in yoga pants these days, which if I am being totally honest is not that big of change from my every day life. I love me some yoga pants!

Hopefully only 4 more days until Egg Retrieval!!! WOOHOOO!!


Kakunaa said...

Sorry I haven't been commeenting - icky week, soooo, I'm doing all in one comments, LOL.

First off, congrats on the collaboration with your friend! Souns fantastic!

As for IVF, I am so glad you finally got some stats! I would have KILLED someone with no info. I need stuff like that! It sounds like you are going to have soooo many eggos! Yay! More to work with! Take it easy this weekend and I can't wait to hear howw next week goes.

ADSchill said...

Those are fantastic numbers! WOW! You ARE a rockstar!

I can't wait to find out how many fertilize. And I assume you will freeze some for another baby later?

I wish I had 20 follies!

Beth said...

Yay! Glad to hear that you've got some rock stars over there (other than hubby and London, of course)!

New Year Mum said...

Great news :)) New to blogging and just starting IVF... love your blog and also love Circle & Bloom - listen to her program every night. Looking forward to hearing more of your good news along the way :)) xo

Bridget said...

Yay!!! This is great news!!!

Erin said...

First, I love your siggy. Second, I don't know too much about IVF but even I know those numbers are AWESOME! Can't believe ER is already coming up this week!

Mrs. S said...

That is AMAZING!! I hope that they're all filled with excellent eggs. I'm so happy it's going well for you guys!

Lora said...

Awesome news!!! Go ovaries go!

a field of dreams said...

Whoah! That's a great haul. Make sure you drink plenty of water and avoid hyperstimulation. Good luck with fertilisation and transfer!

Tiff Marcotte said...

Good Luck Girl :) Wishing you the best outcome!

amiracle4us said...

That is fabulous numbers!!! Sending you follie vibes :)

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