Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I filled out my online medical records for my new OB!! (Insert 12 year old girl squeal here)

I was shocked at some of the questions they were asking. Questions like "how many sexual partners have you had" and "are you sexually satisfied" were a little odd but still understandable considering the nature of the visit.

There was one question that Mike and I found particularly entertaining. Excuse the blurry cell phone picture of my computer screen. My pregnant brain was not working quick enough to realize I could just hit "print screen".

They wanted to know if I was an accident! WTF? How exactly does that effect my medical history? And they can't use better terminology than Accident? AWESOME! I can't wait for this Doctor to deliver my baby. :-/

In the picture, I had "No" checked but the answer is "DEFINITELY YES!" Come on people, I am the forth of five children. You do the math. Sorry Mom, the cat's out of the bag. :)


Cherbear said...

since the other things that follow are alzheimers, asthma, alcohol & drug looks like just a history and I'd imagine "accident" just meant have you been in any bad accidents. Although I can see how having the word "accident" following "adopted?" being taken that way. Looks like they've put this question list together and then alphabatized it so that things don't really flow. I know your pregnant brain saw it as asking if you were an accident. hehe

Hope that clears things up and makes you feel better about this dr! How are the clothes fitting this week?

Unknown said...

Cher, we thought that too at first but if it was alphabetical Accident would come BEFORE Adopted. I think they just wanted to rub in the fact that my mother was fertile. HAHA!!

Rochelle said...

I think if I was at the OB and saw that question, I would think "is this pregnancy an accident?" haha!

Cherbear said...


You are right about the alphabet. I hope they don't really mean were you an accident ;)

Mrs. B said...

Yeah, seems like some odd questions.

joci said...

Crack me! Maybe the OB gets some kick backs from a Shrink in the area (that she, the OB, refers her new patients who become highly distressed after filling out their new patient paper work!)

Erin said...

Could they not have said "we you "unplanned" ? There has got to be something better than 'accident"!

Becca said...

wow! that's amazingly hilarious.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder about the questions you have to answer at doctors :)

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