Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome ICLW and Third Trimester!

Wow, I am seriously horrible with my blog right now. I just feel like no one wants to hear me whining about heartburn, body aches, and my stomach stretching. I swear I'm not an ungrateful pregnant woman, but yikes pregnancy is different this time.

First off WELCOME ICLW! 

My name is Aly and I am a 30 year old stay at home mom and blog designer
(It was 8 in the morning when I took this picture, no make up, but I did put this dress and earrings on just to take the picture. I figured yoga pants and a chocolate stained t-shirt might be too real for todays photo. )

No I didn't eat a few too many snickers (well actually I did, but that's a whole different post), I am actually 28 weeks pregnant after my second IVF cycle. (YAY!! Third Trimester!!!) We are expecting a baby boy on November 9, 2011 who we are going to name Holden Alexander. I've already experienced a fair amount of preterm labor,including a brief stay in labor and delivery at 24 weeks, so we are all expecting this little man to make his appearance a little early. Hopefully not before 37 weeks though. I am currently on P17 shots, Procardia, and modified bedrest. That little cocktail seems to be doing the trick and everything has been pretty uneventful for the last month or so.

Thankfully I have been moved up to "modified bed rest" because bed rest was almost impossible while chasing around a certain 2 1/2 year old. This is love of my life, product of my first IVF, and the reason I have an abundance of grey hair at 30.

Meet London Michael

and because one picture is NEVER enough...
(after bath time)

And then there is my amazing husband... 

Wait a minute....My husband is 50 times hotter than that guy! 
(Unless Ryan Gosling is reading this and in that case...Mike would totally understand, after all Ryan is at the top of my sex-ceptions list which makes it totally legal! :) )

This guy is my hottie- Jersery Shore watching- spreadsheet obsessed husband.
When he grew his hair out, it was easy to see where London got his curls. 

 I'm almost certain he was pinching my butt in this picture hence my surprised face. But hey, that is pretty typical  for Mike so maybe this picture is fitting. 

So now you have met my family! We are quite the wacky bunch, but we are always good for a laugh...even if you are laughing at us :)
Feel free to stick around, become a follower, and enjoy the craziness! 


Anonymous said...

Loved this post. I feel like I haven't seen many pictures of your family. :) Glad to hear things are going well for you and Holden!

MoonNStarMommy said...

HA HA HA HA HA ... love the intro!! You look amazing :) Landon and Holden are great names!!

Happy ICLW from #86 :D (back for a 2nd visit)

Anonymous said...

I want to hear it all about your aches and pains and complains! how else am I to know what awaits me in trimester #3?
awesome bump, btw :)

annie said...

You look great!! I'm 27 weeks - I forgot how close we were. I'm getting ready for the debut of our first little one as I'm sure you are for #2!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, 3rd trimester!!! It always feels good to hit these milestones in pregnancy. BTW, love your little mans curls. Also, I agree that one picture is never enough! I tend to over do the pictures on my blog but that is why we have blogs :)

ICLW #23

Candice said...

Always love your posts! Glad to see another one in my reading list :) London is freaking cuuuuute!!!! I am so so so excited to see the next little cuteness!! 28 wks has gone fast!

tracey said...

Hi Congrats! I've got 2 IVF kids too and both came 6 weeks early after bedrest and were fine...though one almost came out in Home Depot on the way home from the weekly high risk OB visit! Good luck.
Hi. I’m Tracey from the Fertility Daily (ICLW # 56).
I’m an IVF mom of two, who blogs for my old RE as my way of giving back. I’m on a quest to help others TTC, especially those who can’t afford IVF. East Coast Fertility’s giving away a free Micro-IVF cycle and you can enter to win thru 8/28 at
Good luck and I hope your baby dreams come true.

Nikki said...

What a great belly! Congrats on making it to the third trimester (I hope to join you there in two weeks :)

I'm glad that things are going well with your new modified bedrest and drugs and I hope they continue to keep the little one safely inside for a while longer.


Three Cats and a Baby said...

Wow, look at you!! You are looking great. Congrats again!!

kateanon said...

Always nice to see a happy IVF success story. I'm hoping Holden makes an appearance November 4th. Trust me, it's a good day to have a birthday!

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