Tuesday, September 6, 2011


Tomorrow I will be 31 weeks pregnant...with baby number 2! Where has the time gone? I feel like just yesterday I was gearing up for IVF #1, never even thinking about IVF #2. I still look back in awe at where my life has taken me over the last few years. A lot of that journey has been thanks to good ole infertility.

Recently I had a friend ask me to write her an email about what she can expect during her upcoming  IVF cycle. I keep meaning to write that email, really I do. I swear I'm going to get around to it, however it seems that my life is crazy busy now thanks to the miracles of in vitro fertilization.  I have the family I never would have had without it. I know I have said it here before but without IVF I wouldn't have MY London. I would probably have another child whom I would love just as much. Maybe we would have gotten pregnant on our own, probably not though. Maybe we would have adopted, or maybe we would still be waiting to adopt. The "maybe" list could go on and on and on. But one thing I know for SURE is that I wouldn't have London or be expecting baby Holden in the next nine weeks with out going through the ups and down of infertility, IUI, and finally IVF.

Maybe I'm just hormonal right now, but the what-if game kills me every time. I can't imagine my life any other way than it is right now. OK so I take it back, there is no maybe involved here, I am DEFINITELY hormonal right now haha! I just cried a little during the most recent episode of Hell's Kitchen.

I'm going to go before this turns into one big sob fest. See, this is why I haven't been updating my blog all that regularly the last few weeks. I don't have much to say that is isn't whining and crying. Oh I can't wait for postpartum depression HAHA!!!


zygotta said...

I think I can relate

I look back at dreary years of my first marriage, that got replaced by a black year of making the decision to split up, to absolute horror and emptiness of The End.

But without it, I wouldn't be the person I am today. I wouldn't have my wonderful husband. And I wouldn't be expecting a child that WE BOTH WANT - and that we both worked hard to get.

Even if not as hard as many others.

Beautiful post - and get ready. According to my sis, the true waterworks start post-partum :)

Annalisa said...

So, if you don't mind-when you do get around to writing that email would you consider posting it on your blog? I'm heading in to my RE this afternoon to discuss our first IVF cycle and do not know what to expect. You are the only person "I know" who has gone through it and any honest answers/ advice would be appreciated.

Stacie said...

Congrats on 31 weeks!

Jacksmom said...

Yay for making it this far, goodness knows it hasn't been an easy ride!

TJ said...

:) The what ifs are very hard!

Thank you for all your advice and help this far. You have been blessed with such a beautiful family.

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