Saturday, January 22, 2011

Welcome ICLW!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Infertility Overachievers. Ok, maybe it's not all that wonderful, Infertility actually SUCKS. In case you have stumbled onto my blog through Google or some other search engine and don't know anything about Infertility, let me just take this minute to assure you that you are in the wrong place.

Here are some of the most popular keywords that people use to find my blog, yet they have nothing to do with what I actually write about.

London Money: I apologize, London is my son and he was very expensive since we had to do IVF to get pregnant with him. Actually I get a bunch of hits from people searching for pretty much anything about London. Sorry to the poor guy who wanted to find the "best restaurant in London" and some how ended up listening to me talk about my period and uterine lining. My bad, dude. MY BAD!

Decuplets: Seriously, I get about 50 hits a month from this one (and have now just guaranteed about another 100 by mentioning it again). A few months ago I had a dream that I had decuplets (10) boys. I seriously freaked out. You can read about it here if you are curious. I'm sorry to disappoint all of you stopping by to find out if I'm the next Octomom. You know trying to get pregnant via IVF just so I can have a litter of babies. Nope, that's not me at ALL!! I'm actually scared of even getting twins this time from IVF. So holding my 10 babies while being interviewed by Good Morning America is definitely NOT on my to-do list. Sorry to disappoint you.

Dating an overachiever: Ummmm, I totally understand how they found my blog by googling this. Especially since I have been talking about my "dates" for my upcoming IVF cycle recently. However let me assure you that it's not the type of "dates" you are referring to and trust me I am NOT the type of overachiever you would want to date.

So if you found my blog because you want to listen to me ramble about my infertility journey. YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!!! Here is what you need to know about me.

 I have been lazy recently about blogging. I'm pretty sure my followers are going to have some kind of stroke when they see that I have written 3 posts in 3 days. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things though.

On February 6th we will be starting IVF #2 in order to make London a big brother. I'm hoping for a girl, but the main goal is just to have another baby and not decuplets. I am planning to write all about my IVF at least once a day. My very first post on this blog was when I was gearing up for IVF #1 back in June 2008. So it will be fun to be able to look back during this cycle.

I have been keeping myself busy recently by designing blogs. I started a little business called Bridge Work Blog Designs.  My hope is that this will keep me busy during IVF/pregnancy by keeping my mind off my other two loves, wine and sushi. Don't worry I have a box of oreos on standby in case designing blogs isn't enough.

Kick up your feet, become a follower, and stay for a while. Next month is bound to be an interesting one.

PS. While you are here don't forget to enter the Bridge Work Blog Designs Giveaway that I have going on right now.


apluseffort said...

LOL, this post cracked me up! I don't get many referrals from random googles, but I've had a couple: "male doctor," "i have low progesterone am i infertile?" and bafflingly "nokia 93" (no idea where that came from). Good luck and happy ICLW!

Breen said...

First I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award over on my blog.

Second, How do you figure out how people found your blog?

Mrs. Gamgee said...

I often wonder about the poor souls who find my blog (aka the hobbit hole) when they google Tolkein-esque topics. Do they really want to read about my lady bits and my cervical mucous? :)

Happy ICLW! Blessings on your IVF!

Baby Bump Wanted said...

Hi from ICLW (#51) Love the idea of your business, i wish i could do something like that, it took me ages to make up my page.

AnxiousMummyto3 said...

Here from ICLW, I have been through SIF too. Good luck on your upcoming IVF! New follower :)

Gina said...

Happy ICLW!

I love Google Analytics for telling you those keyword searches.

GL for your IVF!

Bridget said...

Thank you for the comment- your blog is one that gives me hope! And thank you for the follow- I've been following you and I would love to be your new blog Friday when you have an opening! Good luck starting your meds and with your 2nd successful IVF!

Lindsay said...

Thank you for stopping by over at my little hideaway. I hope your next cycle goes well and can't wait to read about it.

Jenny said...

Just imagine trying to change nappies for 10 infants at a time - you'd NEVER sleep! I don't get many google hits at all (boo!) but the strangest one I have is 'the possible scenarios with' - WTF?

I love when you girls in the U.S. do the drug stash photos - here (at least with my clinic) I only get what I need for a few days at a time so it's harder to envision just how much stuff goes into the whole process.

Also - your London has the most beautiful hair!

Hope IVF#2 is good to you and that you're bopping around with a nice pregnant belly soon!

T said...

Hi I am visiting bc of ICLW. Your blog made me smile. Good Luck with your upcoming ivf.

Jess @ The Bex Files said...

Here from ICLW. Howdy!

Fingers crossed for success with your next round of IVF, so long as you don't plan to have 10 all at once. Noooo! Talk about a bad dream!

Chon said...

Hi Aly you have probably one 1001 awards (well you deserve them) so I have awarded you one more on my blog :)

Your stash of medication looks delicious!

Miriam said...

This was great! I haven't checked my stats in a few months to see what people are searching for. I remember i had a few off ones, though.

Hope your SIF ends soon!

Anonymous said...

Here from ICLW, and this is hilarious. The idea that people are googling the term dectuplets scares me. Isn't Eight Enough (to fill our hearts with...sorry). Good luck on your upcoming cycle.

Amy said...

HAHA! I love it.
Good luck in February!

~ebc~ said...

Hi from ICLW. we're starting our meds Feb 1 for another IVF cycle right along with you. Here's to BFP all around!

My (In)fertile Confessions said...

Love your humor in this post! Only a few more days til you start IVF #2!!! Looking forward to following :)

Our Growing Family said...

You have me laughing so hard... thanks! Home today with two with bronchitis and one with strep... anitbiotics for both and me feeling like PMS is setting in. That said I needed to read some of your blogs. Been the route you have before and my pissed off eggs (which BTW are still pissed off) have probably been that way my entire life (don't know that for sure) but will write about it one day on my new warped childhood. Thanks for the laugh and for making me miss cooking dinner! Ann

R said...

I'm seriously laughing my butt off over here reading this! Seriously, who the heck researches decuplets? I'm not a follower... wishing you the best of luck with your IVF!!

{Here from ICLW - #131}

EC said...

best of luck for IVF #2, I hope it will be a short journey for you.

I'm petrified of twins as well. I think they would have been ok first time round but the thought of twins and a toddler terrifies me!

Just Us & A Miracle Baby too! said...

This post made me laugh for the man searching for best London restaurants! ;)

Carlia said...

i just found your blog and am so excited to follow you through your IVF. my husband and i have been TTC for several years, but are new to fertility treatments. it feels like there's SO much to learn and it's a little overwhelming. anyway, LOVE your blog!!! feel free to stop by mine (
best of luck to you!!

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