Tuesday, September 20, 2011

C-section fears

So today while I had some down time, yes I actually had some down time, I was reading through this chat board. Some might say I'm a bit of a troll for message boards. While most of the information is helpful, you would be amazed the crazy infertility questions people ask on some of these boards. My personal favorite has got to be when I found a thread about taking unprescribed clomid. The author asked if taking 250mg for 7 days was too much. WTF? I almost died! (For my non infertile readers, the starting dose of clomid is almost always 50mg for 5 days.) I tried to set the author straight, but I have a sneaking suspicion she probably ended up in the hospital with OHSS.

Anyway...I found this thread about the rising rate of c-sections these days. As I was reading, I went into full PANIC mode. OMG, what if I have to have a c-section this time? I've really never even thought about this as a possibility after my extremely quick and easy delivery with London. However with every pregnancy there is always a chance.

I have no idea why the idea of a c-section sends me into cold sweats. Tons of women do it everyday, however it skeebs me out! (Skeebs is a word right?) Why is it necessary for me to be awake while a doctor slices me open and digs around in my abdomen pulling out my child.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT anti c-section. I know there are tons of reasons why they are medically necessary. I'm just SCARED of them. Ghosts, Zombies, and IVF don't scare me at all. (Yes, I just put IVF into the same category as Ghosts and Zombies). C-sections on the other hand send me screaming and running. The process, the recovery, the staples. THEY PUT STAPLES IN YOUR STOMACH! That can NOT be good! I once accidentally stapled my finger and it HURT, I can't imagine staples (PLURAL!!) in my stomach. I really need to stop talking about this before my blood pressure goes through the roof and I require c-section.

I have my next, and probably last, ultrasound next week. I'm hoping, wishing, and praying that everything looks good, and we can continue with our plans for a vaginal delivery.

33 weeks! Only one more month until I'm considered FULL TERM! WOOOHOOO! I'll update with a belly pic later this week!


Abby said...

I was also so scared of needing a c-section that I litterly started throwing up when they told me (after 48 hours of labor) that I needed an emergency Csection because the baby was trying to escape through 4 cm and her head was swelling..... It ended up not being nearly as bad as I had imagined. The worst part is getting the baby out because it feels like they are grabbing up in your chest! The staples, you do not even feel them, taking them out pinched but no biggie! (Of course I had a breast reduction at 19 and have over 1000 stitches so the staples were a breeze lol..) Do not stress you will do great no matter what option you have to go with. And look at it this way, it's another reason to not have to get up a lot to change poopy diapers in the first few weeks! My DH spoiled me! :)

FirstTimeMom said...

Gosh you're so close! I had a c-section last year for my DS and it was fine. I was scared, yes. But I made it through. I cried the whole time I was on the operating table because I was so scared but really it went great. I was in and out in a half an hour and I didn't feel anything. The smells on the other hand....gross!! The recovery wasn't all that bad either. Only the first few times I got up and down in the hospital was rough but after I was home it wasn't too bad. I was just a little sore. Oh and my Doctor did not use staples on me. He used skin glue and it was great! Anyways, there are horror stories out there but for the most part c-sections really aren't all that bad. Hopefully this helps calm your fears but since you had such an easy delivery last time I can't see why you would end up with a c-section this time.

Maddy said...

I've had two C-sections now. One was an emergency section after 26 hours of labor. The second one was not an emergency, but it was necessary at 37 weeks due to bleeding from partial placental previa. It really isn't *that* bad. Yes, the smells are gross. And the pulling/tugging sensations are weird. But the pain is manageable as long as you don't try to do too much too soon. And I definitely did NOT have staples. My doctor used sutures, which dissolved on their own after some time. And the silver lining to all of it is that your baby comes out PERFECT. I'm sure you'll do fine. If you had one easy delivery, you'll pop the second one out even faster! Best of luck!

Heather said...

You are not alone :-)

Kim said...

I had a c-sec with Kiwi. I went to all the birthing class (and paid for them too.) Then a week before her due date the doc finally listened to me and checked my pelvic area (3 generations before me had very hard delivery bc of small pelvic areas.) He decided c-sec would be best.
It was amazing!!! Not only did I have no pain from labor, but I recovered extremely well. I was up well before they wanted me to be, not too much pain. It was great! I think I may be a rare case, but my experience was great! Hopefully it will be good this Dec. for the new baby too.
I can say that out of 4 of us that were prego at the same time, only 1 delivered vag. I was a planned c-sec and the other two were emergency c-sec.

Toni C said...

You crack me up! Ghosts, zombies, and IVF... awesome. I had to have a c section at the last minute and it wasn't terrible at all. You'd be just fine because, in the end, sweet baby will be here and life is good! If you need any c section tips I've got a list. :-) YAY for almost baby time!
Also- my word verification for this post is "pood"...like poo'd? LOL!

Jacksmom said...

You will be ok regardless of which way you deliver. It is major surgery and that is scary, but unless your baby is huge or you are having complications that require Holden to be delivered immediately there is no reason to think you couldn't have a vaginal delivery. That said, a lot can change while you are in labor, and if they approach you with it because its the safest method of delivering him healthy, I would just keep in mind that you want your baby to be delivered safely. Don't let it scare you.

Erin said...

I am terrified of having to have one! Every week I am scared the doctor is going to tell me she flipped breech and I will need one!

Kakunaa said...

I understand the feeling. They had to give me serious anxiety drugs when we went into mine. If it weren't for the fact that I wanted to be conscious and I am even worse with general anesthesia...it is SCARY. But we are here for you!

Reproductive Health said...

I'm pretty sure they numb you the area where they will cut, but your awake all five of my cousins had c-sections and they said you feel pressure and tugging, but that is 100% better than natural but than again.

Unknown said...

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