Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holden's Day At The Hospital!

Yesterday was quite possibly the worst day of my life. A few weeks ago I uttered those words aloud while referencing having to hold a screaming 3 month old while getting a pap smear. True story! Yeah, little did I know that statement became a personal challenge to God.

Yesterday, on the very rare February 29th, Holden had his very first hospital visit.

Grab a cup of coffee, coke, or wine (no other beverages will be allowed during this story)

Feb 29th I wake up at 5:30 am, feeling nauseous. I quickly checked my calendar, realized my period was late, and PURE PANIC ENSUED! Within about 2 minutes, I heard Holden throw up, and realized that I was NOT pregnant. (No idea how I thought we could have a surprise pregnancy after 2 IVF babies, but I guess weirder things have happened. I am just NOT ready to get pregnant right now!) So now I'm panicking that my 4 month old is puking EVERYWHERE! About that time I have to put him down and run the the bathroom to puke myself.

Our morning pretty much continues with rotating puking sessions until about 8 am and I call the doctor. They told me to come straight in because we couldn't get Holden to keep anything down. I started feeling a *little* bit better, and managed to only puke ONCE on the way there. Mike came home from work to keep a currently healthy London.When we got there, the Dr noticed that Holden was starting to show signs of dehydration and sent us straight to the hospital.

About this point I either was miraculously healed or mommy adrenaline kicked in. I'm going to guess the latter.

We got to the hospital and they tried to set up an IV on Holden (keep in mind this is a children's hospital, so they do have plenty of experience with little guys). They had to stick Holden 5 times to finally get his IV in. For those who are thinking, "oh they had to stab him 4 times with a needle, that sucks" Um NO! He was so dehydrated they couldn't find a decent vein. They would stab him then hunt around in his arm for several minutes until they finally hit a vein and blew it. This happened 4 times! I was sobbing and Holden was hysterical.

Finally they agreed to try to give him some pedialyte to help rehydrate him thus making his veins easier to hit.

Thankfully this worked because I wouldn't let them "fish" in him anymore until they promised me they could actually get it in! The 5th time was a charm and Holden had his IV his foot.

It was amazing how much he started feeling better as the fluid went in. Slowly but surely he started laughing and cooing at me. Back to my normal precious baby boy with in about 30 minutes!

By today we are both feeling great! London and Mike however are a totally different story, both of them were sick.Good time, Good times.

Hum, sounds very familiar to a story I told 2 months ago huh? UGH!

Well I better go, I need to catch up on American Idol. I'm starting to hear some things about the shows and I need to watch the episodes before I accidentally see the results on "The Facebook or The Twitter".


Erin said...

I wouldn't wish that day on anyone. Glad you are feeling better! I think you have had enough rounds of the stomach flu for one year.

Lora said...

It's been a nasty year for stomach bugs! I'm glad they got a vein and he perked up so fast. It's scary how quickly little ones can become dehydrated and you have a serious emergency on your hands! I hope mike and London recover quickly!

Heather said...

Poor Holden. I HATE needles, I can only imagine what he thought of being poked so much! I'm glad he's better and hope the rest of your family gets better soon!

Coco said...

I am so sorry! Ugh. The pukes are the worst!!! And the poor baby! My son had that IV drama before, and I know exactly what you're talking about. It was the worst, especially since they want the mommy to hold the baby down. My son looked at me like I was betraying him, and since he was in hospital for 3 weeks of that and kept pulling out his IVs, by the end he wouldn't even go to me for comfort because he was sure I'd just hold him down again. Freaking break your heart!!! Glad youre all feeling better and the fluids helped!

Amber C said...

Hey there, so sorry to hear about Holden. Glad he feels better. Re-found your blog again through PAIL. Excited to re-follow you!

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