Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My First Bleeding Scare

Yesterday, I had my first bleeding scare of this pregnancy. I was really hoping to make it through this pregnancy without any problems this time but no such luck! The baby is FINE!

Yesterday, while getting in my car to take it to the car wash, I felt a big gush. Had I been 20+ weeks I would have sworn it was my water breaking. I rushed to the bathroom only to find blood. I immediately called my Dr but since the office was closed already I had to leave a message with the answering service. I then text my pregnant friend Erin (the QUEEN of bleeding during pregnancy) just to say a few choice cuss words about the situation. HAHAHA! Then I waited for the Dr to call me back. 20 mins passed...another text with choice words to Erin. 45 mins passed...another raging mad text to Erin. One hour...a text FROM Erin with choice words for my Dr haha! Then finally, one hour and 15 mins later the Dr calls me back. WHAT THE WHAT??!!??!! The Dr's answer? "Well it could be nothing or it could be a miscarriage" I'm pretty sure London could have told me that. She told me to come in first thing in the morning for an ultrasound and I agreed.

Had this been last pregnancy I would have flipped my lid at the "take two Tylenol and call me in the morning" type of response she gave me. I would have been sitting in the emergency room when she called me back ONE HOUR AN FIFTEEN MINUTES LATER!!! This time though, I had my secret weapon to calm my nerves, MY DOPPLER! You see as soon as I started bleeding I ran to the bedroom, lubed up my belly like it was a squeaky wheel, and found the Baby's heartbeat.  I was so relieved.

I continued to bleed for about 2 hours. During that time I showed A LOT of restraint by only checking the heartbeat about 50 times.

This morning bright and early I went to the Dr. for my ultrasound. Baby looked great and they were able to find the source of the bleed. They also saw that my placenta is directly on top of my cervix. GREAT!!!!! Possible placenta previa? FANTABULOUS!! It's way too early to tell if my placenta will stay on top of my cervix, the Dr said it will most likely move as my uterus stretches. At least that is the hope! I'm not sure I can handle that much bed rest this time, especially with a 2 year old.

The baby looked like a real baby during the ultrasound. S/He was kicking and moving and measuring right on track with a heartbeat of 164.  The tech gave me a really scary picture though. I was too lazy to scan it, so here is a crappy cell phone picture of it.

Tomorrow is my NT scan, so I'm sure I will get some better pictures to share with all of you then. I'm really looking forward to seeing my baby again! This is finally starting to feel real!

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Anonymous said...

glad all is well!

Erin said...

Hahaha, I am the queen of pregnancy bleeding. Seriously I think I bleed if someone looks at me the wrong way! So glad everything is ok! And THANK GOD for the doppler. It has saved me from losing my mind during this pregnancy.

Kakunaa said...

Holy shit it took their emergency call back person over an hour to call back a bleeding pregnant woman? I'm gonna kick some ass for you! Bad!

I am glad all is well...and usually the placenta does move, so fingers are crossed yours does, too!

Fox Family said...

This sounds exactly like me a few months back. HA Everything down to the placenta being in the way. I am sure it will move, but being so contricted is not going to be easy! Glad everything is ok with the little one!

Bridget said...

So glad everything is ok!

a field of dreams said...

Gald everything is ok Aly. I had some bleeding at 14 weeks which turned out to be old blood and the placenta moving. Hope the rest of the PG goes along smoothly.

Jacksmom said...

So glad everything is ok. I would have been irate with my doc too. The nerve! Thank goodness for the doppler!

Calmly Chaotic said...

Oh that is scary! So glad to hear that everything is fine. Seeing blood is always unsettling.

Tina said...

How scary! I can't believe it took them so long to call you back. Glad everything is ok!!!

Cherbear said...

whew! so glad the baby is okay. You crack me up, "only 50 times" LOL

Kat said...

SO HAPPY to hear everything is OK!!!!!! This would have scared the living daylights out of me.

Fran said...

Scary scary scary moments!! Delighted all is well though.

Stopping by from ICLW!
Fran ICLW #131

Tracey said...

Had my own that I (and my daughter) survived. Also worked as a med asst for an ivf practice and saw one so bad that no one ever would have thought it wasn't a miscarriage, but her baby was fine. Glad you're ok. Good luck.
ICLW #156 Tracey

Annalisa said...

So scary. My sil, just had a baby two weeks ago. In the beginning of her 2nd trimester she ended up in the ER, heavily bleeding for EXACTLY the same reason. The bleeding came and went throughout the next few months but by the time she delivered all was as it should be. Good luck and take it easy.

Katrina said...

Oh wow, so glad everything is okay. How cool that you had a doppler to check on the heartbeat! In all of my pregnancies, I never once had my own doppler. I'm just a tad bit jealous :)

I'm a new follower via the Blog Button Hop! Congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting!


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