Monday, April 11, 2011

Stomach Flu

Remember last Friday when I had a horrible day of morning sickness? I originally thought it was a bug but when the nausea stuck around, I chalked it up as part of the pregnancy.

Fast Forward to this Friday night around midnight. I awoke to hear gagging sounds over the monitor. No cries, no whining, just gaging and puking. I went upstairs to check on London and saw him fast asleep, but COVERED in throw up. Yep, he slept right through puking. My boy LOVES to sleep HAHA.

I picked him up and cleaned him off and brought him downstairs into our bed where he proceeded to throw up all night and part of the next day. Poor kiddo couldn't keep anything down. Finally, just when I thought it would never stop, we made it a whole hour with no throwing up. He went to bed on Saturday night a sick little boy but by Sunday morning he felt like a million bucks. He even woke up asking for waffles and apple juice.

Mike however is a different story. He woke up Sunday morning with the stomach bug. He feels much better today thankfully. It looks to be just a 24 hour bug.

So the magic question is....Was I the first one to get the stomach bug or will I be the LAST one to get it?? On Saturday night I puked once and felt pretty crappy, but I'm not sure if that was just morning sickness or something else. I've got my fingers crossed that I've already had it and won't get it again.


Amber said...

Aaaack! Stomach bugs are the worst!! Hope you all stay healthy from here out. <3

Seana said...

My whole family just had that same 24 hour stomach bug a week was not fun...

Miss Mac said...

Ugh, I hope it's out of your house now and everyone is recovered soon!

Amber said...

I got the stomach bug first, then chad and morgan did and it didnt go around another round thank goodness so hopefully it wont for you either!

Abby said...

Oh yuck! We had that run through our house in December. Started with the baby then hubby and I were down for the count and we have to send the baby to my moms!
Thank goodness it was a 24 hour thing.
Hopefully you have already had what you will have of it!
Hope your family feels better soon!!!

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