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Friday, August 13, 2010

I have a tattoo!

Correction: I have a
(Yes, that is a bruise on my butt, I tried to cover it up, but it just made it worse {it's really not that bad}. That, my friends, is what happens when you back into the open pantry door. My tat also looks crooked in the picture but I promise it's not. Just another example of my poor cell phone photography skills. 

Anyway....Back to my Tramp Stamp tattoo. 

I got it when I was 18 and STUPID! I somehow thought that getting a multi-colored butterfly tattooed 2 inches above my butt crack was going to be original and trend setting. I guess in a way it was. Now, something like 90% of all women my age have an equally original and trend setting butterfly parked right in the middle of their back. Ok so maybe those numbers are a little skewed, but that is what it feels like. However with all of that said, I want to get another tattoo. 

This time I want to get London's name and the phrase 
" Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"
Which means 
"I shall either find a way or make one"

I don't exactly want anything huge. So that phrase is a little on the large side. So what do y'all this of this.

I found this online and really liked it. I would NOT get the blue background. I would just get the black wording. Then I would put London (and any subsequent children) underneath it.

I was going to get it this weekend when my BFF got hers, but I chickened out after Mike told me it looked like something you would see on a store front window.

See I hate my butterfly now and really wished that I had waited and gotten something that was meaningful to me. I feel like this tattoo is VERY meaningful, but I am still afraid of regretting it one day. Oh and there is also that little problem of WHERE to get it. I want to be able to cover it up while I'm at PTA meetings or weddings or church. So my placement options are rather limited. I thought about getting it on my hip, but I don't know. I am so torn.

What ink do you have and where is it at?

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