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Monday, October 11, 2010

Mommy FAIL number 2864

Today started out calm enough. Just a normal Monday by all accounts. Mike's family came into town this weekend and we had an awesome time. After being busy all weekend, I was really looking forward to today being super low key and chill. HA!! That joke was on me.

Let me start from the beginning though, Mike ended up having to work last night. He doesn't work very many weekends and even fewer nights. Something came up this weekend though and he had to go in. So after getting home at 4am. He was asleep in the bed this morning when London and I got up and moving around 8 am. We did the normal routine of eating breakfast then going outside to play. I was standing in the kitchen (which overlooks the yard) when I heard him cry. This isn't all that unusual for him and sadly I have become immune to it. You see London has this toy grocery cart that he pushes around our back yard like a little homeless man. He is quite obsessed with it. The only problem is that it will occasionally get stuck in a little hole or on another toy. When this happens you would think that his whole world was crashing around him. He gets frustrated and throws the biggest fit. Well today when I heard him crying I had no reason to believe that this was any different from any other day. I was positive this was a just another stuck grocery cart.

Just as I always do I looked up to check though, and that is when I saw London crying on the ground with a blood covered face. To say that I panicked would be a huge understatement. I scooped him up and ran to our bedroom where by the grace of God, Mike was sleeping.

In a tone of pure panic but not wanting to freak London out any more than he already was I said "Mike, Mike, Mike, Mike, you have to wake up! I need help!" Well he must have heard the utter fear in my voice mixed with London's cries because he flew up out of that bed. I sat the lil man on the sink where Mike held him while I ran to get a clean towel out of the dryer. By the time I got back in there London was only whining and Mike was handing him various bottles of my lotion and body splash. It was every toddlers dream, an all access pass to Mom's toiletry basket.

I wiped his face, but the blood continued to pour. We finally narrowed it down and figured that the blood was coming from then inside as well as outside of his nose. We sat there for a minute wiping his blood, trying to make it stop, debating on whether I should take him to the emergency room, and trying to keep London from touching it. Finally after a few seconds it started to slowly stop bleeding. At that moment I looked over at Mike and said, I'm gonna pass out. I finally looked up at myself in the bathroom mirror and I was GREEN. I had to get something to drink so I walked into the kitchen where all the sudden my vision and  hearing started to go. Even though I have never actually passed out I knew I better get on the floor or risk falling and Mike having to taking both of us to the emergency room. I sat in front of my refrigerator sipping a cup of ice water for about 2 minutes before I started to feel like myself again. I got up and walked back into the bathroom where London had stopped crying and Mike had managed to get the bleeding to stop. After all of that I did what any good mom does, I grabbed London and we cuddled on the couch while sharing a much deserved pack of M&M's.

I have no idea why I almost passed out. I don't usually do blood because it grosses me out but this time I wasn't grossed out at all. It was like a biological response to seeing that much blood. I didn't want to be sitting on the floor in the kitchen while my child was in pain and bleeding in the other room, but my body didn't offer me a choice. It seriously just shut down. Even once I had gotten over feeling like I was going to pass out, I couldn't stop shaking for at least a half hour. I was a mess! What would I have done if Mike had been at work like he was supposed to be? Would I have had the same reaction or is there some sort of override switch that as Mom I could flip in the case of an injury to your own child? Why am I such a freaking WIMP!

London has only had a few serious spills before this one. The last being on his first birthday when he fell and pretty much ate the baseboard at my friends house. Mike was also there then. Coincidence? Mike works alot and he always has. On average he only gets to see London for about an hour a day and then on the weekends. It is mathematically impossible that I am with London pretty much 24/7 yet the few times he has ever been injured Mike has always been there. What is the saying? God won't give you anything you can't handle. Well that man is BRILLIANT! He obviously knows that I can not handle my child's injury on my own.

In the end,  London is fine and it looks as if he fell down and split his nose open on the outside thus damaging it on the inside too.  He was such a trooper. If only Mommy could be that strong.