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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9dp3dt and 10dp3dt

It still has not sunk in that I'm actually pregnant, but trust me that is definitely not for the lack of positive pregnancy tests. On 8dp3dt, I took 3. Yes, I already had 2 lines and still needed to take 3 tests!! EEK! Thank goodness I've had a bunch of Bridge Work Blogs business to fund my pee stick habit.

For those of you who are pregnancy test picture stalking (don't worry, I do it too :) ) Here is a picture of my BFP from yesterday at 9dp3dt. (It looks alot darker in person, I was too lazy to break out the real camera, so this is a good ole cell phone picture.)

I was finally able to resist the temptation this morning and did not use the last pregnancy test that is sitting in my drawer. I'm saving that for tomorrow morning before my beta. 

Yep, you read that correctly. I was able to get my beta moved up a day! I did have to threaten to change Dr's just to make it happen, but I was able to do it. So tomorrow at 9:00 am is my beta. 

My RE's office was really starting to piss me off. Allow me to ramble and explain for a few minutes. 

My RE's office has a standard protocol for IVF since they do 40+ patients every cycle. Part of this standard protocol is progesterone in oil shots (PIO). During one of my IUI cycles I had a bad reaction to PIO, so my old RE put it in my records that I'm allergic. Well when this RE ordered my meds they never noticed that and ordered me PIO. Could have been an over sight right? I corrected it with the pharmacy and they called me in  a substitute, crinone. Well every single time during my IVF cycle that my RE's office called to tell me how much medication to take, they would ALWAYS tell me to take a PIO shot. I had to remind them that I was on crinone and they ALWAYS put me on hold while they figured out how much of that I was supposed to take. It got really annoying when on the day of my Egg Retrieval they handed me a piece of paper out of my "chart" that said " take daily PIO shot until beta". I mean seriously, did no one think to write down that I was on different medication? I felt like nothing was personalized. I felt like I wasn't an individual patient. I felt like I was one of the cattle being herded through my IVF cycle. Everyone starts at point A together and hopefully we all finish at point B together. 

Anyway, I called on Monday and told the IVF nurse that I was headed out of town this weekend and was wondering if I could move my beta toWednesday (from Thursday) so that I could do my repeat beta 48 hours later on Friday before I left town. Her answer.... "No, it's too early" 

11dp3dt is too early?
Ummm, isn't that the day my period would be due if I wasn't on crinone? 

There was no, "let me talk to the Dr" or "let me see what I can do" 
Just a plain simple "No, it's too early" 

Of course, I started explaining myself again because she OBVIOUSLY didn't hear me. 

Her response.... "Oh well we aren't going to do a 48 hour anyway since your appointment would fall on a Saturday. We don't do pregnancy tests on Saturdays." 


So when you have "You will return 48 hours later for a repeat beta if your pregnancy test is positive" written on my paperwork, you mean only if it doesn't fall on a weekend? This is the same Dr's office who scheduled my first IVF appoint on Super Bowl Sunday. They are open 7 days a week and run blood 7 days a week, just not pregnancy tests. They will be open on Saturday and they will be running blood but just not pregnancy tests.  

I almost has a stroke! 


Long story short. The next day I called and left a message to speak with the Dr directly and made sure to tell the receptionist that it was because I was considering switching Dr's. 

Within 20 mins the IVF coordinator called me back and talked me off the ledge. Keep in mind I didn't know she existed before this conversation. She apologized for the way I was feeling, said it was NO PROBLEM to come in for my beta on Wednesday and then again on Friday. She was awesome! Not just because she gave into my wishes, but she didn't treat me like a total idiot who was not even bright enough to advocate for my own care. 

This has turned into a really long rant, but thanks for listening. I will be sure to update tomorrow as soon as I get the call with my beta results. 

Sunday, February 27, 2011

7dp3dt and 8dp3dt

Yesterday was my 30th birthday. I was definitely dreading turning 30 but I must admit it was definitely the best birthday I have ever had. Want to know why? Because I woke up to one of these...

This is not my own test, just the closest I could find to it online.

Yes, that's right! I'M PREGNANT! 
I wanted to wait until this morning to post on here so I could have time to take another test and let it sink in. I was hoping that todays test would be dark enough for a better picture, but it was still pretty faint this morning though so I just snatched an image off google. Faint lines are really common for this early, the important part is just that 2 lines are showing no matter how faint.

 Yesterday, we told our families. They all knew we did IVF so there wasn't much point in waiting to tell them. Everyone was super stoked for us. 

Now, we are definitely not in the clear yet. Just because I am pregnant right now doesn't mean that we will definitely bring home a baby. We have had our fair share of miscarriages and I had a really rough pregnancy with London, so we still have a LONG way to go. I am going to stay positive though, because today, I AM PREGNANT!

 My beta is scheduled for Thursday, March 3. So for the next 4 days I will continue obsessing and peeing on sticks. (I'm a crazy woman, I know!) According to my schedule my RE will do a  6 week u/s to determine how many babies we have growing in there. I'm guessing they will give me a date for that appointment after my beta. 

I can't believe I'm actually pregnant! It definitely hasn't sunk in yet for us yet, and I'm sure it won't until I actually start showing. 

If you know me IRL, I'm not mentioning this on my personal Facebook page for a few weeks. So please don't comment on my wall about me being pregnant.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy 4th of July!!!

What a difference a year makes!!!

Last year I was looking at this:

And announcing that we were pregnant:

And this year I am looking at this:

I will update later with details and more pictures.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Beta #2

Well, I just got the call from the Dr and the number was............ 260!!!!!!!!!!

My beta on Monday was 84 and they want to see it double every 48 hours to show a healthy pregnancy...Well, mine TRIPLED! I am so excited, as you can tell from my thread last night, I was really worried about this number. I scheduled my ultrasound for July 24th which will be 6w3d. I really hope we will see a heart beat(s). It could DEFINITELY still be twins!

This is a picture I took last night. The word BFP means BIG FAT POSITIVE! It's is the Internets way of saying you got a positive pregnancy test.
In case you were wondering that is all of the pregnancy tests I have taken over the last 18 months. In case your counting....its 191! The BFP arrow is pointing at the 4 positives I got last week :)
I'm so excited, I don't even know what to do with myself. Oh wait, yes I do, EAT!!!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Beta #1

Well all of the HPT's I took were correct, I am indeed pregnant. I went in this morning for my beta (blood pregnancy test) and the number came back at 84!! Both my Dr's were really happy with that number. I personally think that its only one baby in there, but my nurse told be it could definitely still be 2, but more than likely not 3. Either way, Mike and I are THRILLED!!! :) I will go back to the Dr on Wed morning for another beta. On this test they want to see the number double. So we are looking for something in the 160's or higher.

I'm starting to feel a little pregnant. I'm ALWAYS tired but usually can't sleep, and my stomach appears to be bottomless these days!

Mike left today for a MONTH :( He wont be back until Aug 8 th . I'm really hoping I don't get sick with this pregnancy. It would SUCK to be here all by myself and be sick the whole time!

So I spruced up the blog a little, I added a poll to see how many babies you guys think I am pregnant with, as well as a little pregnancy count down thing. Its kind of scary though, doesn't our baby look like a sea horse right now? CRAZY!!!

Friday, July 4, 2008

4dp, 5dp, 6dp, 7dp, AND 8dp3dt!

OK so I do realize I have not updated in a few days and here is why

4dp3dt (Jamie and Ashley), this means "4 days past my 3 day transfer" (they put 3day old embies back inside me so I am 4 days past the 3 day transfer) So this morning I woke up and got what I THOUGHT to be a positive pregnancy test, I took another kind though, and that one was negative. I got a little excited but counted it as a negative.

5dp3dt: One test again had a super super super faint line on it, but again the other test had a negative.

6dp3dt: All tests were negative, I started to get REALLY discouraged. I just didn't feel pregnant. Mike and I had started to move money around in our bank account to cover the $7,000 we spent on IVF, and I started to have buyers remorse because I'm just NOT pregnant!

7dp3dt: Two more test had faint faint lines on them, I QUIT!!!!!!! I can not sit here and stare at two F-ing tests for another day. I was pissed why can't pregnancy test either have one line or two, why do they make them to show FAINT barely visible lines. A few cuss words later, I tried to relax. I mean I went back to look at the tests and maybe they are not so faint, wait, WHAT? Why don't I have to squint to look at that pregnancy test? Wait, there are really TWO PINK lines on that test? Ugh, I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to take another test to know for sure.

8dp3dt (TODAY): If a picture is worth a THOUSAND words this one should be worth 7,000 ($)

Yep, that's right ladies, I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! I will still have my beta on Monday which will give us a exact NUMBER of how pregnant I am, it also might give us an idea of how many babies we have growing in there. Everyone please keep praying that this baby sticks. The first hurdle is down but I still have about 9 months worth to go. Mike and I are ECSTATIC!! There is really something so magical about a digital pregnancy test, something about the word PREGNANT popping up, just gives me chills.

Ok, I'm off to make Chicken Salad, Mike and I and his entire family are going to Callaway Gardens for the 4th of July activities. We have decided to go ahead and tell his family today (They ALL know we did IVF, I mean I actually stayed with my MIL, so they are kind of chomping at the bit) Here is how we are telling them. We bought this t-shirt a few months ago to give as a present to Mikes 18 month old niece, Lily. We are going to give her the present today and see how long it takes the whole family to figure it out. EEEKKK!!!, I'm so excited!