Saturday, November 29, 2008

Home from the hospital and Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well I was finally released from the hospital on Wednesday (5 nights after I originally checked in). I'm doing really well. My contractions have stopped and London seems to be content with staying put for at least a little while longer. From here on out, I am on modified bedrest. So basically I am supposed to lounge around all day for the next 3 months. No cooking, cleaning, or shopping. Nothing that would cause me to be on my feet for more than just a few mins. However, the Dr said if I wanted to run to Publix to grab a gallon of milk or something just to get out of the house, that it would be OK. So I'm trying to take it as easy as possible. I am on a medicine (procardia) that I have to take every 6 hours, that really helps keep the contractions away. I also have a standing once a week appt with my Dr for the rest of the pregnancy.

My mom and sister came in for Thanksgiving, which was great. My mom cooked a TON of food and it was sooo good, I have not eaten anything but thanksgiving left overs since the dinner on Thursday. Oh and I still have about another 2-3 days worth in the fridge, MMMmmMMMMmmMMM!!.

Don't worry, Mike is taking good care of me. However, he is not 100% right now either. He ran a marathon on Thanksgiving day (yep, all 26.2 miles) so he has been a little sore from that. You should see us right now. I feel GREAT but can't get up to do anything and he is super sore and HAS to get up to do everything. Oh well, he will be back to 100% in the next day or so, and that should be about the time when our Thanksgiving leftovers run out. HAHAHAHA.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Still in the hospital!!

Well as you can tell from the title....I'm still in the hospital. I was supposed to go home this morning but, unfortunately London did not cooperate. Last night when the nurse hooked me up to the monitors to check on the baby, I had quite a few contractions. I was still hopeful that they would let me go home, but after talking to the Dr this morning he made it QUITE clear I was not going home with contractions. He told me he was going to keep me for at least another 24 hours. So here is to hoping that I actually get to go home TOMORROW, just in time for Thanksgiving!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Well I'm in the hospital :(

*BOTH LONDON AND I ARE OK* (Warning Label added due to popular demand)

So... Friday night I went to the ER because I was getting what seemed to be some sort of bladder/kidney infection and was in horrible pain. Well when I got to the ER, they thought the same thing, so they ran my urine and when that came back showing some bacteria, they decided to keep me over night to give me IV antibiotics and fluids (bc I was also some what dehydrated). Well Sat morning, MY Dr came in to exam me and to sign my walking papers, the moment he touched my stomach, I had some "kidney pain", he said..."ummmmm, is that the pain your experiencing?" I said yes, he said, "Ok well that was a big contraction, and I'm gonna need to move you over to labor and deliver NOW, because it looks like you are in preterm labor" He did a vaginal exam and said my cervix was thin but not yet dilated to 1cm. So after an hour of being monitored, and seeing my contractions become more and more regular he started me on magnesium (sp), put in another catheter, put me on a clear liquids only diet, gave me 2 shots of steroids, and put me on a bunch of other meds that I would need a medical dictionary to spell. They kept me on the mag. drip for 24 hours, then weaned me off for another 10 hours and my contractions are now under control. However, they have not disappeared. They removed the mag drip at around 2pm today (along with the catheter too) Thankfully they have also moved me back into a regular room (in the post-partum section so yay for comfy beds, no catheters, and a regular diet again :) )They want to keep me and monitor me until Tuesday to make sure this new oral medication is going to keep my contractions under control and that my cervix doesn't dialate anymore. Just as a safety precaution the hospital has had us meet up with a neonatologist and lactation specialist already. Which was GREAT!! Now I feel like we really have a plan set into motion already in case London does make a early appearance (but not too early, maybe 39w6d HAHAHA)

London has been doing great and has shown almost zero signs of distress. If anything, he has kept the nurses on their toes. Every time they put the monitor on me, he starts kicking to where you almost can't hear his heartbeat (keep in mind he also does this when I wear full panel maternity pants, LOL, he HATES any kind of pressure on Mommy's tummy).
I am doing MUCH better today, I had a slight melt down/panic attack this morning while I was still in Labor and Delivery, to which my Dr quickly gave me something to help me sleep (which really worked, by the way). Shortly after my nap (5 hours long), I got the word that things were totally under control and they were moving me out of Labor and Delivery, removing the catheter, and my personal favorite part, LETTING ME EAT AGAIN!! So of course all of that helped boost my emotional state.

So there you are, a little update on us! All 3 of us are doing well, but like I said before we will still be here until at least Tuesday. Mike has been here with me the whole time (except of course, when he is taking care of the pups) so that has been amazing. Our Thanksgiving plans have also changed a little bit, but now it envolves MY family and HIS family coming into town, so that will make it more fun for everyone. Plus, I get to have my mom's thanksgiving food, MMMmmmMMMmm!! All and all, this is NOT how I expected or wanted to spend my weekend but if it keeps little Mr. London in there cooking even a little longer, then it is time VERY well spent.

Monday, November 17, 2008

UGH! Boooo Target!!

So after buying my carseat last night on sale at, I got an email tonight saying that the price I paid was an error not a sale and they CANCELED MY ORDER!!! Apparently a TON of other women bought it at the same discounted price and Target is not honoring ANY of the purchases. Booooooo Target!!! You would think that a store as large as Target would honor those sales and then fix the pricing error, just to keep customers happy.

To them I say this: Shame on you Target! You would be better off losing the money than pissing off a bunch hormonal pregnant women!! Get ready, your about to feel the wrath!!

Oh well I guess that deal was too good to be true! So the carseat hunt must continue, but the good news is I have at least another few months to find one.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Holy Cheap Carseat, Batman!!

WOW, I am so freaking excited right now!! Tonight I was just messing around on the Internet, when a friend from one of my baby websites posted about a HELLA SALE Target was having on ONE of its car seats. I clicked on the link and found that the car seat is a Britax Marathon (a really nice and good name brand for car seats, not to mention one of the top rated as far as safety according to consumer reports) Now keep in mind this car seat usually sells for $279 and I got it for only $42.99 (oh and FREE SHIPPING!!) That is 85% off the normal price!! The color that was on sale was Granite, so its just a plain grey, which is PERFECT for a dirty little boy HAHAHA!!! It was crazy the same exact car seat in tan is still $279. I'm honestly kinda wondering if it wasn't some sort of mistake because I have found that car seats, because of the demand on them, NEVER go on a big sale. Here is the car seat in case anyone cares... To all of you non-pregnant ladies: Thank you for reading, I know ya'll could care less about this crap!!


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check out that BELLY!!!

So yep! Here are the newest belly pictures. They were taken tonight at 21weeks2days. I'm getting quite the belly!!!! Excuse my face, it hasn't see make-up in quite a few weeks. EEEEKKKK...Let's just pretend that I am wearing a very scary Halloween mask HAHAHA.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our first big baby purchase!!

Well today I bought London's bedding!! I got such a great deal on it too, which ALWAYS makes shopping more fun. I got it for 60% off. I was online and shopping and I was about to pay full price when I decided to just glance around and see if any other stores carry it. Low and Behold I found a store (on ebay of all places) that had a brand new set of the same bedding marked down almost 60%. I almost DIED, I was so excited!!! Oh and if your wondering what it looks like here is a picture...

We got the entire set except the lamp and wall hangings. I could go back and buy those pieces but since I already made the nautical flags to hang up, I figured it was pointless to get those too.

Now I am more excited than ever to get his crib and start setting things up!! Our next step though will be moving everything out of the room and starting to PAINT!!!