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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

26 weeks and a lot of catching up to do.

OMG, I have gone almost two months without posting. I'm pretty sure this is a whole new level of  "disappearing".

I'm going to admit, I have no drive to blog these days. It's horrible and I wish I was better but so many more things come before my blog right now. Any yes, I'm talking about these two monkeys...

Notice Holden's new haircut! 

And After: 
Ugh, he looks like such a big boy!

Here is a little update about Holden, aka: Holdy-Holds, aka: Tootsy Pooter, aka: Toosie. At 9 months old and 20 lbs now, he is all over the place. He is standing on his own, and cruising between furniture. He tries so hard to get up and go with London and frankly gets pretty annoyed when he can't keep up.

He and London are really starting to play together, its so freaking cute. You have to keep an eye on London though, he tends to get pretty rough forgetting that Holden is still a baby. Holden is one tough cookie though and rarely cries. Not a single tear was shed when London left a big bruise on his forehead by throwing a Gerber Puffs container across the room. Who knew a plastic container could be such a dangerous weapon in the hands of a 3 year old.

London is CRAZY as usual and spends most of his days either playing Angry Birds, begging to play Angry Birds, or playing real life Angry birds with his blocks and toy birds. Combine that with his Plants vs Zombie obsession, and we have a real gamer on our hands. I can only imagine how hard it's going to be to pry him away from his games as a teenager. As you can imagine our little trip to Chuckie Cheese was pure heaven for a gamer like him. Although he still made some time for the Monster Truck, he definitely did NOT appreciate me taking pictures of him while he was in it. 

These two monkeys have also kept me extremely busy recently...

Here are the twins at 25 weeks. 

Greysen Elizabeth


 Harper Elliot 
(finally she has a middle name) 

I'm 26 weeks now...and in some ways this pregnancy has been my easiest. But in MOST way this has been the most difficult pregnancy EVER!

Here I was last week.

First off the easy parts: NO BED REST!!! (yet!) 
While my cervix is measuring short (the main reason I was put on bed rest with Holden), its nothing too drastic and is actually longer than it was last pregnancy. However I think there is an explanation for that. Last pregnancy, I felt great and London and I were trying to keep busy over the summer by almost daily taking trips to the zoo and children's museum. However this pregnancy I can barely walk so needless to say I have been taking it very easy over the last few weeks. I also have not had much preterm labor. By 24 weeks with both boys I had been hospitalized for at least a few days with contractions. Not this time though. Sure I have had some contractions, but nothing some water and laying on my left side can't fix. 

The hard parts: I CAN'T FREAKING WALK! I am seriously falling apart. I'm like a 90 year old woman over here. I have  Pubic Symphysis Diastasis or in other words my pubic bone/hips feel like they are about to snap in half. Add that to the fact that I get heart burn just from drinking a glass of water. I've also had like 3 or 4 blood vessels in my eyes pop. So I have red eyes and look like I'm stoned half the time. It's pretty awesomeful. I already feel like I'm 35 weeks pregnant, and can barely roll over in the middle of the night. But who needs to roll over when you have to sleep sitting up. UGH!!! Okay I'm done whining (for now)!

Anyway, I'm forgetful and exhausted all the time (Okay so maybe I wasn't done whining) which is why I haven't been posting recently but I'm HOPING to get better about it soon. Oh who am I kidding?  I'm about to have 4 kids under 4, and 3 under 1. This is only going to get worse over the next 12 months. I'll do the best I can though. Especially in the up coming weeks as I prepare for the girls arrival.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disappearing Act!

First off I want to apologize for my disappearing act over the last few weeks. As you can all imagine, I've been VERY busy! Something about having a VERY ACTIVE 3 year old, an ADVENTUROUS 8 month old, and being almost 20 weeks pregnant with twins has been keeping me busy.

Holden is all over the place now, he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything he can reach. Which of course means he falls about 50 times a day. As many times as that poor kid cracks his head, he has to have a headache by bedtime every night.

Not even the dog is impressed anymore. 

London has been going CRAZY recently. He is officially out of preschool for the summer so he is BORED if we don't go somewhere and do something every single day. As you can imagine I am exhausted and don't feel like dragging both kids out in the blazing South Carolina heat every day.  So I have had to get pretty creative recently.

Yes my kid is using tape to pretend he is a mummy! 
SO WHAT! It kept him busy for nearly an hour. Totally worth the $1 I wasted on scotch tape. 

The twins are doing well! We are still in shock that it's twin girls. I am refusing to get rid of my boy clothes yet, for fear that one or both of them will sprout something at the 20 week ultrasound. I have however started buying some pink stuff. It's so surreal. This has been the wildest ride of my life. I have started feeling them ALOT over the last few weeks too. Although I can't really feel the difference between being pregnant with one vs two yet. Here is a horrible belly picture  from 18 weeks.
I guess that is my update for now! Holden just woke up from his nap so my free time is OVER! :)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

33 Weeks

Nothing terribly exciting to report here. I'm still pregnant, yay!!. I still have cankles, boo!! And  now I officially  can't sleep anymore. I know I know, I should feel very blessed that I haven't experienced any problems sleeping up until now but man this sucks. I guess it's my body's way of getting me ready for baby, but I really don't want to practice the sleepless nights without a newborn to cuddle.

I'm getting less and less mobile these days too. Getting up and down from the couch is next to impossible. So is leaning over to pick up one of the million Thomas the Trains that litter my floor. As you can imagine, my house is a mess because of this. I'm starting to think investing in some sort of 'Go Go Gadget Arm" wouldn't be such a bad idea right now.

Well this has been a quick whinny update from me! I have an ultrasound next Tuesday to check baby Holden's weight and position, so I will be sure to update again then. :)

Until then, here I am at 33 weeks. 

Thursday, September 15, 2011

32 weeks and Cankles

I've made it to my next goal of 32 weeks. My Dr even cheered when she walked into the room at yesterdays Dr appointment. 32 weeks is quite the accomplishment when we first started with a shortened cervix at 20 weeks.

Now with all of that said, I have an announcement to make...

I have cankles!!


How did this happen to me? I have calves and I have ankles. I DO NOT have cankles. 

I'm not quite sure if it is from swelling (hopefully) or if it's from pregnancy weight gain (18 lbs thus far). Either way I don't care, I just know that jeans have now become my new BFF. I've got to hide those big boys some how. 

In another glamorous pregnancy news, my feet have grown a full shoe size. I've gone from an already large size 10 to a small row boat in just a few months. I swear I can't even wear my flip flops anymore. Did I mention my feet are swollen/fat too? What am I supposed to wear now? 

Thankfully these nice Chinese ladies agreed to make me some new shoes, because I'm pretty sure my days of shopping off the rack are OVER!

At my 32 week appointment the other day my Dr  made a plan to pull me off all my meds at 35 weeks. WOOOHOOO!!! I love having a plan. It gives me something to look forward to, ya know besides having a baby hahaha! 

And here is a crappy cell phone pic of my 32 week belly!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Maternity Photos

While I was down in Savannah, my AWESOME friend Ashley Baumann (who happens to be an AMAZING photographer)took some maternity shots of me. He are just a few that she sent me today. More are to follow. If you are down in Savannah, PLEASE visit her website, she is super talented and does really great work! Thanks again Argh :)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

A few fun photos!!!

Me at 26 weeks :)

Trying to get the whole family together for a Christmas picture. As you can see, it didn't work out so well.

Testing out the new sling!!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Check out that BELLY!!!

So yep! Here are the newest belly pictures. They were taken tonight at 21weeks2days. I'm getting quite the belly!!!! Excuse my face, it hasn't see make-up in quite a few weeks. EEEEKKKK...Let's just pretend that I am wearing a very scary Halloween mask HAHAHA.

Monday, October 6, 2008

17 weeks!

Wow, its been a LONG time since I updated on here last. So let me do a quick review of the last 3 weeks. I'll try to keep this short :)

Mike left for his deployment a while back. I know its only for a short time but I just HATE not being able to talk to him everyday. There is so much going on here that I feel like he is missing out on. I have so much more respect for these wives who do 15 month deployments now. I just can not imagine it.

I went on a trip down to Savannah. I had a BLAST, however I was very ready to come home. When I am there, I am on the move ALL DAY. I still need daily naps or I am a CRANKY CRANKY gal :) But it was really nice to be able to stay for as long as I did.

Baby London has started moving in there. It's nothing substantial yet, no obvious kicks or punches but I can definitely feel it when he changes positions. It feels like little flutters. Every time he moves, it surprises me. It's a very weird feeling. I can't wait for him to get stronger, so that we can feel his movements on the outside of my stomach. However, I know I still have a few more weeks before that will happen. I'm just so excited and hope that Mike can feel him when he gets home.

My dog Leia learned how to jump our 6ft privacy fence. She is not that big, she only comes up to my knee and weighs about 45 lbs. I just don't understand how the heck that dog does it So I had a handy man come out and put a electric fence up and that seems to have stopped her (FOR NOW!). Picture of her just for fun.....Oh and yes, she is sitting on top of our other dog Daisy. That is her favorite way to ride when she is in the car HAHAHA!

Hummmm....what else. Oh I went to the Dr last week and London is measuring a full week ahead. Normally they would change your due date and all that jazz, but since we did IVF and KNOW the exact moment of conception, they are leaving it alone. I have this total fear that he is going to be as big as I was at birth. 10 lbs 9oz. EEEEKKK!! My mother is a saint because there is NO WAY, I'm pushing a baby that big out. (And I wasn't even her biggest, my brothers weighed 11 and 12 lbs). From what his mom says, Mike only weighed about 5 lbs. She is a tiny woman though, so I figured he wasn't very big. Maybe London will average between mine and Mike's birth weights and come out a nice 8 lbs-er. HAHAHA. I still have plenty of time to worry about birth weight over the next few months.

Random fact: I am ALMOST half way done with this pregnancy. PHEW!!!!!!!!!

Lastly, for those of you who care, here is a belly pic of me at 17 weeks.

Friday, August 22, 2008

My First Belly Pics!!

Seriously, If I keep growing at this rate, I'm going to be the size of a HOUSE in a few months. I guess having 2 in there really does make a big difference. I was told that you usually measure about 6-8 weeks larger when you have Twins. That MUST be the case here. I look HUGE and I've only gained 2 lbs. It's Crazy!