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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Quick Infertility Update.

And so it begins! I went in today for my first of many meetings with my old friend "Wandy" (AKA: The vaginal ultrasounds wand.) My Father-in-law and Brother-in-law read this blog and probably just stopped after reading "vaginal ultrasound." Oh well, trust me boys over the next few months it's going to get MUCH MUCH worse.

Anyway, back to today's appointment with "wandy". Things went well. The nurse called me back to the room then had me strip naked and hop up on the ultrasounds table. Then I waited. She popped her head in about 10 minutes later to tell me that my RE was in surgery and would be a few minutes late. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of me sitting on the ultrasound table for 30 freaking minutes playing Angry Birds.  I mean you really couldn't have me get dresses and go back to the waiting room? That would totally be OK!! Or maybe even wheel me in a chair so I could at least be comfortable during my wait? Finally she showed up full of apologies. I couldn't really be mad though. I'm pretty sure the "surgery" she was in was an IVF egg retrieval. I can't hate on her trying to knock up another infertile woman. If anything I love her for that.

Long story short, according to my RE I have beautiful ovaries. Everything looks good for IVF #2. In case you are wondering, the money is due by the end of the month. There is NO turning back now!!!

I'm not going to lie. It was girls night IN tonight and I accidentally on purpose had some wine. Don't worry I am now on BIRTH CONTROL so I'm not going to have an OOOPS! and end up pregnant HAHAHA.  I need to head to bed as it is very very late for an old lady like myself. (Come on people, it's almost 12:30 EST)


Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Guest Blog- My Story

As you all know I am busy getting ready for my 4 day trip to Chicago (which includes leaving London for 4 days...sigh). So Lindsay from over at A New Breed of Mom was kind enough to do a guest blog for me today.

My Story: Struggling with Secondary Infertility
By: Lindsay Williams at A New Breed Of Mom

My Story: Struggling with Secondary Infertility

First I’d like to thank Aly for asking me to guest post. Aly and I have become good friends as we are both trying to conceive. I’ve found her blog and I truly enjoy reading it and feeling part of a community of woman TTC. Infertility sucks! We need to support each other, stay positive, and share our stories. Here is mine.

When my husband and I married in August of 2009, infertility was not something on our radar. We both entered the marriage with a child from a previous relationship and we were excited to have a child together. Both of us have always planned to have more children and when we got engaged in 2008 children was something we discussed in length.

John wanted a whole litter of children. I wanted two more, which would still give us a combine total of seven children. Phew! After a great debate we agreed to have two children together, after we got married, and would negotiate a 3rd child together. In all of these conversations, we never once discussed the possibility that we’d have to face infertility. Since we’ve both have had children before that thought didn’t even cross our minds.

After the honeymoon was over, I was all about the next task on the agenda – getting pregnant. When a month passed and I didn’t fall pregnant, I began to chart my cycle and read up on everything there is to know about getting pregnant. You might say I was obsessed. Just a little. I have a tendency to do that.

One of the first things I noticed charting my cycles was that I was averaging a 40 day cycle. That is not normal. Three 40 day cycles and four months later, I made an appoint with my gynecologist with the suspicion that I had thyroid problems or maybe this thing called PCOS that I had read so much about.

My doctor asked me if I was having a period to which I replied, “Yes, but it is only about 3-4 days long and is very light.” She told me that as long as I was having a menstrual cycle that meant I was ovulating and, although, my cycles were a little long that I needed to give it a full year before I sought fertility treatment. A blood test showed that my thyroid levels were normal so I had nothing to worry about.

I went home and waited for my period to start. 

It never did.

I can’t tell you how much money I spent on pregnancy tests that first five months.

And how much time I obsessed about every. little. possible. symptom.

Not knowing what else to do, I called back my gynecologist and made another appointment. She sent me for another blood test to see what my androgen levels were. She used that test to help diagnose me with PCOS. The first course of action was Clomid. For the next two months she prescribed progesterone to help jump-start my period and then Clomid to help induce ovulation.

The Clomid didn’t work.
Except for making me terribly moody and emotionally.

Finally, my doctor sent me to a Reproductive Endocrinologist RE just as she started me on my 3rd round of Clomid – the highest allowable dosage. My RE cut right to the chase. He said since I already started with the Clomid he’s let me finish it out and then do an ultrasound on my ovaries to see if the Clomid even worked to stimulate my ovaries.

The Clomid didn’t work.

It was on to shots.

My RE started me on Follistim. And then if the Follistim works to help my follicles grow, we would “trigger” ovulation with a HCG shot. After a long wait and several weeks of struggling with the insurance company to gain pre-authorization for my medications, we started our Follistim adventure.

For about 10 days I gave myself a shot in the belly every night. I hate shots. John had to give me the first one because I was too scared to do it. I underwent a gamut of tests to make sure my fallopian tubes were open (which they were), my follicles were growing (which they did), that my hormone levels were ok (they were ok), that my husband’s sperm count was good (it’s good), and that I don’t have “hostile cervical mucus” (I don’t). Finally it was time for the “trigger shot”.

Now, a year after John and I said “I do” we are waiting. We are waiting to find out if all of our efforts over the last year will finally pay off. Will this month be THE month? It’s hard to tell. The nurse at the RE office said to wait until this Saturday, September 5th to test. If we test before that the HCG from the trigger shot may give us a false result.

In the mean time I am getting my hopes up, despite trying not to get my hopes up.

And I am symptom watching.

Please cross your fingers for me and baby dust to you and yours! -Lindsay

I want to Thanks Lindsay for taking the time to tell her story. Please visit her blog at A New Breed Of Mom   to see more of her work!