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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

4dp3dt and Frozen Embryo Update

Well, 4dp3dt is just as boring as 2dp3dt. Nothing new to update. No crazy twinges to over analyze, but thankfully no more cramps. Technically today marks the end of week one in the two week wait. So only one more week before I am officially pregnant (or not).

Today started test-o-mania!!!! Here is how it's going to work. Todays test was negative so I know that my trigger is out of my system now!!!!  I didn't want to get a BFP in a few days and doubt whether it's the HCG trigger or an actual pregnancy causing those two little lines. From now on I will be testing each morning. I currently have an arsenal of 5 First Response Pregnancy Tests under my sink. Those should keep my busy until 9dp3dt, and hopefully I won't have to reload, but who am I kidding my beta isn't until 12dp3dt. Realistically, I'm not expecting to see anything before Saturday (7dp3dt) at the earliest though, but that is NOT going to stop me from testing before then :) I'm telling you, they need a 12 step program for woman like myself who are addicted to pregnancy tests.

Oh, I forgot to mention! 5 of our embryos made it to freeze! The Embryologist said they looked beautiful and all of them were AA quality! They froze two of them on day 5 and then three of them on day 6. I'm really excited about having so many awesome tot-sicles in the freezer. Hopefully this cycle will work and I won't need any of them for a while. If it doesn't though, at least I won't have to go through a complete fresh cycle just to try again. A frozen embryo transfer is so much easier from what I have heard and read.

Friday, July 4, 2008

4dp, 5dp, 6dp, 7dp, AND 8dp3dt!

OK so I do realize I have not updated in a few days and here is why

4dp3dt (Jamie and Ashley), this means "4 days past my 3 day transfer" (they put 3day old embies back inside me so I am 4 days past the 3 day transfer) So this morning I woke up and got what I THOUGHT to be a positive pregnancy test, I took another kind though, and that one was negative. I got a little excited but counted it as a negative.

5dp3dt: One test again had a super super super faint line on it, but again the other test had a negative.

6dp3dt: All tests were negative, I started to get REALLY discouraged. I just didn't feel pregnant. Mike and I had started to move money around in our bank account to cover the $7,000 we spent on IVF, and I started to have buyers remorse because I'm just NOT pregnant!

7dp3dt: Two more test had faint faint lines on them, I QUIT!!!!!!! I can not sit here and stare at two F-ing tests for another day. I was pissed why can't pregnancy test either have one line or two, why do they make them to show FAINT barely visible lines. A few cuss words later, I tried to relax. I mean I went back to look at the tests and maybe they are not so faint, wait, WHAT? Why don't I have to squint to look at that pregnancy test? Wait, there are really TWO PINK lines on that test? Ugh, I guess I will have to wait until tomorrow to take another test to know for sure.

8dp3dt (TODAY): If a picture is worth a THOUSAND words this one should be worth 7,000 ($)

Yep, that's right ladies, I AM PREGNANT!!!!!! I will still have my beta on Monday which will give us a exact NUMBER of how pregnant I am, it also might give us an idea of how many babies we have growing in there. Everyone please keep praying that this baby sticks. The first hurdle is down but I still have about 9 months worth to go. Mike and I are ECSTATIC!! There is really something so magical about a digital pregnancy test, something about the word PREGNANT popping up, just gives me chills.

Ok, I'm off to make Chicken Salad, Mike and I and his entire family are going to Callaway Gardens for the 4th of July activities. We have decided to go ahead and tell his family today (They ALL know we did IVF, I mean I actually stayed with my MIL, so they are kind of chomping at the bit) Here is how we are telling them. We bought this t-shirt a few months ago to give as a present to Mikes 18 month old niece, Lily. We are going to give her the present today and see how long it takes the whole family to figure it out. EEEKKK!!!, I'm so excited!