Thursday, December 15, 2011

Still Here!!

Wow, this ha been one of my longest blogless stints to date. I'd like to rush back here and tell you its because I  have been super busy, but sadly that would be a lie. Thins have been somewhat boring recently, I mean can it really be boring while taking care of the two hoodlums?
Super London

 His trusty sidekick (and arch nemesis) 
Baby Wonder

Christmas is almost here! While I have managed to find the time to find the time to finish almost all of my Christmas shopping, I have yet to send out any Christmas Cards. Nothing like waiting until the last minute! Although sadly, it is not all that unusual for me. is a little fun fact, I finally jumped on the bandwagon...ya know if the band wagon hadn't passed by say 4 years ago...and I'm reading the Twilight books. I've watched all the movies, mainly using them as an excuse to get out of the house and sneak some wine into the movie theater. I've not some great tips on that if anyone is interested.
Baby Bottle Cooler Bag with ice packs + Mini Bottles + Red Solo Cup = Getting drunk in the movie theater while drooling over Taylor Lautner. Win-Win, right? I DON'T CARE IF HE WAS ONLY 15 DURING FILMING!!!

Anyway, back to reading...I borrowed my sister nook to try it out and decided to get the first Twilight book. By the next day I had finished and moved on to New Moon. Well here I am a few days later the proud owner of a new nook and engrossed in the Twilight Saga. I just started Eclipse. I'm really looking forward to Breaking Dawn because I have already seen the movie (Part One) and I'm eager to see how this whole "saga" ends. Yep, I'm a dork! Whatev's

Friday, December 2, 2011

New Blog Friday- Shannon

This week I am featuring Shannon from Solo Pronto 

Here is a message from Shannon:

I'm sure at this point, you've read a blogger's personal information a hundred times on other blogs and are sick to death of reading a lot of the same old thing, so I'll put mine in purple italics and see if that spices it up for you a little bit!  After all, I'm here for you!  Here are my slanty, colorful tidbits of personal info for your reading pleasure:

Hello!  I am Shannon from Solo Pronto!  I am married to a wonderful man (rolling your eyes yet?) whom I met at work 8 years ago and who actually trained me for two different jobs before running off with my heart.  We moved to Colorado for a while, then back to Tennessee before settling down in Georgia.  We have three dogs, 9 nieces and nephews and god-children and love making memories and taking new adventures.  Our biggest adventure thus far in our five year relationship/three year marriage has been trying to start a family.  So far, we've had one miscarriage and are currently in the midst of our fifth cycle of fertility treatments and fourth IUI.  It's been a ride, let me tell you.  I've found emotions in me I didn't know existed these past few years and they aren't due to the medication!  Well, not all of them anyway....

I named my blog Solo Pronto! because it means "I am ready!".  I honestly thought I was!  I started this blog at a point in my life when I thought I was ready for anything.  I was strong, healthy, happy, everything was going so well - which is probably why I thought I was so ready for anything - life was good.  Then a lot of unexpected things happened.  Things I couldn't control.  I had a miscarriage, lost my job, couldn't get pregnant again, etc.  Life happened.  I took a break from blogging and worked on getting my life back together and somehow, blogging ended up finding its way back into that plan a few months ago.  It has become a kind of therapy and as I am sure you know from experience, it has been much-needed (and welcomed) support and has honestly helped me more these last few months than anything else has in this whole crazy journey.  Up until about two months ago, I had 5 followers and mainly used Solo Pronto! as a way to document what I was going through and use it as an online diary, albeit a very public one.  It's helped me open up to people I know in real life about our situation and because of that, I have found close and personal friends who have been experiencing the same pain and frustration I have with no one to talk to.  Blogging has given me back some of the confidence and courage that I had lost in the past two years.  I've met some really crazy, amazing, sarcastic and supportive people these past few months and I couldn't be more thankful.  I'm hoping to meet more and possibly be that extra bit of support for others as well.

As for my writing style, I try not to be too serious and usually have no problems with self-deprecation.  I'm an easy target, what can I say?  My funny bone extends from my shoulders to my ankles so I tend to think almost everything can be made into something funny - I laugh a lot. 

I hope you'll stop by and say hello.  Check out a post or two.  I'd love it if you did.  I can't promise you I'll always be positive or funny or even coherent, but I promise I'll keep in interesting.  With every day, I'm learning more and more and preparing for what life has to offer.  Hopefully, at the end of all this, whatever this is, I'll be able to say "SOLO PRONTO!" and mean it.  I hope you'll join me!

Until next time,

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

One Month Old!

Actually Holden is 6 weeks old but he didn't get to his one month well baby check up until  yesterday.

"Well baby" check up right? WRONG!!!!

For the last few days Holden has been going through a phase where he never wants to be put down. He is also exceptionally cranky every night from about 4-8pm. I really didn't think too much about it because I remember when London did this. I even wrote about it HERE. I just assumed that Holden was going through the same phase.

Yesterday while at the Doctor, I mentioned his new found crankiness and that he still had a snotty nose left over from his cold. She looked him over and when it came time to check his ears we found the culprit. He has an ear infection. Poor guy! 

So we left his "well baby" check up with his very first script for antibiotics. FABULOUS!! 

Besides that his one month, actually six week stats are 21 inches long (up from 18.5 at birth) and 11lbs 3oz (up from 7lbs 2oz) at birth. Both of which are in the 50th percentile for his age. Wooohoo! for being average :) 

I better get to bed, little man is still waking up every 3 hours to eat, I'm really hoping that changes as he starts feeling better. What I wouldn't give for 4-5 hours of uninterrupted sleep. 

Here is a picture of Holden at one month old, and just for fun here is a picture of London at the same age. So far they look NOTHING alike. 


And a picture of the boys from today 

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Ending shameless plug now. :)

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The one about breastfeeding.

When I was pregnant with London, I decided very early on that I was going to breastfeed. It has tons of added health benefits for both the mother and child. Not to mention it sure beats the heck out of expensive formula. Why wouldn't I do it? London was a CHAMP! He was the freaking Muhammad Ali of breastfeeding. The best of the very best. He latched right away and never had any problems. Which was awesome considering I had NO IDEA what the hell I was supposed to be doing. He refused to take a bottle, so it wasn't until he was 8 months when my milk started to dry up because he was sleeping 13 hours each night that he ever even tasted a drop of formula. I felt like super mom. I swore to all my friends how EASY breastfeeding was, and I will be honest I could not understand the women who stopped breastfeeding because it was too hard, or whatever "excuse" they had.

Yeah, um, Karma is a bitch.

Holden is was the freaking Celebrity Boxing of the breastfeeding world. TRAIN WRECK!! He wouldn't latch for the first 36 hours after he was born, and this time I actually knew what I was doing. I had a seriously crazy lactation consultant who I swear looked and sounded just like the old lady from the Poltergist movies.

She had me milking my own breast (by hand) into a spoon, so that we could suck it up into a syringe to feed him after he had gone 12 hours without latching.

Talk about a whole new level of comfort in your marriage. In less than 12 hours Mike witnessed me pushing a human out of my lady parts for the second time AND milking myself like I was an old timey farmer.
anyway...I'm starting to ramble.

For the first 3 weeks Holden was HORRIBLE at breastfeeding. He was a biter. Thank goodness he wasn't one of those babies that are born with teeth. I decided to keep going and endure the pain. The painful latch usually only lasts about a week, but as we entered week four I was still cursing every time. I was at a loss and can not tell you how many times I wanted to quit.

All of those free formula samples were sitting in the pantry just staring at me. At 3 weeks I had a phone conversation with a different lactation consultant and she told me it sounded like he has a small mouth and tongue. We tried the nipple shield, but yeah, that was a big old FALIURE! He wouldn't latch at all. So after a few hours of screaming I gave up and just endured the pain once again.

Luckily by the end of week 4 he had gotten much much better. It was like over night he magically figured it out. It's all smooth sailing now, but this time couldn't have been more different than the last.

A friend of mine posted this on her blog today and can I please just tell you how true it really is. I'm not posting this to prevent anyone from breastfeeding. I'm not going to bore you all with how important it is and why it is so awesome. Trust me you will get all of that in the hospital. But, I'm also not going to sit here and preach to you that you are a failure if you don't breastfeed. Just like almost everything else in life, it is NOT for everyone and it's completely your decision.

Forget that old advice about "gently rubbing your nipples with a towel." If you really want to feel ready to nurse, here's what to do.

Day 1
Gently rub your nipples with sandpaper.
Day 2
At bedtime set your alarm clock to go off every two hours. Each time it rings, spend 20 minutes sitting in a rocking chair with your nipples clamped by a pair of chip clips.
Day 3
Draw branching lines all over your chest with a blue-green marker, then stand in front of your bathroom mirror and sing "I Feel Pretty."
Day 4 
Open your already-crowded freezer and make room for five dozen plastic milk bags.
Day 5
Fit the hose of a vacuum cleaner over one breast and set on "medium pile." Turn off vacuum when nipple is three inches long. Switch breasts.
Day 6
Obtain "DO NOT CROSS" tape from your local police station, then wrap firmly around your chest. When your spouse asks about it, say, "Get used to it."
Day 7
Tape a water balloon to each breast and squeeze into a maternity bra. Repeatedly hook and unhook the nursing flaps with one hand while using the other to balance a sack of squirming puppies.
Day 8
Dine in the fanciest, snootiest restaurant you can afford, making sure to arrive with a big wet spot directly over each nipple.
Day 9
Record your mother proclaiming, "Just give the baby some cereal like God intended, and she'll sleep right through the night." Play in an endless loop at 1 a.m., 3 a.m., and 5 a.m.
Day 10
Slather your breasts with peanut butter, top with birdseed and stand very still in your backyard.
Day 11
Go someplace public -- a museum, a courthouse, the steps of your office building -- and stuff a lifelike baby doll under your shirt. Use the doll's arm to suddenly hike the shirt up past your collar bone. Lower shirt. Feign nonchalant smile.
Day 12
Suckle a wolverine.
Congratulations! You are now ready to nurse a baby. Maybe

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thomas the Train Mega Bloks Party

The other day London and I hosted his friends (and mine) for a Thomas the Train Mega Bloks party. It was AWESOME! I got to enjoy a cup of coffee with all the Mommies, while London and his pals wore each other out. Tired kids equal happy Mommies. :) Holden slept for most of the party so it really was perfect! Adult conversation and two hands?! I didn't know what to do with myself, I was in heaven!  Mega Bloks was kind enough to send us some Thomas the Train goodies for all the kiddos to take home. And let me just tell you, they LOVED it. How do I know they loved it? We had very few tears and my house was trashed when they all left. Two true signs of a successful party :)

How cool are these block sets they sent for the kids? 
Sweet little Bella was trying to sneak up on the table and pick her train before anyone else arrived :)

Notice the one missing from the end? 
Yeah, London beat her too it and already snagged a Thomas of his own .

Our tasty breakfast snacks!

Trains Trains and more TRAINS!!

All the Mommies and a little Day of the Diesels playing in the background!

The Aftermath 

Disclaimer: Complimentary products were provided by Mega Bloks and Mom Select to facilitate this party.  No other compensation was received.

Friday, November 25, 2011

New Blog Friday-Hope

This week I am featuring Hope from Invisible Mother

Here is a message from Hope:

Hi, I'm Hope and my blog is  Invisible Mother . First, I am tickled to be featured on New Blog Friday, although I feel like a bit of an impostor, since my blog's not quite so new anymore. It was still fairly new back in April when I e-mailed Aly, asking to be featured, but even though I passed my one year blogoversary while New Blog Friday was on hiatus, Aly said it was still okay for me to be featured here. What a generous lady!
Anyway, about me. I'm in my late 20's and happily married. About 6 months after our wedding, my DH and I started TTC. I immediately went on to have 2 very early miscarriages. I started this blog a few months later as a place to document my grieving process and finding my way through grief. Over the past year, it has become a place where I document everything about Recurrent Pregnancy Loss, from grief to hope, from testing through treatment, from one specialist to the next. 
In November of last year, I had just seen my first fertility doctor, gotten a diagnosis or three, and was hopeful that our next pregnancy would result in a baby. Instead, I continued to miscarry. I've now had a total of five very early miscarriages. Further testing over the past 6 months has revealed more problems. All of them are treatable, but that doesn't meant there aren't more issues still to be discovered . . . For a rundown of what these issues are, and what's being done about them, check out my  Tests and Treatments  page.

Outside of IF/RPL I'm a volunteer with my church as a Sunday School Teacher and the Children's Choir Director. That sounds like a lot more work than it is. I'm one of a team of 5 Sunday School Teachers for the 3rd-5th grade class, which can have up to about 12 kids, but often has less. The team rotates, so I teach and/or assist a couple times each month. The Children's Choir consists of 6 kids who like to sing. I'm also a volunteer music teacher at a local public school. This year I'm teaching two Kindergarten classes, and it's lots of fun.

The other thing I keep busy with is cooking. I've discovered that I feel much healthier on a low glycemic index (GI), gluten- and dairy-free (GF and DF) diet, so that's what I'm following right now. Which means I pretty much cook all my meals at home. From scratch. Yeah. It's a 20 hour/week job. I've just discovered breakfast beans (yummy and filling). I've also just whipped up a batch of high-protein, low GI biscuits. I'll be putting up a couple more recipe posts soon. For past recipes, check out  Hope's Kitchen .
I hope you'll take some time to stop by my blot and say hi. I'm looking forward to meeting some new bloggers. :-)

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Flu Season

Ugh! London goes to a 3 day a week 9am-12pm preschool program, so I expected him to get sick a fair amount this year. It builds up his immune system for kindergarten right? Well little did I know it would build up MY immune system too.

Last Thursday, Mike got the flu...and that night looked alot like this for us.

Wine for me, Nyquil for him.

Mike came in from work, chugged some Nyquil, and went to bed for the night at 5pm. He got a full 13 hours of sleep, and yes I was a little jealous.

London has been sick for pretty much 5 weeks straight, yeah it SUCKS!  I think he had it first in the middle of his antibiotics for his ear infection because he had one random day of fever. 

Then...Oh, yes there is a THEN!.... I got it! WTF? Where are the keys you are supposed to use to symbolize cuss words %&$^#%@ ^#&%@((@%!%*^)*#)*(&@! Ahhh, there they are. 

What exactly was the point of me getting a flu shot after having Holden? Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there are different strains of the flu. And I know the flu shot doesn't guarantee that you won't get it, but it would have been really nice if it had worked. I have a 4 week old. I don't get Nyquil and 13 hours of sleep. I still have to wake up every 2-3 hours to breastfeed a baby. And London still wants his already tired Mommy to be able to play with him. I can fake it most of the time thanks to the miracle of caffeine, but exhaustion and the flu don't leave me with much besides a short temper. 

Thank goodness Mike was home over the weekend to really pitch in and take care of London. Holden and I got to lay in the bed most of the weekend. I'm finally feeling better, which is great because Mike was back at work today, so I was too. 

I was looking for some Flu humor on google and found this one. It was too good not to post. Have I mentioned how much I LOVE ? 

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Week Gone By

Ahhhh, week 3 as a mother of two has gone remarkably well actually. Everyone is finally starting to feel better.

Holden still has a cold, but THANKFULLY it didn't turn into anything worse. Just a case of the "seasonal snots"

London is working on week number 4 with a cold, but THANKFULLY his ear infection is gone.

And I enjoyed my first glass of much deserved wine, and THANKFULLY it didn't give me a hang over :) I heard it really sneaks up on you after not drinking for almost a full year.

Mommy Fail of the week?

 London fell down the stairs. It.Was.Horrible.

Allow me to set the stage. We have 10 ft ceilings in our house, so as you can imagine our stair case is very tall and steep.

We were walking up the stairs with Holden in one hand and London's hand in the other. Once we reached the top I let go of London's hand to open the baby gate. Keep in mind the kid is almost 3 is completely capable of holding on to the rail and navigating stairs. Well I walked through the baby gate and London tried to follow but he tripped. He was sent falling head over feet down the stairs. I leaned over quickly to grab him but I just barely missed him. He did about 4 full flips before he hit the ground and all I could do was stand paralyzed watching his little body flipping with his head banging on the wall with each rotation. Allow me to repeat...It.Was.Horrible. I of course screamed, in my terrified voice, for Mike who quickly came running and rushed passed me on the way to the bottom.

THANKFULLY London was fine,  and escaped the whole ordeal without a scratch, mark, or bruise. He only cried for a minute, and only because he was understandably scared. He is such a tough little guy, I however am not. I was a wreck. A few snuggles and a couple games of Angry Birds later we had both fully recovered.
I'm just not sure my nerves can handle two adventurous little boys. 

Maybe Holden will be the calm reserved one. :)

Creatively Challenged


Yes, I know what some of you are thinking..."Aren't you a blog designer?". Well yes, yes I am.

I'm not always creatively challenged. I can design stuff for other people with no problems. It seems I only become "challenged" when I am designing something for myself.

My blog for example, I went through 4 different designs before I finally gave up and asked my friend/partner to design it for me.

It's like that old theory that a sandwich is always better when someone else makes it.

This is why I am happy Shutterfly exists. They have tons of designs that I can choose from WITHOUT going through the pain in the rear of designing it myself. They always have the cutest Christmas Card designs too, which is great but it makes it so hard to choose just one. A few years ago, I created TWO different Christmas cards. One funny, for the people who really understand my crazy sense of humor, and then another set for those people who are a little more reserved. They also make super cute invitations in case you are hosting a holiday party this year.

I think this is my favorite this year.

*This is a sponsored blog post, I was given 25 free Shutterfly cards. However all opinions expressed are my own. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

New Blog Friday- Sunny


After a brief hiatus during IVF and pregnancy, I have decided to bring back New Blog Friday!

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This week I am featuring Sunny from Sunny Side Up
Here is a message from Sunny:

Hi, my name is Sunny and I own and write at  Sunny Side Up .
I originally began my blog in April, when my husband and I first found out I have Poly-Cystic Ovarian syndrome, and that baby making could get a little complicated.
As a nurse by trade, I had heard about all the common causes of infertility, including PCOS.  We have friends who have struggled on their own paths to have babies; some successful and some not.  So when we were told that we were infertile because I didn’t make eggs, our whole life changed.
We have been told by many (many) people how lucky we are that we found out early, because Hubby and I are still under 30.  We have been married for just over two years, and together for six.  We had always talked about starting our family early, and were hoping to be married a few years before we started ‘trying’.  However, in October last year, we were blessed with a surprise pregnancy which, unfortunately, was taken from us not long after. 
It is amazing how much love you can place in something so quickly.  How little time it takes to become so attached to the idea of something.  We had always wanted children, but after our loss, that feeling was multiplied and kept multiplying, until it was all we could think about!
Sunny Side Up  is a space to talk candidly about marriage, infertility, sex, and life in general.  I wanted to create a place I could talk about it without making people uncomfortable.  And I have been genuinely surprised by the number of people who have come out and told me their own stories of infertility and baby dreams.  It seems the more I talk about it, the more couples join in.  What a sad, and yet somewhat comforting thought!
Now I feel like my blog has a purpose.  It has given me a goal, and though it may take time to achieve, it is high on my list of priorities.  I would love to be able to establish a not-for-profit ‘ Sunny Side Up Foundation ’ that would aide infertile couples with financial support, information on available fertility, adoption and foster care options, and counselling in Australia.  Because I know that without the support of those around us, our lives would be incredibly hard.
In the meantime,  Sunny Side Up {creative}  was recently debuted on the blog and Facebook page.  There you can find click-and-print inspirational posters; all free of charge, and designed by me!

So please stop by  Sunny Side Up  sometime.  We don’t yet know what God has in store for us, but you can be sure you’ll hear an honest, comical, sometimes emotional, and true account of our adventures.

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Murphy's Law of Parenting.

I'm sure everyone here has heard of Murphy's Law before. I've even blogged about it a time or two.

Well today Murphy struck again.

Let me give all of you a little back story.

When London came to visit me in the hospital, I noticed that he had the toddler funk. Ya know runny nose, coughing, and generally just feeling crappy. I didn't worry too much about it because it's pretty common for toddlers to get it especially when the weather changes.

Within about 2 days, every one who had come in contact with London also had it. Mike and I were sick and so was my sister who had been up at the hospital during London's visit.

Crappity Crap Crap CRAP!

I watched Holden very closely and said a bajillion prayers that he wouldn't get sick. The last thing I needed was to end up back in the hospital with a sick 4 day old.

Thankfully he didn't get it...well at least not then.

London got a little better for a few days and then this past weekend. BAM! He was really really sick. Running a fever, snotty nose, crusty eyes, and coughing so much he could barely even sleep. Then he started complaining on Saturday that his ear was hurting.

Crappity Crap Crap CRAP!

Oh and did I mention that same day Holden woke up with a nose FULL of snot. He was up every hour the night before and you could tell he just felt like...well, crap. If he wasn't eating he wanted to be held, and when he was being held he would occasionally just cry out for a few seconds in his sleep. Poor guy, only 16 days old and he was already sick.

Today we took a little family trip to the Dr.

The Diagnosis: London has his very first a ear infection and Holden has a pretty nasty cold that we are watching to make sure it doesn't turn into anything else.

Ugh! I've been a mom of two for like two freaking weeks now and I'm already having to juggle two sick babies. I guess I better get used to it though.

After leaving the Dr we made a stop off at the pharmacy to pick up London's prescription and while we were there I picked up a little medicine for mommy too.
With 2 sick kids...I deserve it!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Life with Holden

Things have been going really well over the last two weeks. Wow, I can hardly believe it has been two weeks already. Man, that sleep deprivation really makes time fly!

In this post I am going to list alot of stats that I'm sure none of you care about. It's mainly for me, so it will probably be boring or the rest of you. I love the fact that I can look back at posts from when London was little and see how Holden compares. :) I'll add a few cute pictures at the bottom for anyone who makes it through all of this. 

Over the first week we went to ALOT of Dr's appointments. Poor Baby Holden was jaundice and had to go back 5 times in the first 7 days of life to have blood drawn to check his Bilirubin levels checked. Poor guys his heals look like pin cushions. I felt so bad for him.

Fun fact for all of you, my husband thought we were talking about some guy named Billy Rubin every time I would talk about Holden's levels. HAHA!

Holden's levels stayed elevated for the first few days but never got high enough for him to have to sit under the special light or blanket. It was 10 (whatever the unit of measurement is I have no idea) on day 2, 14 the next day, and by day 6 it was 18. Thankfully by day 8 it was down to 14. 

See I told you this was going to be boring. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Thankfully the little guy has been steadily gaining weight. He started out at 7lbs 2oz at birth and was down to 6lbs10oz when we left the hospital. By day 8 though he had gained a fair amount and was weighing in at 7lbs 6 oz. His Dr was very impressed with this so apparently we are doing something right. 

Breastfeeding is a little more difficult this time than it was with London. Holden is a really good eater, but something is just off. London was a natural so I'm not quite sure what to do to fix our little problem. Here it is almost 2 weeks since he was born and it still hurts to nurse him. He seems to be latching well, but I think he is biting me. I can promise we will not be making it to a my initial goal of 6 months if he keeps that up. My poor nipples are bruised and it's painful every time he nurses. Nothing unbearable, just not comfortable AT ALL. I still cuss every time he latches hahaha! Hopefully I can find a LLL meeting to attend soon, or possibly call the lactation consultant back and see if she has any suggestions. Something has got to give. 

Holden has established a pretty good schedule for himself. I've got my fingers crossed that he keeps it up. Right now, he sleeps most of the day, waking for about 30 mins here and there. Then around 6pm he wakes up for about two and a half hours. He is very content and just chills on the couch next to us in his boppy. About 8:30 is his bed time, so I nurse him and put him in bed..on his back. London was a tummy sleeper so I'm happy Holden seems to be content on his back or side. Through out the night he only wakes about every 4 hours, just long enough to eat and get his diaper changed. He is a really good baby (THUS FAR!! Quick, knock on wood!)

London is actually adjusting very well to being a big brother. He hasn't really been acting out YET,  however he doesn't really acknowledge him very much either. He asks about him alot but doesn't want to hold him or even help feed, diaper, bathe, or entertain him. He is however enjoying all of Holden's stuff. His swing and carseat make for some really fun times as far as London is concerned. :)  Right now he just sleeps alot, which I guess is pretty boring for a 2 year old. 

Oh the best part, London is obsessed with Holden's umbilical stump. It still has not fallen off yet, and it really bothers London that he has an "ouchie." I keep telling him that it doesn't hurt, but he doesn't believe me. So every time I change Holden's diaper, London runs over and says "Is it gone yet?" and then freaks out when I put alcohol on it. "Don't touch it Mommy!!" HAHA! It's actually pretty cute :)

Ok that is enough documenting for today. Here are a few pictures for those of you who actually read all of that!

First thing in the AM

One of the only times we've got London to "hold" him. 


Nap Time!