Monday, November 14, 2011

Another Week Gone By

Ahhhh, week 3 as a mother of two has gone remarkably well actually. Everyone is finally starting to feel better.

Holden still has a cold, but THANKFULLY it didn't turn into anything worse. Just a case of the "seasonal snots"

London is working on week number 4 with a cold, but THANKFULLY his ear infection is gone.

And I enjoyed my first glass of much deserved wine, and THANKFULLY it didn't give me a hang over :) I heard it really sneaks up on you after not drinking for almost a full year.

Mommy Fail of the week?

 London fell down the stairs. It.Was.Horrible.

Allow me to set the stage. We have 10 ft ceilings in our house, so as you can imagine our stair case is very tall and steep.

We were walking up the stairs with Holden in one hand and London's hand in the other. Once we reached the top I let go of London's hand to open the baby gate. Keep in mind the kid is almost 3 is completely capable of holding on to the rail and navigating stairs. Well I walked through the baby gate and London tried to follow but he tripped. He was sent falling head over feet down the stairs. I leaned over quickly to grab him but I just barely missed him. He did about 4 full flips before he hit the ground and all I could do was stand paralyzed watching his little body flipping with his head banging on the wall with each rotation. Allow me to repeat...It.Was.Horrible. I of course screamed, in my terrified voice, for Mike who quickly came running and rushed passed me on the way to the bottom.

THANKFULLY London was fine,  and escaped the whole ordeal without a scratch, mark, or bruise. He only cried for a minute, and only because he was understandably scared. He is such a tough little guy, I however am not. I was a wreck. A few snuggles and a couple games of Angry Birds later we had both fully recovered.
I'm just not sure my nerves can handle two adventurous little boys. 

Maybe Holden will be the calm reserved one. :)


Erin said...

We had a similar incident this week (except M didn't literally fall down the stairs). I was down stairs and she was at the top. I was bringing the baby down first and then was going to come help her down. I heard this thumping down the stairs and screaming. My heart leapt out of my chest and I ran thinking she had fallen all the way down and landed on the wood foyer. Nope, she dropped her dora doll down the stairs. Thanks for the heart attack, kid!

Christine Pettijohn said...

That would have scared the crap out of me to. My son loves to go up and down our basement stairs and there is concrete at the bottom. Luckily he has done okay on them but I still keep a close eye on him.

Anonymous said...

i once saw my nephew fall like this

i entered the house and for whatever reason, he wasn't supervised by anyone - at the time i entered, he was at the top of the staircase - turned the head when he heard me and went down, head over heels

he was also fine - only scared...

i am glad all is well. Don't be too hard on yourself.

Candice said...

Oh my goodness!! You poor thing!! My heart was in my throat just reading it! I can't imagine what it must have been like for you! So glad he came out okay! Those little boys are soo tough!!

Unknown said...

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