Sunday, May 31, 2009

London's first day at the pool

So yesterday London and I went to the pool to hang out with Amy and Virginia. We had a blast. I was able to get some sun and London got to dip his toes in the water for the very first time. Here is how it went.

First we chilled out and enjoyed the sun.

Next London got a little thirsty so we cracked open a cold brew.

Then it was time for a little dip.

All and all it was a pretty exhausting day.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary/3 Months Old!!

So yesterday was our 3 year anniversary. I can not believe it has been 3 years since Mike and I said "I do". Here is a picture of our first kiss as Mr. and Mrs.

I have the greatest husband in the world. For anyone who knows either one of us, or has heard our engagement story, you would expect nothing less from the two of us on our 3 year anniversary. Allow me to explain.
Our anniversary is on May 27th. Well as most of you know Mike is overseas right now. So on May 26th I got a phone call and here is how it went:

Aly: Thanks sweetie, but our anniversary isn't until tomorrow for me.
Mike: OH CRAP!!! That's right!! Does that mean you got the flowers today?
Aly: Flowers? I didn't get any flowers?
Mike: Oh man, I guess I ruined that surprise. I mean, I didn't order any flowers. I was just kidding about that. So,you know, don't expect anything tomorrow.
Aly: Don't worry babe, I'll act surprised.
Mike: UGH!!!!!!!!

He was so upset that he gave away the surprise, but it was so sweet, and pretty funny too!! It definitely made my day.

Well the surprise the next day was that I actually didn't get any flowers. It seems that my dear half asleep husband accidentally used his expired bank card when he ordered them. He was really upset but I quickly told him not to worry, I would just go shopping and let him know what he bought for an anniversary present. HAHAHA He still seemed really disappointed, but eventually agreed :) However he did give me a whole 40 mins of phone time! Which, in the way of presents, is PRICELESS!! However he was falling asleep for half of the conversation, so I'm not sure it counts. :p

Last night at our weekly girls night, they treated me to a candle lit anniversary dinner. Complete with a beautiful bouquet of my favorite flowers, a box of candy, and my favorite bottle of wine. It was such an awesome night. The only way it could have been better is if Mike were actually there.

On a different note....

Today London Michael is 3 months old! Where does the time go??? Here is what I was doing 3 months ago today.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving on up!!

So today has been a big day. As I type this London is napping in HIS OWN BED!! Up until today he has slept in a pack-n-play in our room. He will continue to sleep in our room at night since it is still easier for me. With Mike gone I feel no real RUSH to get him out of our room at night. The fact is that while London is sleeping through the night (from about 8pm to 5am), he is still breastfed. It's just really convenient that at 5 am I don't have to walk across the house just to feed him. I DON'T want to create a monster and get him used to ONLY sleeping in our room though. So I decided today, only 2 days before he turns 3 months old, he was going to nap in his own bed. Here are a few pictures of this milestone.

London has also started sitting up on his elbows. Just last night, when I though he was asleep, I tried to sneak into my bedroom where he was "sleeping". Just as I cracked open the bedroom door, I saw a little head pop straight up and start looking around from side to side trying to find me. It was so cute and was probably one of my favorite moments of being a Mom thus far. Here are a few pictures from today of London doing the same thing.

To Mr. you know who: We love you!! MMMmmMMMMmmMMMMmmMMM!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Family Pictures, HELP!!!

Ok blog readers, I need your help. Before Mike left we had a photographer take some family pictures for us. She just recently sent me back the raw proofs. She seriously sent me almost 100 pictures. I have pulled about 23 of them that I like. Here is where I need your help. She has asked me to pick the ones that I like and she will go back through them and edit them to make them look a little better. So I am about to upload all 23 pictures and I want you guys to leave a comment with your favorite 5. Here we go!!


This post wouldnt be complete with out a fun picture of the hubs...
Here he is striking a pose. :)

Trying to Crawl???

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend in Savannah.

So as you can probably guess from the title of this entry, London and I went to went to Savannah this weekend. We had a blast. He got to meet his cousins Andrew and Marra and his Aunt Lori for the very first time. He also got to meet his boy BFF Davis (I say boy BFF, because London also has a Girl BFF, Scarlett :) ) Ashley Baumann did a photo shoot for Mr London. He didn't really cooperate, but if I know Ashley, I'm SURE she got some AWESOME pictures. I will post them here AS SOON as she send them to me!!! In the mean time, my friend Jamie was also there at the photo shoot and she also took about a MILLION pictures so here are a few that she took.

Here he is with his cousin Marra. Check out the outfit she got him. I'm LOVING the shoes!! I can see the fear in his eyes in this one hahaha!!
Here he is with his very handsome friend Davis. Davis is 5 weeks younger than London and not NEARLY as fat haha. Too Cute!

P.S. I love you MKM :)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Hi Daddy!!

So as I mentioned before, Mike is gone for a while. So just to warn all of you this blog might get even MORE boring (if that is even possible). Instead of sending him pictures to his email account, we have decided that while he is gone he will just check my blog as much as he can. I have been instructed to update with pictures DAILY. However, I am just not so sure London and I do enough fun stuff to justify taking pictures daily. That is unless you want a bunch of pictures of us sitting around the house snuggling in our PJs. :)

ANYWAY...Here are today's pictures.


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bigger but still too small!!

Things are going well here. London and I are a little sad since Mike is going to be away for a while. However, with as many pictures/videos as I put up here, he should be able to keep up with us.

London is getting bigger by the minute!! He has been sleeping for about 7-8 hours every night, which is AWESOME!!! I'm HOPING it's going to stay this way. I was looking at a 2 week old baby the other day and I couldn't believe that London was EVER that small. However, I do forget that he is still not THAT big yet either. I tried putting him in his bouncy seat today, and as you can tell from the pictures he is not nearly big enough for that yet. I guess we will just stick to the swing for entertainment until he gets a little bigger.

His little feet are no where NEAR the ground. So cute!! :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Splish Splash, He was taking a bath!

Ummmm, So I'm not sure if anyone has noticed but I am officially that ANNOYING Mom who does nothing but talk about her baby. I can't help it though. He's soooo cute!!

We decided to take a bath in the sink today, and he actually seemed to really like it. I'm probably going to lose some blog readers now that I have started the "videos". As if 2 MILLION pictures wasn't bad enough. HAHAHA


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Shots, Shots, and More Shots!!

Yesterday was London's 2 month check-up at the Dr. He is officially 13lbs and 13 oz and 23 inches long. I knew before we went to the Dr that he was going to get some shots. I have no idea why, but I thought someone told me that they only get 2 shot at their 2 month appt. BOY WAS I WRONG!! He got 5 SHOTS and some sort of oral vaccine. It was so traumatic for both of us. I seriously didn't expect it to bother me. I mean, its for his own good. I was doing the right thing for him. However, when they held his little arms down and stabbed him in each thigh, I thought I was going to die. Each time they poked him his little leg would flinch and he would scream. It seriously broke my heart. We both left the Dr's office in tears. This is the crap they don't warn you about when you become a Mom. The emotional toll that something as small as your child getting shots takes on you is CRAZY. I can't imagine if he was seriously ill or injured.
My poor baby, woke up every 4 hours last night like clock work, just in time to eat and take his dose of baby Tylenol. He slept most of the day today, and has been running a mild fever on and off. He just feels ROTTEN!! He really just wanted to be held, so this is what we did all day.

Since this post was a little depressing. I will leave all of you with this picture of my handsome little fat man. Now if only I could make him understand that he is not able to eat solid food yet. HAHAHA So for now, he is just practicing :)

Oh...PS...I Love My Husband a whole whole whole lot. When I told him I was going to update my blog before going to bed he said "Your going to write about how much you love me aren't you?" to which I replied "OF COURSE" So you see, I had to fit in this post some how.

Friday, May 1, 2009


So I didn't want to say anything yesterday, for fear of jinxing myself but.....Wed night London slept for 7 hours straight. It was GLORIOUS!!!!! Oh and it only got better last night. He did it AGAIN! He fell asleep at 8pm IN HIS OWN BED and slept until 3am. He woke up, ate and was back asleep by 3:10 and slept until 8am!!! I didn't even know what to do with myself. Well, actually yes I did, I SLEPT!! He is only 2 months old so I'm thinking its just a growth spurt but a girl can dream that this is how it will be from now on. *Fingers Crossed*

On a different note, we are having some family portraits done next week. I am so excited. I really wish that I had started to tan and lose some more of my baby weight. I lost all of the 27 lbs that I gained while I was pregnant in about 2 weeks (GOD BLESS BREAST FEEDING). Actually right now I'm about 2 lbs below my pre preg weight. However thanks to over a year of infertility treatments, I packed on a some extra weight BEFORE I got pregnant. So needless to say even though I am back to my pre preg weight, I am no where NEAR my goal weight. I have a plan to lose that over the next few months. So pretty soon this blog will turn into my "baby blog" AND "weight loss blog".