Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Weekend in Savannah.

So as you can probably guess from the title of this entry, London and I went to went to Savannah this weekend. We had a blast. He got to meet his cousins Andrew and Marra and his Aunt Lori for the very first time. He also got to meet his boy BFF Davis (I say boy BFF, because London also has a Girl BFF, Scarlett :) ) Ashley Baumann did a photo shoot for Mr London. He didn't really cooperate, but if I know Ashley, I'm SURE she got some AWESOME pictures. I will post them here AS SOON as she send them to me!!! In the mean time, my friend Jamie was also there at the photo shoot and she also took about a MILLION pictures so here are a few that she took.

Here he is with his cousin Marra. Check out the outfit she got him. I'm LOVING the shoes!! I can see the fear in his eyes in this one hahaha!!
Here he is with his very handsome friend Davis. Davis is 5 weeks younger than London and not NEARLY as fat haha. Too Cute!

P.S. I love you MKM :)


Unknown said...

Mr London is growing like a weed! If I am not careful he may knock Chase around!!! He is getting cuter and cuter every day!!!

Herding Chaos said...

I can see both of you in his face. He looks like a very happy baby. Definitely looks confused in his cousin's arms. Like "MOM HELP ME!"

Miss you!!!! Hope you are doing well!

Atticus said...

Oh, my lil' buddy boy...the pic w/ Davis is hilarious. He's already got his daddy's suave (and I do mean suave) ghetto slouch. ;)
He looks angelic. And his mommy's looks are without a doubt absorbingly beautiful.
Love you crazy-like,

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