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Monday, November 7, 2011

Murphy's Law of Parenting.

I'm sure everyone here has heard of Murphy's Law before. I've even blogged about it a time or two.

Well today Murphy struck again.

Let me give all of you a little back story.

When London came to visit me in the hospital, I noticed that he had the toddler funk. Ya know runny nose, coughing, and generally just feeling crappy. I didn't worry too much about it because it's pretty common for toddlers to get it especially when the weather changes.

Within about 2 days, every one who had come in contact with London also had it. Mike and I were sick and so was my sister who had been up at the hospital during London's visit.

Crappity Crap Crap CRAP!

I watched Holden very closely and said a bajillion prayers that he wouldn't get sick. The last thing I needed was to end up back in the hospital with a sick 4 day old.

Thankfully he didn't get it...well at least not then.

London got a little better for a few days and then this past weekend. BAM! He was really really sick. Running a fever, snotty nose, crusty eyes, and coughing so much he could barely even sleep. Then he started complaining on Saturday that his ear was hurting.

Crappity Crap Crap CRAP!

Oh and did I mention that same day Holden woke up with a nose FULL of snot. He was up every hour the night before and you could tell he just felt like...well, crap. If he wasn't eating he wanted to be held, and when he was being held he would occasionally just cry out for a few seconds in his sleep. Poor guy, only 16 days old and he was already sick.

Today we took a little family trip to the Dr.

The Diagnosis: London has his very first a ear infection and Holden has a pretty nasty cold that we are watching to make sure it doesn't turn into anything else.

Ugh! I've been a mom of two for like two freaking weeks now and I'm already having to juggle two sick babies. I guess I better get used to it though.

After leaving the Dr we made a stop off at the pharmacy to pick up London's prescription and while we were there I picked up a little medicine for mommy too.
With 2 sick kids...I deserve it!

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law: The theory that anything that can go wrong WILL go wrong and at the worst possible time.

Well I hit Murphy's Jackpot last week. I woke up on Thursday morning at 4 am with some pretty severe jaw pain. It didn't feel like it was a tooth ache, but more like I had been punched in the jaw. My first thought was that I needed to head to the dentist for a new mouth piece for my pregnancy induced TMJ. By the way it's totally real, I had it last time I was pregnant too. I made a appointment for that same morning at 9am after dropping London at his last day of school.

The dentist took a few X-rays (you know, after covering me in 2 lead vests) and walk into the room and said "How are you not at the hospital right now?" Huh? Apparently, I had cracked my tooth (back molar) all the way down to the root!!! I have no idea when or how I did it, but it was most definitely done. She told me that most people would be in such excruciating pain that they would have gone straight to the emergency room. It hurt, sure, but it really wasn't that bad. Definitely not hospital worthy.

That wasn't even the worst news....the tooth was not able to be fixed so they had to pull it!! I FREAKED!! Keep in mind, I'm pregnant so I couldn't get any of the good drugs. They just numbed me up and started yanking. It was HORRIBLE!

Then, again because I'm pregnant, they couldn't give me any pain meds. Um, can I just tell all of you how bad that sucks. Tylenol didn't touch the throbbing pain that night after the numb had worn off. Thankfully by the next day, it was a little better because it was our 5 year wedding anniversary and we had a night away from London. Japanese food was calling my name! I needed to be able to eat!!

So, long story short. I am now living up to my southern roots, as I am officially missing a tooth. Mike keeps telling me he is going to buy me a wooden tooth instead of getting a dental bridge to fix it. You know, Abe Lincoln style. Probably something like this. HAHAHAHA!!

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