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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

London's First Haircut!

This is going to be a picture only post for a little bit. Our family is chomping at the bit to see London's New Do. I promise I will add captions soon. For now though...Here are the pics.


I couldn't resist, his hair was soooo long.
 It was a very manly Baseball Bow, made by his girlfriend Scarlett. 
He would make such a pretty girl!

He thought getting a haircut SUCKED!!

Even after they gave him a "pop pop" he still hated it. 
They even had Diego playing on the TV for him.  

"Help me Dad!!"

Diego must have caught his attention for a second.

Almost done!

The finished product. Huh, maybe he wasn't upset about the haircut after all.
 He really just wanted to the pink Barbie jeep.

My little boy is all grown up!

Thankfully we didn't cut all of his curls off.
 Everyone scared me by telling me that he wouldn't have curly hair anymore if we cut it.

We only took about 1.5 inches off, but it really made a difference.
 He really looks like little boy now!