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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Post Baby Weight Gain?

I'm fat! UGH!

Remember this picture from when I was 11 days postpartum? 

I looked GOOD (well at least I thought so) 

especially considering that I looked like THIS 11 days before. 

How is it humanly possible that I have GAINED 13 lbs since I was 2 weeks postpartum?

Yes you read that correctly, I was 13 lbs lighter 2weeks after giving birth than I am today. I have no idea what is going on. My body HATES me.

Here are my theories...

1) I'm almost 31 now, and my metabolism SUCKS.

2) My hormones are still all out of whack because I'm breastfeeding.

3) I'm 2 days pregnant with Edward Cullen's love child, and any day now the weight LOSS is going to kick in. (Can you tell I just watched Breaking Dawn?)

Anyway you look at it, this seriously sucks! I already have the "I just had a baby and now feel disgusting" blues. Not postpartum, but more like a mourning of what I USED to look like and feel like. I have ZERO time for myself.

-My hair is starting to grey!

-I feel fat!

-None of my clothes fit me!

-On a good day I get a shower, but lets me honest, even being clean isn't all that relaxing when you have a 3 month old screaming at you, and a toddler making you constantly wipe the glass because he "can't see you"

-I've done my hair, oh maybe, 3 times since having Holden. The rest of the time it is thrown up into a bun.

-I have not worked out in almost a year now! I wasn't allowed to work out while pregnant, and now I'm having trouble dedicating what little free time I do have to working out.

-I haven't gotten my nails done in about 5 months! I bite my nails so I always try to keep acrylics on, to make my man hands a little more feminine. I pulled them off before Holden was born for fear of scratching him those first few weeks.

-Did I mention that I turn 31 in like 10 days?

Part of my problem is that Holden is not the amazing sleeper that London was. For the past 10 days Holden has been waking up every 1-2 hours. It is TORTURE! I'm not sure if its a growth spurt, or just his new found attitude, but I can't take it! I swear I have to drink 20 oz a coffee each morning just to function!

You know what's funny is I remember feeling this exact way after London was born. I started working out, eating better, went on a shopping spree and within a month I was feeling great again. I just need to put in the effort and MAKE myself a priority!