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Saturday, April 25, 2009

London's Room

So a couple of people have asked me to put up some pictures of London's room. I didn't realize that I never put any up of the finished product. Well here ya go!!!

Monday, December 22, 2008

London's Room

So Mike really got crack-a-lacking on London's room recently. It is finally all cleaned out and painted. It looks GREAT!! I love the blue color we picked out. It's a light blue but not a normal baby blue. It has more grey in it than a baby blue does. Almost like a muted Carolina Blue. OK, enough rambling about the color. We also bought a dresser for him at Rooms-to-Go. It was normally $600 but we got it for only $90 since it is missing a drawer. Well, I am going to convert that missing drawer into a shelf and store his blankets and other baby "stuff" in it that will need to find a home in his room. The color of the wood doesn't really match his crib, but I was planning on painting it white and stenciling little sail boats on it anyway so it really worked out well. I also bought a really cute boat steering wheel similar to this one (I only paid $5 for it at Michael's though) steering wheel I painted it white and it looks pretty darn cute against the blue walls in his room!!

I'll put up some pictures as soon as we get the stuff into his nursery. Right now it's just a big blue room, but hopefully by New Years we will have the majority of his stuff moved into his room and hung up on the walls.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Our first big baby purchase!!

Well today I bought London's bedding!! I got such a great deal on it too, which ALWAYS makes shopping more fun. I got it for 60% off. I was online and shopping and I was about to pay full price when I decided to just glance around and see if any other stores carry it. Low and Behold I found a store (on ebay of all places) that had a brand new set of the same bedding marked down almost 60%. I almost DIED, I was so excited!!! Oh and if your wondering what it looks like here is a picture...

We got the entire set except the lamp and wall hangings. I could go back and buy those pieces but since I already made the nautical flags to hang up, I figured it was pointless to get those too.

Now I am more excited than ever to get his crib and start setting things up!! Our next step though will be moving everything out of the room and starting to PAINT!!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A busy couple of days!

Soooo Mike got home on Sunday night!! WOOHOOO, it was a short deployment, but I am definitely glad to have him back. Oh so, as I think I mentioned in one of my earlier posts while I was home in Savannah, I made Mike a little surprise for London's room. So here is what I did. Ever since we got married Mike has always wanted to frame and hang the "Jedi Code" (from Star Wars) up in our house somewhere. Well, because I am not a TOTAL LOSER, I would never let him do it. HAHAHA. Well since we are having a boy I decided to make him a Jedi Code to hang in London's Room. I really didn't want it to scream "STAR WARS" so I gave it a nautical theme to match the baby's room. Just to give you an idea of the size, the frame is a 11x14. Here it is (sorry there is a little glare off the glass)...

Oh and another thing. Since I finally have Mike home, we decided to go register at Babies-R-US so here is the link to that registry. It is a BIG work in progress. I'm also going to register at Target so alot of the little things we will need like burp clothes, blankets, and onesies are not on there. But hey, if any of you mom's or mom's-to-be have suggestions on things I did not include PLEASE leave me a comment about it. I'm getting my diaper bag and sling from somewhere else, so I know they are not on there.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

My First Baby Art Project!

So as most of you know I am going to be doing a Nautical Themed nursery (think sail boats and light houses). So instead of putting London's name on the wall in block letters, I decided to do it in Nautical flags. FYI.. There is an nautical alphabet that uses flags to represent letters. So each flags represents a specific letter. So I went out and got the paint and wooden blocks and two days later here they are. They read from left to right L-O-N-D-O-N

All together....

Close up of L-O-N

Close up of D-O-N

We are going to hang them on the wall using boat rope and cute little knots. EEEEKKKK, I'm so excited!