Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A busy couple of days!

Soooo Mike got home on Sunday night!! WOOHOOO, it was a short deployment, but I am definitely glad to have him back. Oh so, as I think I mentioned in one of my earlier posts while I was home in Savannah, I made Mike a little surprise for London's room. So here is what I did. Ever since we got married Mike has always wanted to frame and hang the "Jedi Code" (from Star Wars) up in our house somewhere. Well, because I am not a TOTAL LOSER, I would never let him do it. HAHAHA. Well since we are having a boy I decided to make him a Jedi Code to hang in London's Room. I really didn't want it to scream "STAR WARS" so I gave it a nautical theme to match the baby's room. Just to give you an idea of the size, the frame is a 11x14. Here it is (sorry there is a little glare off the glass)...

Oh and another thing. Since I finally have Mike home, we decided to go register at Babies-R-US so here is the link to that registry. It is a BIG work in progress. I'm also going to register at Target so alot of the little things we will need like burp clothes, blankets, and onesies are not on there. But hey, if any of you mom's or mom's-to-be have suggestions on things I did not include PLEASE leave me a comment about it. I'm getting my diaper bag and sling from somewhere else, so I know they are not on there.


Erin said...

I love it!! I bet Mike is excited!!

Anonymous said...

YAY!!! Yay for Mike being home! Yay for the adorable surprise you had for Mike for London, and YAY for the baby registry!!! It looks super duper complete, you too did a great job :o) Sooooo exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

HAHA Oh man this has got to be THE greatest gift you could give a guy who is having a baby boy. Way to go on that one. Too funny. I love you all and I am anxiously waiting to meet my little man;)

Ashley Baumann said...

I forgot to ask you what Mike's reaction to this was. I'm sure he loved it though. It really did turn out cute. :)

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