Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Today I filled out my online medical records for my new OB!! (Insert 12 year old girl squeal here)

I was shocked at some of the questions they were asking. Questions like "how many sexual partners have you had" and "are you sexually satisfied" were a little odd but still understandable considering the nature of the visit.

There was one question that Mike and I found particularly entertaining. Excuse the blurry cell phone picture of my computer screen. My pregnant brain was not working quick enough to realize I could just hit "print screen".

They wanted to know if I was an accident! WTF? How exactly does that effect my medical history? And they can't use better terminology than Accident? AWESOME! I can't wait for this Doctor to deliver my baby. :-/

In the picture, I had "No" checked but the answer is "DEFINITELY YES!" Come on people, I am the forth of five children. You do the math. Sorry Mom, the cat's out of the bag. :)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Checking in...

Wow, it's been a while since I updated. The old saying "no news is good news" definitely holds true here. I'm doing great! I will be 8 weeks tomorrow and really still feeling like myself.

Nausea hasn't really hit yet. I mean I definitely have times during the day where I feel like I'm going to puke, but I  never do, and if I sit down and either eat or drink a little water it immediately goes away. So I'm not sure if its nausea from the pregnancy or my body's way of telling me I need to eat more often now that I have a little one on board.

Sooo, do you guys remember this beauty of a belly shot from when I was 20 weeks pregnant last time ? (Yikes, I looked horrible! I can't believe I ever put this one up on the interwebz, but you know what they say in the after school specials these days..."once it's on the internet, its FOREVER" So I thought, awww hell why not post it AGAIN! :)  )

I seriously look very similar to this now at only 8 weeks. My belly is HUGE!! I know they say you show a lot sooner the second time but body has really gone a little overboard.  According to the most reliable pregnancy source on the web, The Bump (note the sarcasm), my baby this week is the size of a raspberry.

Really? My body obviously did NOT get the memo on that one. It looks like its trying to grow a whole patch of raspberries. (Raspberries grow in a patch right?? No? A tree? A bush? Whatever, you get the point.)
Ok so maybe I'm not really that big. I haven't had to switch to maternity clothes yet despite my longing for them at 5 weeks. I'm not even rocking the 'ole rubber band trick yet. I can feel it coming soon though.

I'm not hormonal at all. I am an absolute delight to be around as always.  I'm a real beacon of light in a otherwise cloudy world....or at least that is what I choose to think. Mike, on the other hand, may tell you that I am a virtual roller coaster of emotions. Hateful, ugly, mean emotions. Yeah, ok....I'll admit it. I'm a bit of a bitch these days. I can't help it though. Half the time I realize I'm being horrible, but I can't stop myself. If I make it through this pregnancy without a divorce, I will consider it a complete success.

Well I need to go to bed now, insomnia has hit so I'm exhausted all the time but I can't seem to sleep. It's pure torture.

The above reasons are why God makes babies so cute. Pregnancy is hard, but babies smell sooooo good. Completely worth it!!

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Blog Friday- Bridget

This week on New Blog Friday I am featuring Bridget from over at The Lost Stork. Here is a message from Bridget. 

Hi everyone!  I'm Bridget from The Lost Stork.  I want to start by thanking the lovely Aly for featuring me on New Blog Friday! Aly may not know this, but she was a huge inspiration to me as I began going through IVF.
A little about me....I'm 32, I live in the Midwest and I have unexplained infertility. My husband and I had been trying to conceive for a little over a year when I started my blog in December of 2010.  I started The Lost Stork right before we began our first IVF cycle.  I was scared to death and I wanted a place to vent, explain, and keep our family up to date with what was going on.  If I only knew the support and wonderful people I would "meet" because of my blog- I would have started it much sooner!!  This is such a wonderful community to be a part of and I am thankful everyday for your support and encouragement.

Steve and I got married in November of 2009 and immediately started TTC.  I knew it might take some time, and I was prepared for that.  What I wasn't prepared for was failure after failure.  2010 started with an ectopic pregnancy (that included 3 surgeries, 2 blood transfusions and the removal of my right fallopian tube), followed in May by a chemical pregnancy, then 3 months of Clomid, and two failed IUI's.  This was a dark time for me and I am thankful every day for my supportive and understanding husband and our awesome families. In November 2010 we began to talk about IVF. We both wanted to be parents so badly and we couldn't see going through life without our own family.  In January 2011 we took the plunge and began IVF injections.  I can tell you IVF is hard.  The needles, hormones, blood tests, crazy side effects and feeling like a science experiment is definitely not pleasant.  But it has gotten us to where we are today... 10 weeks pregnant!
I hope you will stop by my blog and say hi.  I love meeting new bloggers and I truly hope my story can help anyone who is dealing with infertility.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Ultrasound Results...

Well I was wrong and so were most of you according to the poll on my sidebar.

We have ONE healthy baby growing in my belly right now !!
EEEKKK!!! I am so happy! The heartbeat was a perfect 138 beats per minute and he/she was measuring one day ahead. Due Date: November 09, 2011!!!

Now, since I won't have to show this post to my future twins, I can tell all of you a little secret that I have been holding in the past few weeks.


I'm sure having twins (or more) is magical and everyone who has them loves them and wouldn't trade them for the world. However I am so glad that we get to have only one baby this time. I mentioned how petrified I was about having multiples before we started IVF but I've been very cautious to bite my tongue since getting our BFP. What's the old saying, "Beggars can't be choosers".Well that is exactly how I felt. Who am I, Infertile Aly, to say I don't want two babies (right now). Just take what you are blessed to be given and be happy.

Today at the ultrasound when the Dr said we have just one, I sat straight up and cheered. Omg, I was so excited! The idea of twins with a two year old was so overwhelming to me.  After my high risk pregnancy last time and going into preterm labor at 24 weeks, I can't imagine how hard things would have been with two babies in there. My body has proven that it can produce one healthy baby, why push it?

I had a million worries running through my head over the last few weeks. Some of them were silly but some were justified.

First up was, We also only want 3 children, so if it was twins this time that would have been it. I just wasn't ready for this to be my last pregnancy. This was a selfish worry, yes but still one of my worries.

Secondly, We already have all the baby stuff for one, with the exception of some pink stuff if it turns out to be a girl. Buying doubles would have been fun, but expensive. This was very silly of me, we are fortunate enough to be able to afford all of these things, yet I still worried about it.

 Thirdly, I also am confident that I will be able to breastfeed one again, which is something that would have been more challenging with twins. A challenge that I was worried I wouldn't be able to handle. I am only 7 weeks pregnant and already worried about the mommy guilt associated with not being able breastfeed hahaha!

I just feel like once we reach that magical threshold marking the end of the first trimester, I will be able breath a small sigh of relief and actually start to enjoy this pregnancy with out all of the added what-if's that come with pregnancy and life with multiples.

Please don't get me wrong, having multiples is an amazing miracle. One that I was very excited about when we found out we were pregnant with twins last pregnancy. Well God will never give you more than you can handle, and he has once again proven how well he knows me.

In other news, my RE released me to a regular OB today!! I called and made my first OB appointment for April 6th at 1pm. We will have another ultrasound then at exactly 9 weeks . :)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Ultrasound Tomorrow!

So tomorrow is my ultrasound, FINALLY!! I will be 6w6d and I'm dying to know what is going on in there.

I'm not going to lie, for the first two weeks, I was sitting on cloud nine. All I could think about was how many babies we had growing in there, one or two? It never even crossed my mind that the answer could possibly be zero. I've played out numerous scenarios in my head, including one where they told me I had 12 babies, 2 sets of identical sextuplets haha! I've acted out almost most every possible situation, and I've got the appropriate surprised face ready for each one, with only one exception.

What happens if they do the ultrasound and tell me that there is no heartbeat?

I've had several miscarriages, including 2 that were diagnosed via an ultrasound. No bleeding or spotting, just an ordinary ultrasound crushed my dreams. I have developed quite a love hate relationship with ultrasounds, and refuse under any circumstances to go by myself.

So tomorrow is the big day! I'm not nauseous, which worries me. But I do have tender boobs and wake up to pee 3 times each night, so that offers some reassurance. Who knows how tomorrow is going to change things, but I refuse to go into it with a pessimistic attitude. Nothing I do today is going to change anything, so there is no point in worrying. Easier said than done though. Today, I am pregnant!!! Tomorrow I will either still be pregnant and celebrating or getting drunk and eating sushi,  my own personal way of coping with a miscarriage. Fingers crossed we hear a heartbeat (or two)!

My u/s is at 10:15 AM EST, so I will be sure to update soon after.

Friday, March 18, 2011

New Blog Friday - Athena

Now that my IVF cycle is over, New Blog Friday is back!!

This week I am featuring Athena from over at A Field Of Dreams:

Here is a message from Athena:

G'day from the Land Down Under!

My name is Athena. I was born, raised and live in Sydney Australia with my loving husband of 17 years and my 18 month old little man named Callum. He is my true miracle after 6 long years of infertility and numerous unsuccessful attempts at fertility assistance. He came the day I let go of all inhibitions and finally "relaxed". Yes, those old biddy's were right, well at least for my situation. I started my blog back in July 2010. At first it was just an introductory post of my IF Journey. I had it written after my son was born as a record of my IF experience. The post was featured on a friends blog as a success story. After following her blog for a few months, the blogger bug bit me and I decided to start blogging. My IF Journey post finally allowed me to come out of the cobweb closet and tell the world that I was a survivor of infertility and in the hope of sharing my experiences, someone out there in the whole wide world may be inspired by my story. My posts reflect my experiences of parenting and how IF still lingers in my heart and life. I also blog about my fat bum and how I'm trying to lose weight after a diagnosis of pre-diabetes and acid reflux. I'm in no hurry to have any more children. Callum in  tacky terms " completes me".

I'm too embarrassed to put up a current photo of myself. My self-esteem has been captured by calorie counting, exercise and medication. These days it's all about trackie dacks, arse cracks and Ugg boots. I'd rather not torch your eyes with the double chin and tuck shop arms. So my prettiest moment was on my wedding day. That's how I want you to meet me and how I will someday in the near future look again. 

My Callum was born the day before my 9th wedding anniversary. The best gift of all time. He was a big bubba, weighing in at 4.16kgs and 52cm long. He wouldn't fit through my pelvis and so was born via emergency C-section. Fast forward to present day and all he does all day every day is make us laugh. He is the epitome of a typical boy. Plays rough with Daddy, cuddles and kisses for Mum, loves his grandparents who spoil him rotten and is the biggest charmer to his Aunty. He really is a gift as he filled our life with humour, sweetness and everlasting love.

Thank you to Aly for featuring me in this weeks New Blog Friday, and to you for reading it. Please feel free to stop by my blog and introduce yourself.  I look forward to meeting you.
P.S My blog was also designed by the beautiful Aly herself!
Cheers Athena xox

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

My Super Human Sense of Smell!

It's official, I'm quitting my job as a stay at home mom to become a bomb sniffing dog. I think I could do it these days. Hound dogs have nothing on these nostrils. As I'm sure you have guessed, the pregnancy induced super human sense of smell has kicked in, and let me be the first to tell you, the world is a STINKY place.

Why is it that just nasty smells have been enhanced? Why don't I walk outside and dance around in circles at the wonderful smell of the spring flowers in bloom? No instead, I walk outside and smell nothing but the pile of Chihuahua poop from three blocks over. This leads me to my decision that London has GOT to potty train soon! At least then I can flush the toilet, spray the house down with Fabreeze, and quarantine off the area for a few hours. But no, he is still in diapers so I have to gag through it deal with it. Just yesterday, I changed his stinky butt, double wrapped the dirty diaper in trash bags, then threw it out into the garage. 2 hours later I was gagging because despite being outside with 2 doors between us, that diaper was not far enough away to keep the stench out of the house.

Why don't I smell perfume from the old lady down the block or the yummy steaks the guy next door is grilling? No, I just have a super sense of smell when it comes to poop. Thanks pregnancy, YOU ROCK!!

On a side note, I'm still feeling pretty good. This honestly kind of worried me at first but thank goodness for my blog. I went back to my entries from my last pregnancy and found that with London my morning sickness/food aversions didn't start until around 7 weeks. So I am going to enjoy this last week of feeling good and eat anything and everything that I want. Which will mainly consist of anything and everything that does not smell like poop!

***I'm not complaining at all, well actually I kinda am, but only a little bit.  I am VERY grateful for each and every pregnancy symptom, because it means that Today, I AM PREGNANT!***

Monday, March 14, 2011


I can't get enough sleep these days. This time change definitely didn't help either. I'm exhausted! London stayed up to 11pm last night and was up awake by 6:45am. He slept longer than that when he was 6 months old. Thankfully he still takes a nap, well most of the time anyway. I am more than happy to take a nap with him, but sometimes it makes it worse. I wake up even more exhausted than when I went to bed. It's a vicious cycle.

Besides the exhaustion I'm doing pretty well. I'm still feeling pretty good and I'll be 6 weeks tomorrow!!! Only 34 more weeks to go! :-/ MEH! Ok so it's definitely too soon to start a countdown HAHA!!

My only other real symptom is moodiness. Actually calling myself moody is NOT a fair statement. I'm just a straight up bitch most of the time. I have zero patience these days. I swear I don't remember feeling like this last time. I mostly notice it towards London, because with other people I can blame my frustrations on their stupidity, but my precious little man is a different story. I get so frustrated with him sometimes then feel overcome with guilt for not having more patience. Pregnancy was so much easier the first time :) At least last time didn't have mommy guilt on top of pregnancy guilt.

Hopefully my "moodiness" will pass soon, as long as nausea doesn't replace it I will be one happy lady!

T minus 7 days until my ultrasound!! I'm so excited to see if we have one or two babies growing in there.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

5 Weeks and Maternity Clothes?

Today marks the beginning of pregnancy week number 5!!! Is it too early for maternity clothes?

Am I the only one who LOVES maternity clothes? Some of them are not the most stylish things in the world, but WOW maternity jeans are comfy. I mean they are the perfect mixture between jeans and yoga pants. It seriously doesn't get any better than that.  I definitely don't need maternity clothes right now. Sure I've got some bloat and the extra weight I gained during my IVF cycle, but besides that my little orange seed(s) are definitely not protruding yet. Oh how I long for the day when I can, without fear of jinxing myself, break into the wonderful world of stretchy waistbands.

 I mean look at this lady lounging in a tree, wtf??? Doesn't she look comfortable in her maternity clothes?
For pete sake people, she is in a TREE, but the very idea of maternity clothes make me want to throw on a full panel maternity skirt and join her.

Hell, maternity clothes even make this incredibly awkward picture look comfortable.  Which reminds me, I MUST have this mermaid outfit! Any suggestions on where I would find such a tacky beautiful garment?

On a serious note, a friend of mine sent me two big boxes of her maternity clothes a few weeks ago, and I am dying to break into those bad boys. It was like a mini shopping spree because we wear the same size and have very similar taste in clothing. Thanks again Chandra!! :)

I'm still not feeling many symptoms. My boobs aren't really tender at all this time. Although that might be because I don't spend half of my day squeezing them just to make sure they are still tender, thus proving I'm still pregnant, like I did last time. I have had some wicked car sickness recently though. It's crazy! I have always been prone to car sickness but it's usually only if I try to read or sit in the backseat. Well  since I got my BFP I have been really sensitive. The other day, Mike was driving and I looked down just for a split second to dial a phone number and I almost puked. I fel t nauseous for hours. I would have written it off as just a coincidence, but it's happened several times since then. Needless to say, I will be the one doing the driving for the next few weeks until that passes. 

Well I'm off to bed, I've got a TON of blog work to do but I can't keep my eyes open for another second. My bed and a box a few girl scout cookies are calling my name. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011

So....Now what?

Now that we have gotten that elusive BFP, I'm not exactly sure what to do with myself. I'm not sure what to blog about these days now that I don't have daily appointments to report. For the first time in weeks things are pretty boring around here. Don't get me wrong, I really really REALLY like it that way, I'm just not sure what to do with myself these days.

I'm a whopping 4w5d pregnant so it's not like there is anything big to report there. I've had some nausea, but still feeling pretty good. I'm definitely starting to feel the exhaustion/insomnia though. During the day all I can think about is sleep, but as soon as bed time rolls around I'm WIRED. It's the strangest thing.

Over the last few weeks I was so focused on IVF that I forgot to update about the other things going on in my life. So now I will bore all of you with that stuff. :)

Last week one of my Besties from highschool and her two little boys came up for the weekend to celebrate my 30th birthday and London's 2nd Birthday. We had a BLAST eating way too much candy, Japanese food, and delicious cupcakes (and blueberry fritters) they brought from my favorite bakery at home. We had a great time! 
London blowing out his candle.

Then he didn't want to get his icing on his hands so this is how he ate his cupcake. 

The Trio in a double stroller at the Zoo.  
We like to pretend that the trip was this organized...

 But it actually looked more like this, 
with kids screaming and climbing out of the stroller. 
This is a very accurate picture of the day,
 including me talking instead of smiling for the picture.

It was my birthday and 2 days before London's so we treated ourselves to a
birthday Icee

Feeding the baby giraffe.
It looks like the giraffe is eating London's hand off but he was actually VERY gentle. 

The boys feeding the goats.

Firefighter London

Three sleepy monkeys. 

Oh and while I am uploading pictures, I figured I would post my very first belly picture of this pregnancy. 
No, it's not one of those "look how cute and flat my stomach is" pictures that people take to have something as a comparison in 6 months. This one is going in the baby book. This picture is to prove to my future child/children what I went through to have them. This is what my belly looks like right now. 

Black and blue from my daily Lovanox shots. 
The shots are going really well actually. They don't burn nearly as bad anymore or maybe I've just gotten used to the pain at this point. I definitely can't complain since I don't have to take the progesterone in oil shots. I'm on Crinone instead. Sure they are messy, but painless!

I added a poll to my left sidebar, so go take a guess at how many babies you think I have growing in my belly right now. Ultrasound is in 16 days!!! I can't wait!

I need to go eat some dinner and crawl into bed, the season premiere of Army Wives comes on tonight and 

Friday, March 4, 2011

Beta #2 results


WOOHOOO!!! It more than doubled which really helped ease my mind. I'll update more later since Mike is frothing at the mouth to get back on MY computer (his is broken and has been for several months. Sharing is NOT in my nature but I'm working on it :) )

I'm definitely thinking it's probably two since my numbers are very similar to last time. Ultrasound is scheduled for March 22nd so I guess we will all know then.

Any guesses to how many in the mean time? Maybe I will put up a poll or something else fun.

Beta #1: 11dp3dt- 103
Beta #2: 13dp3dt- 282

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beta #1 results...


Woooohoooo!!! I'm PREGNANT!! I guess I should have believed those 15 pregnancy tests that I took this cycle. Shhhh, don't tell the hubs! :)

Now, I know that beta results do not tell you how many babies you have growing in there, but it definitely helps give you an idea.

When I was pregnant with London (he was a twin until 11 weeks) my first beta was 84 then it tripled to 260 in 48 hours. I'm going to wait until my next beta before I start throwing out guesses, but the fact that my beta is higher this time than it was with the twins, definitely has my mind racing. 

Next beta is on Friday! Fingers crossed for doubling + numbers :)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

9dp3dt and 10dp3dt

It still has not sunk in that I'm actually pregnant, but trust me that is definitely not for the lack of positive pregnancy tests. On 8dp3dt, I took 3. Yes, I already had 2 lines and still needed to take 3 tests!! EEK! Thank goodness I've had a bunch of Bridge Work Blogs business to fund my pee stick habit.

For those of you who are pregnancy test picture stalking (don't worry, I do it too :) ) Here is a picture of my BFP from yesterday at 9dp3dt. (It looks alot darker in person, I was too lazy to break out the real camera, so this is a good ole cell phone picture.)

I was finally able to resist the temptation this morning and did not use the last pregnancy test that is sitting in my drawer. I'm saving that for tomorrow morning before my beta. 

Yep, you read that correctly. I was able to get my beta moved up a day! I did have to threaten to change Dr's just to make it happen, but I was able to do it. So tomorrow at 9:00 am is my beta. 

My RE's office was really starting to piss me off. Allow me to ramble and explain for a few minutes. 

My RE's office has a standard protocol for IVF since they do 40+ patients every cycle. Part of this standard protocol is progesterone in oil shots (PIO). During one of my IUI cycles I had a bad reaction to PIO, so my old RE put it in my records that I'm allergic. Well when this RE ordered my meds they never noticed that and ordered me PIO. Could have been an over sight right? I corrected it with the pharmacy and they called me in  a substitute, crinone. Well every single time during my IVF cycle that my RE's office called to tell me how much medication to take, they would ALWAYS tell me to take a PIO shot. I had to remind them that I was on crinone and they ALWAYS put me on hold while they figured out how much of that I was supposed to take. It got really annoying when on the day of my Egg Retrieval they handed me a piece of paper out of my "chart" that said " take daily PIO shot until beta". I mean seriously, did no one think to write down that I was on different medication? I felt like nothing was personalized. I felt like I wasn't an individual patient. I felt like I was one of the cattle being herded through my IVF cycle. Everyone starts at point A together and hopefully we all finish at point B together. 

Anyway, I called on Monday and told the IVF nurse that I was headed out of town this weekend and was wondering if I could move my beta toWednesday (from Thursday) so that I could do my repeat beta 48 hours later on Friday before I left town. Her answer.... "No, it's too early" 

11dp3dt is too early?
Ummm, isn't that the day my period would be due if I wasn't on crinone? 

There was no, "let me talk to the Dr" or "let me see what I can do" 
Just a plain simple "No, it's too early" 

Of course, I started explaining myself again because she OBVIOUSLY didn't hear me. 

Her response.... "Oh well we aren't going to do a 48 hour anyway since your appointment would fall on a Saturday. We don't do pregnancy tests on Saturdays." 


So when you have "You will return 48 hours later for a repeat beta if your pregnancy test is positive" written on my paperwork, you mean only if it doesn't fall on a weekend? This is the same Dr's office who scheduled my first IVF appoint on Super Bowl Sunday. They are open 7 days a week and run blood 7 days a week, just not pregnancy tests. They will be open on Saturday and they will be running blood but just not pregnancy tests.  

I almost has a stroke! 


Long story short. The next day I called and left a message to speak with the Dr directly and made sure to tell the receptionist that it was because I was considering switching Dr's. 

Within 20 mins the IVF coordinator called me back and talked me off the ledge. Keep in mind I didn't know she existed before this conversation. She apologized for the way I was feeling, said it was NO PROBLEM to come in for my beta on Wednesday and then again on Friday. She was awesome! Not just because she gave into my wishes, but she didn't treat me like a total idiot who was not even bright enough to advocate for my own care. 

This has turned into a really long rant, but thanks for listening. I will be sure to update tomorrow as soon as I get the call with my beta results.