Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's new with you?

So yes, we have established that I am pregnant...with twins. But in case you have forgotten, I have two other kids too and it's been a while since I gave an update about them.

First there is the ever adventurous (that is the nice was of saying wild and crazy) London. 

 These days he is enjoying....

Showing off his Easter eggs while making a very awkward smile. 

And wearing tiny hats
in his defense it was his St Patrick's Day Parade at school. 
See I told you it have been a while since I uploaded pictures of the boys. 

Then there is Baby Holden, who is not such a baby anymore. 

He is now 6 months old and has learned how to do this...

and this...

Needless to say it is VERY busy around our house. 

Holden has also started sleeping better at night. THANK GOODNESS! 
Right now he is only waking up ONCE in the middle of the night. 
He must know Mommy is EXHAUSTED from gestating his siblings and desperately in need of sleep. 

On the pregnancy front: I am finally starting to feel better. I'm still exhausted, but it is manageable now. And the nausea has definitely subsided too. Eating is not pure torture anymore, which considering I have to do it every 90 mins or so, is definitely a good thing. 

Besides all of that, life is pretty much business as usual around here. 
What's new with you? 

Monday, April 16, 2012

Babies Update

Ahhh, I am so sorry for my absence! It's just that I have been SOOOOOOO exhausted. I've been asleep every night for the last 2 weeks by like 8pm. I seriously can barely function during the day. I'm one step away from being narcoleptic. Oh and the really is twice as bad with two.

Anyway, I had my 9 week ultrasound on Friday. I was super nervous. I had loaned my doppler to a friend, because I was NOT expecting to need it for a few years hahaha! Well she was kind enough to mail it back to me. At first I couldn't find a heartbeat which worried me, but I kept trying and finally found one. Yep, just one. You can't find twin heartbeats on a doppler because they usually mask each other.

At least one heartbeat is a good sign though, I went into the appointment KNOWING at the very least that I was still pregnant. A huge plus when you have had several early m/c.

Luckily, both babies looked FABULOUS!! Both measured right on track at 9w3d. and Baby A had a heartbeat of 171 and Baby B 164. Each baby was moving around and kicking it's legs and arms. A-FREAKING-DORABLE!

The pictures from this ultrasound were REALLY crappy. She did it on the top of the tummy this time, so they were just poor quality pictures.

Since I don't have and utrasound pictures to share today, how about the first belly shot from this pregnancy? I will warn you...

1) This is a 3rd baby so I expected to show a little earlier this time.
2) I had a baby 5 months ago so I still have a belly from that pregnancy.
3) It's twins! So I'm a little bigger from that too.

Still I have no idea WHY I already look 20 weeks pregnant.