Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Girls Have Arrived!

Greysen Elizabeth and Harper Elliot arrived yesterday weighing in at 5lbs11oz and 5lbs8oz respectively.

To say it was a traumatic delivery would be an understatement. Greysen arrived quickly and easily via vaginal delivery, Harper however had her own plans. She flipped transverse and tried coming out sideways (left arm and left leg first) the dr had to shove her back in and the try to flip her. I'm not exaggeration when I say the Dr was elbow deep in me for about 10 minutes. Finally they knocked me out and gave me an emergency csection to get Harper out. We are all doing really well,but I'm in ALOT of pain.

The girls have done great and did not have to go to the nicu. They are so cute and look just like each other. If they have the same blood type, we are going to have them tested to see if they are identical.

They look just like London, and even have his red hair!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

35 weeks

So here we are at 35 weeks! I can't believe it! Lets see, I think another update is required.

First of all last week, at 33w6d, my Dr sent me to the hospital for 2 nights. I had gone from being 2cms dilated at 32 weeks to 4cms at almost 34 weeks. Add that to the fact that I was having contractions every 2-3 mins and that was enough to earn me a hospital stay and some steroid shots for the girls lungs. Thankfully things slowed down and I was allowed to go home 2 days later.

At my 34 week appt (a few days after coming home from the hospital) I found out that baby b (Harper) had flipped and is now breech. Ugh, my Drs are still going to let me try a vaginal delivery since baby A (Greysen) is still head down, but baby b being breech will complicate things if they can't get her out after Greysen is delivered. I may just end up with the double whammy and have one vaginally and one via csection. I can't even begin to think about that recovery.

I'm also 5 cms dilated now. My dr was shocked to see me at my 35 week appt. but apparently these girls are comfy. As uncomfortable as I am, I would really like them to stay put at least until 36 weeks so that we can dodge the NICU. The drs are going to induce me on the 19th if they haven't arrived by then. That is exactly one day before Holden's first birthday. Since we will be in the hospital for his birthday, we'll throw him a little party in a few weeks, thank goodness he doesn't know the date yet!

I went yesterday and got my hair and toes done, so the girls are officially allowed to come now!

Sorry this update is so choppy, my computer is down right now so I'm updating from my phone.