Wednesday, August 31, 2011

30 weeks!

"30 weeks! OMG, 30 weeks!" Yep, that is what my body is screaming right about now. Over the last few days my body has realized that we are officially in the home stretch of this pregnancy. WE HAVE AN ACTUAL COUNTDOWN PEOPLE!!!!

Fact: My baby will be born sometime in the next 10 weeks. Hopefully only 7 weeks from now though. If my preterm labor is as painful as it was with London the weeks leading up to his birth, I completely plan on serving a eviction notice at 37 weeks. 

Nesting has also hit full force. Last weekend, I NEEDED to wash all of the newborn clothes, including carseat, swing, and all other accessories. Oh how I love the smell of Dreft ! Yes I am well aware I could just use one of the free and clear detergents, but where is the fun in that?  Dreft makes everything SMELL like a baby is on the way :) 

During this process London found a new place to play/eat fruit snacks while watching Dora. 

I also FINALLY got Mike to clean out the guest room so we could convert it into baby Holden's room. I was a little crazy over the weekend. I'll admit it. But in my defense, I couldn't help it. I just HAD to get things done. Just to give you an idea of how crazy I was, here is my lovely husbands facebook status from Sunday night...

"Note to Man: When your pregnant wife asks you to clear out the guest room to make room for the new baby, DO IT. I cleaned it out but said I didn't feel like moving the guest bed. Wrong answer buddy,  WRONG answer. For a brief moment after giving her that answer I'm pretty sure her countenance turned into that of the little girl from The Ring. Needless to say, it got done. Mama / Ringu always wins."

Normally I would probably be hurt by his comparison but on that particular day, he probably wan't too far off. Hey at least he didn't compare me to the girl from The Exorcist right? It definitely could have been worse :)

Holden's room is up but not decorated or organized. I promise to post some pictures of that when I get it done. Given how strong this nesting urge is, it shouldn't be too long before I'm finished. 

Well, I need to go wake London up from his nap or he is never going to bed tonight. Before I go here is a quick belly picture for all of you. 

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

London's First Day of School

So today was London's first day of school. He goes to a church preschool program on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays from 9am-12pm. He is only gone for 3 short hours but can I just tell you that IT IS GLORIOUS!! Does that make me a bad mom? If it does I am completely willing to accept that.

Those brief hours that he is gone gives me time to get some things done around the house. Time to update my blog, catch up on blog designs, and sleep clean the house and it actually stay clean for longer that .2 seconds, grocery shop without having to sing or dance around the store for toddler entertainment purposes (I still do it but at least I can choose the song now) , and *gasp* take a shower without a certain peeping tom reminding me that I missed a spot every few seconds. So yes, at the risk of sounding like a bad mother, I will again rejoice and say... IT IS GLORIOUS!!!

Here are a few pictures of my little man on his first day of school. Be prepared, the cuteness is blinding. :)
 Nothing comes between a boy and his Angry Birds, not even the first day of school!

 Seriously people, how can you stand the cuteness?

His backpack is bigger than he is!

A few months ago (and probably a few months from now) I would have celebrated the first day of school with a fun dinner for London and a nice bottle glass of wine for me. However, we are now celebrating pregnant style. My cravings for Snickers are pretty much gone but my one and only craving from when I was pregnant with London has returned. ICE! No No, not just any crushed ice it has to be Sonic ice. I usually just go pick up a large cup of water with extra ice, pay my 65 cent, and munch on it for a few hours. But since today was so special, I decided to treat myself to something equally as special. 
Yep, that is a whole BAG of Sonic Ice. I'm in HEAVEN! 

I really should be going, I have a lot of cooking, cleaning, and baking to do while London is at school. 
Yeah right, who am I kidding? I'm actually going to take a nap! DON'T JUDGE! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where did the time go?

Pregnancy hormones are making me a little emotional these day. Shocker, I KNOW!! 

But can someone please explain to me how my baby boy went from this...

To this...

To this...
Ahhhh, he looks like such a big boy in this picture! 
I'm sooooo NOT ready for that.

The best and worst part about all of this?
 Is that I get to AND have to watch another little man grow up all over again. 

Ok....end hormonal photo post. :)

I just need to go eat a Snickers or something. HAHAHA!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Welcome ICLW and Third Trimester!

Wow, I am seriously horrible with my blog right now. I just feel like no one wants to hear me whining about heartburn, body aches, and my stomach stretching. I swear I'm not an ungrateful pregnant woman, but yikes pregnancy is different this time.

First off WELCOME ICLW! 

My name is Aly and I am a 30 year old stay at home mom and blog designer
(It was 8 in the morning when I took this picture, no make up, but I did put this dress and earrings on just to take the picture. I figured yoga pants and a chocolate stained t-shirt might be too real for todays photo. )

No I didn't eat a few too many snickers (well actually I did, but that's a whole different post), I am actually 28 weeks pregnant after my second IVF cycle. (YAY!! Third Trimester!!!) We are expecting a baby boy on November 9, 2011 who we are going to name Holden Alexander. I've already experienced a fair amount of preterm labor,including a brief stay in labor and delivery at 24 weeks, so we are all expecting this little man to make his appearance a little early. Hopefully not before 37 weeks though. I am currently on P17 shots, Procardia, and modified bedrest. That little cocktail seems to be doing the trick and everything has been pretty uneventful for the last month or so.

Thankfully I have been moved up to "modified bed rest" because bed rest was almost impossible while chasing around a certain 2 1/2 year old. This is love of my life, product of my first IVF, and the reason I have an abundance of grey hair at 30.

Meet London Michael

and because one picture is NEVER enough...
(after bath time)

And then there is my amazing husband... 

Wait a minute....My husband is 50 times hotter than that guy! 
(Unless Ryan Gosling is reading this and in that case...Mike would totally understand, after all Ryan is at the top of my sex-ceptions list which makes it totally legal! :) )

This guy is my hottie- Jersery Shore watching- spreadsheet obsessed husband.
When he grew his hair out, it was easy to see where London got his curls. 

 I'm almost certain he was pinching my butt in this picture hence my surprised face. But hey, that is pretty typical  for Mike so maybe this picture is fitting. 

So now you have met my family! We are quite the wacky bunch, but we are always good for a laugh...even if you are laughing at us :)
Feel free to stick around, become a follower, and enjoy the craziness! 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

I'm still alive!

Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I honestly don't have much time to update tonight. No, not because I'm sooooo busy, but because Big Brother is coming on soon. Mike and I are obsessed with this show. We are team Daniele  in case anyone is wondering.

Things have been going really well with this pregnancy. No more preterm labor to speak about (***KNOCK ON WOOD***) I hit my next milestone of 28 weeks this week, which is awesome and exciting.

We have spent the last few weeks potty training London, which has gone surprisingly well. The first few days I was ready to throw my hands up in the air and quit. I kinda did too. I put him in a Pull Up and VOILA! He wanted to go to the potty by himself. It was awesome! We still have accidents occasionally, like when we are busy and out of the house, however the Pull-Ups work for us. He does better in those than he does big boy underwear.

Next weekend we are finally going to set up Holden's nursery. So you can count on some pictures of that soon!

Ok Ok Ok enough from me (***read*** Big Brother is about to come on)

I promise to try to update again soon! I have another Dr appointment on Wednesday so at the very least you can expect to hear something from me then.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Freedom!!! (Well kinda)

Today I went to he Dr for my 26 week checkup. Yay for 26 weeks!!

Everything looked good and cutie Holden is weighing in at 2lbs5oz as of today. He was so stinking cute and practicing sucking the entire time. It was so cute watching his little lips go. He also stuck his tongue out and yawned. IT WAS FREAKING ADORABLE STUFF PEOPLE! (Yes that deserved all caps)

My cervix is holding steady at 2.5cms which for 26 weeks is pretty average. YAY for average!

I actually got to see MY Dr today, and she solved the great dilation mystery (when I went from 3 cm dilated to closed in one week). She said that my cervix is really high but when she felt my cervix she was able to feel around and get some fingers in there (EEEWWW!!!!) She is assuming that the other Dr just couldn't get in far enough to feel around and probably just touch the outside (again EWWW!!!). Anyway, she said I am around 2.5-3 cm dilated and if I ever go back to the hospital and see a different Dr, just tell them "I don't know" when asked if I'm dilated. HAHAHA!!! I love her!

She also eased up on my bedrest a little bit. She told me that if I was a secretary that she would allow me to go back to work this week. She still wants me to take it easy, no shopping, cleaning, or gardening (obviously she doesn't know me that well. I wouldn't even do that if I could. I wish I had a picture of our flower beds right now to prove it). I am allowed on my feet for up to 2 hours now though, and for every 45 mins I'm up she wants me down for 45 mins. So if I do 2 hours of stuff in the morning she wants me to lay down for 2 hours when I get home. Fair enough!! This I can handle.

Some other fun things have been going on with London but they warrant there own post in a day or two.