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Friday, February 18, 2011

Transfer is tomorrow!!

I just got the call and we still have 12 embryos! Woohoo!!! I accidentally missed the call, but she she left a message saying that all 12 were looking really good. :)

They scheduled my ET for tomorrow at 11:30 am. I am supposed to have a full bladder for the transfer so I am definitely not looking forward to that. The pain of laying on the bed for 30 mins with a bladder that is about to burst is not appealing in any way. The only other option is using the bed pan they provide and lets just say, no thank you! The Valium they gave me should definitely help take the edge off.

I'm planning to put 2 embryos back tomorrow and freezing the rest. I'm still not sure though if they freeze on day 3 or day 5. I've only heard of a few RE's that freeze on day 3, but there is always a chance. I would prefer to freeze on day 5 or 6 though. I've read a few articles online about the benefits of freezing later. I guess we shall see tomorrow what my Dr does.

I'm feeling ALOT better today. Last night I decided not to take any pain meds because I thought I was feeling better. Well about 4 hours later I decided to take a half dose because the pain got pretty bad. Today, I'm not even on Tylenol and feel great. Still a little tender, but no real pain.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Fertilization Report

12 of my 15 eggs fertilized correctly!!! :) I had less eggs this time but more of them fertilized. Last time I only had 11 embryos. Yay for 12!! Woohoo!!

I've been asleep for pretty much the last 24 hours straight. My Dr did end up giving me some pain killers, which has been glorious. I take a pain pill and then 20 minutes later I am in a coma. It is pretty fantastic.

I'm headed back to bed now. Transfer is on Saturday!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fertilization Update!

So I got a call from the dr today and of the 19 eggs they retrieved, 17 of them were mature, and 11 of them fertilized correctly. The Dr seemed VERY pleased with that, and told us we should be happy as well. So I guess we are. Tomorrow the Dr will decide if we will do a 3 or 5 day transfer. Right now he is leaning towards a 3 day but it all depends on how the embies are doing tomorrow.

I'm feeling ALOT better today. I'm still REALLY sore, but I can sit and stand on my own now. Mike left this morning. I was a little worried about that initially because as of last night I couldn't even get off the couch with out him pulling me to my feet. They gave me a bunch of pain meds but I have not had to use them since yesterday. They told us to drink a bunch of Gatorade and V-8 to help prevent against OHSS. The Gatorade is not a problem, and I have been drinking about 60-80 oz a day. V-8 on the other hand is NASTY!!!!!! I took 3 sips of it today and almost puked. I think I'll stick to the Gatorade :)