Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Fertilization Update!

So I got a call from the dr today and of the 19 eggs they retrieved, 17 of them were mature, and 11 of them fertilized correctly. The Dr seemed VERY pleased with that, and told us we should be happy as well. So I guess we are. Tomorrow the Dr will decide if we will do a 3 or 5 day transfer. Right now he is leaning towards a 3 day but it all depends on how the embies are doing tomorrow.

I'm feeling ALOT better today. I'm still REALLY sore, but I can sit and stand on my own now. Mike left this morning. I was a little worried about that initially because as of last night I couldn't even get off the couch with out him pulling me to my feet. They gave me a bunch of pain meds but I have not had to use them since yesterday. They told us to drink a bunch of Gatorade and V-8 to help prevent against OHSS. The Gatorade is not a problem, and I have been drinking about 60-80 oz a day. V-8 on the other hand is NASTY!!!!!! I took 3 sips of it today and almost puked. I think I'll stick to the Gatorade :)


Anonymous said...

First off, I agree 100% with the V8 being super NASTY!!! Never have liked it even though it is super healthy for you, oh well.
I am so happy your starting to fell better!! I bet that makes the day as well as night way better for you! You are a trooper! I have no clue what the number should be for the eggs but if the doctor is happy and says you should be then I am super duper excited for you :o) YAY for mature and fertilized Allison eggs!!!!
On my side I had another doctors appointment today and it went great since I got to hear the heatbeat again :o) At first it was hard for them to hear it since the baby kept moving all over the place! haha.
I love you Allison and you take care, you're doing grrrreat :o) xoxo

Ashley Baumann said...

Hey. I also agree that V8 is incredibly horrible. Have you tried some of the new flavors? They are actually decent. Anyways...love ya. Hope you are feeling better. Chat with ya later.

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