Tuesday, June 17, 2008

We have lemons!

I guess things are still growing well in there. I can definitely tell a difference since even yesterday. Nothing much happened today. It was ALOT of laying around and watching TV.

I have yet to mention my new hobby. I have started crocheting (its like knitting). It keeps me preoccupied so I don't go insane from bed rest boredom. Since I am making a little baby blanket it also keeps my thoughts positive. I had a picture that I took the other night but it appears the computer ate it. As soon as I can get my sister-in-law to email it back to me, I'll post it.

Have I mentioned that I miss my husband? Ugh, its really hard to go through all of this without him. I would give anything to be able to go lay in bed and cuddle up with him. I knows its only a few more days and he should be here but, wow, I never dreamed I would miss him so much. I'm sure part of that is TOTALLY hormones but we figured out the other day its been over a year since I was really way from him for this long. The last time was June '07 when he was away doing some training in NJ for 3 weeks. Its only been 10 days since I saw him last but it feels like its been FOREVER. I'm expecting him (if all goes the way its planned) to be here LATE Friday night.

I'm going to lay down because I can not longer sit upright with out it hurting! Ugh, only a few more days of this!


Anonymous said...

Hey Allison!!! Sounds like exciting things going on in that belly of yours!!! Have you tried the ruber band trick yet ?(where you loop on through your button hole in your jeans and then back through to your button?). I started using that trick this past Sunday and my tummy is so much happier :o)
I know you miss Mike, trust me I know the feeling!!! Being lonely I believe is one of the worst feelings out there. Hang in there, I'm sure this Friday night/weekend will be awesome when you get to see one another. I looove you!

Unknown said...

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