Thursday, June 12, 2008

Today was ROUGH!!

The title says it all!!! The emotional roller coaster has started. I cried almost all day today FOR NO REASON!! I keep telling myself that its normal and its just my body's way of practicing for pregnancy HAHA.

Besides the tears, today was Ok. I went to the IVF labs orientation. It was pretty boring. However I did pay for my IVF. That was definitely the biggest purchase I have ever made. I guess there is no turning back now, even if I wanted to. :)

Ok I'm off to bed, I'm going to try to sleep away this horrible day.


Anonymous said...

Hello Allison my dear!!!! I know what you mean about being sad and crying! I think I have started to hit that stage too within the past couple of days :o/ It isn't very fun is it?!? Oh you said no turing back now!!! We're in this together girlie! I love you!
PS-GoNNY06=Sierra...I would hhave to sign up for a new account everytime I wrote you something with the Google/Blogger thing sooo I'm signing in with my AIM name :o)

Unknown said...

HAHA I figured it was you when I saw the GO-NYY part hahaha!

Ginny said...

Hey girl, I had a dream about you last night...that you were PREGNANT!!! How weird is that....? Lol, I hope it is a GOOD sign; I'm sure it is :-) It was funny, I dreamed I called you to see how things were going and you were telling me all about the injections and the follicles and the fetus and everything and I'm like "what? the fetus? does that mean you are pregnant?" and you were like, all matter of fact, "oh yeah, this stuff really works". Anyway, I hope to hear that in real life soon! We're rooting for you guys! Take care, Virginia
PS: The Clomid gave me WICKED hot flashes, lol.

Unknown said...

HAHAHA, Virginia I hope that dream is a good sign of things to come!! Clomid gave me CRAZY hot flashes too, Mike used to laugh at me all the time when all the sudden I would randomly break out into a full on SWEAT! Good Luck, hopefully we both have good news soon :)

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