Saturday, June 14, 2008

I can officially feel my ovaries!

Since this isn't my first ride on the infertility train, I kind of know what to expect. However after waking up from a nap today, I felt like I was smuggling grapes across the boarder in my ovaries. Today is only day 4 of my stims so I can only imagine how much worse it's going to get over the next week or so. Right now I'm wearing work out shorts with an elastic band, and I have to keep pulling them up over my belly button so nothing touches my painful midsection. On top of feeling like an overstuffed fruit basket, I'm SUPER bloated. So these shorts that I keep tugging on are on the verge of no longer fitting. I'm drinking a TON of water and Gatorade to trying to keep from getting OHSS (over hyper stimulation syndrome). It usually doesn't happen until after the ER (egg retrieval) and there is no real way of preventing it, but the Dr's told us that TONS of fluid helps.
Besides feeling new parts of my body today, it has been relatively uneventful. I talked to Mike this morning and assuming he is still able to get a 4-day pass has decided to drive up here (rather than fly) for my ER. This will work out ALOT better because now we don't have to deal with the time constraints of a flight. Also he will be able to drive down to Savannah when he leaves here to pick up "The Girls" (Leia, Maddy, and Abby). They are still at my sisters in bad doggy quarantine.
Well I better be off, its movie night with the mother-in-law again. Tonight we are watching, "Reign Over Me" with Adam Sandler. Hopefully its good.


Anonymous said...

UGHHH, bloated?!?! Totally not a fun feeling, I feel you girl!!! Keep it up you're in my daily prayers and thoughts!
Your really helping me with what movies to watch by the way haha...I'm starting an Aly rental movie list :o) ha! That is great that Mike will be able to drive, it does seem easier in the end since he will be able to pick up those darling girls of yours that are in the bad dog corner! I have been pulling at least one tick a day off my two! It is BAD over here! I'll keep my fingers crossed for Mikes four day pass!!! XOXO

Anonymous said...

PS- I can never say I officially felt my ovaries!!! You're amazing! ha, I knew this process your going through was always rough but with a day to day understanding of it I truly admire you. Love you girlie :o)

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