Sunday, June 15, 2008


So not much is new today except the grapes in my ovaries have now been upgraded to cherry tomatoes. I'm expecting them to be grapefruits by the end of the week, I can't wait!! :-/

I've been doing alot of laying around watching movies with my mother-in-law over the past few days. So here is my IVF movie reviews. (This is to help you make your list Sierra :-) )

Derailed: GREAT!!
Reign Over Me: GREAT, sad, but great!
No Country For Old Men: GREAT, crazy and a little sick, but great!
Fracture: Eh, not so great, but at least Ryan Gosling is fun to look at ;)

Movies to follow later in the week:

Kite Runner
Devil Wears Prada
Michael Clayton
Music and Lyrics
We Own The Night

Laying around all day watching movies actually does have its downsides, believe it or not!
On a positive note, new episode of Army Wives comes on tonight so at least I have that to look foward to.


Jamie said...

Hang in there. Hopefully my calls aren't annoying you too much, just want to make sureyou are ok as you seem to be getting more and more down and all I can do is call. I know you are strong enough to get through all of this, and will make it. I am still waiting on the picture of the baby blanket that you have started, maybe soon you will have a day not so filled with activities that you can post it on here. LOL/JK, kinda. Have a great day, and call me later.......or else I'll call you.

Anonymous said...

Sooo this whole feeling of the big ovaries the size of grapefruits doesn't sound like much fun! Buuut your a strong woman and I'll know your doing your best :o)
I went out and rented Reign over me and No country for old men. Thanks for the suggestions!!
I love you :o)

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