Friday, April 30, 2010

Ding Dong, the trigger is gone!

I tested this morning to see if my trigger is gone from my system and thankfully it is. I can now trust any super faint second line that I might get over the next week. I won't have to sit around and wonder if that squinter is still the trigger leaving my system. Break out your magnifying glasses readers, I have decided to test again FOR REAL on Wednesday. I just don't think I can wait all the way until Friday. So get ready to see squint at pregnancy tests with me as I am sure I will be posting them here. HAHA!

Also, my blog might be acting a little funny for the next few days. I am making the switch to my new domain name It takes a few days for my blog to adjust and for me to add some of the gadgets back on the side, but I promise I will get it all fixed up soon. I am so excited to finally have my personal domain.

OK well I will I better be going. I am entirely too much stuff to get done today.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

2ww and Some Very Exciting News!

7 days of stims are done! The trigger shot is done! The "baby making" is done! Now, we wait. Today I am officially 2 dpo (days past ovulation).  I have to say that this is by far the worst part about trying to conceive. This is the time where you have nothing going on to distract you. There is nothing to stop you from peeing on anything even resembling a pregnancy test even when you know it is impossible to give you an accurate answer. The fact is that at this moment, I could be pregnant. Well, actually I can't be "pregnant" yet, but I might have an 4 cell embryo floating around in there just waiting to make itself at home for the next 9 months.

If this were a few years back, before London, I would already be trying to test out my trigger. I am a little more patient this time around though. Right now I have 4 pregnancy tests in my possession; 2 dollar tree tests (my go to test when frivolously testing early), 1 First Response Early Results (my go to test when testing at about 10-12dpo), and a Clear Blue Easy Digital (my go to test to verify any faint BFP lines that might show up ever so faint). So in case any of you are wondering here is my obsessive testing schedule for this month. On Friday April 30 at 7 dpt (days past trigger) and 5dpo, I will be taking a Dollar Tree test. This is just to make sure my trigger is actually gone out of my system. I will be hoping for a BFN on that day. Then on Friday May 7 at 14 dpt and 12 dpo, I will be taking the First Response Test. If its a BFP, you can go ahead and assume that I will be using the digital test to make sure my eyes are not screwing around with me. If the First Response test is negative, I will be testing again on Sunday May 9 with my last Dollar Tree test just to make sure its really a BFN before calling this cycle a bust. I am setting up this schedule in an effort to show some sort of self restraint this time around. I may need to refer all of my new readers back to this post/picture so they can see exactly what I am talking about. I probably could have paid for half of my IVF with the money I spent buying all 191 of those tests.

This morning I got some very exciting news. I found out that I won my very first giveaway. I won a $25 Amazon gift card from Jeannette over at The Crafty Hippo. I am so excited. I am one of those people who never win anything. She has really inspired me. I have been getting things ready to do my very own giveaway for the last few weeks, but I have been taking my sweet time in doing so. After getting so excited about winning this morning, I decided that I was going to do it NOW. Tomorrow or Thursday, I will announce my very first giveaway here at Infertility Overachievers. It is going to be a good one, so make sure you check back or start following me to find out all of the details. Over the last month, I have noticed alot of new readers/followers. I want to encourage all of you to delurker and post a comment. I would love to read and follow your blogs as well. I love new friends :)

Another bit of exciting news.... As of right now I am now the proud owner of
It may take a few days for the switch to be totally finished, but no worries my current domain ( will forward you to the new one. There is no need for you to update any of your links or bookmarks to my page. Everything will stay the same for all of you, but new readers will have an easier time trying to find me.

Lastly, I want to remind everyone that this is National Infertility Awareness Week. I am kind of hoping that it's a good sign I am starting my 2ww during NIAW. Fingers crossed, that NIAW  will bring me some luck this cycle. Infertility affects 6.1 million people in the U.S. so please visit the NIAW link above or go to and take a minute to educate yourself on infertility.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Trigger Tonight and an Alabama Tree House

So I went to the Dr this morning and it went really well. I had 3 mature follicles. 1 at 18mm and 2 at 17mm and one slacker at 12mm that won't mature in time. Since Mike is gone until tomorrow afternoon, the Dr sent me home with my trigger shot and told me to give it to myself tonight. That way 24 hours later at prime ovulation time, Mike will be home for sure. Let the TWW begin!!!

Ok so now on to the title of this blog. As I have mentioned before, My very awesome friend Sierra has been watching London during all of my infertility appointments recently. She only lives about 10 mins from me, and her house is very nice and in a great neighborhood. Now with that said, there is this brief moment on that short 10 minute drive over that really makes me question why we chose to live in Alabama.  Below is a very bad photo I took on my camera phone while driving today. ( I know I know, but London wasn't with me, and I slowed way down and never took my eyes off the road). I know the quality is crappy, but it is the best I could get from the window of a moving car. Please allow me to explain. What you are looking at is a probably 12+ foot tall tree stump. On top of that tree stump is a plastic little tikes play house like this one. It appears to be resting on a piece of plywood which is some how magically attached to the tree stump. Maybe, just maybe, they don't actually let the kids play in it, right? Oh but they probably do. Can you see the ladder leading right up to the door on the "playhouse"? Can you say, DEATH TRAP??? Oh but for some reason God decided to let this person have children, and I'm the one who is infertile? Really! REALLY?

Welcome to Alabama!!
(Keep in mind, I'm from Georgia so I don't have a whole lot of room to talk either, but this one takes the cake.)

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hormonal CRASH!

Last night my hormones were OUT OF CONTROL. My husband is gone for the next few days, which is very lucky for him. Unfortunately for him though, I have a cell phone. He wasn't exactly in the best of moods to begin with, and the Army really wasn't helping either. So as he was leaving yesterday we got into a HUGE fight. You might be wondering what the fight was about, so I am going to tell you, NOTHING! Well, nothing big at least. The fight was about a fight that we had the night before because I felt like he snapped at me. Are you with me? Yes ladies (and gentlemen?), we were having an even bigger fight about a fight about something that was trivial to begin with. It was truly an incredible sight.

Me: I can't believe you are not going to apologize for snapping at me last night.
Him: I snapped at you because you were being annoying.
Me: You think I'm annoying? *bring on the water works*
Him: Yes, you are annoying sometimes.
Me: Look now you have made me cry and your still not going to apologize? *thinking to myself that all I really want out of this is a much needed hug and kiss*
Him: *walks over to me and tries to hug and kiss me* How about we just let this go?
Me: No! You snapped at me last night and now you won't apologize for it,  and now your being a jerk and trying to drop it. Don't touch me. Now look who is annoying. I can't believe you, you are such a ass sometimes.  *I walk away, still mad even though he was trying to do what I really wanted him to do*

Seriously what is wrong with me? Oh I wait, I know, almost 900 iu's of Gonal-F. He was trying to do what I wanted him to do (well minus just saying, I'm sorry), but I could NOT let it go. Last night via text this fight got out of control. I said some really horrible things to him. I am seriously in AWWW that he did not ask for a divorce. I cried and I'm pretty sure that at one point I told him he was balding *gasp!*. All married women know that is the one line you never cross. Even if you husband is sporting the Homer Simpson 3 hair comb over, YOU NEVER MENTION IT! My husband has a full head of thick hair, yet just to get under his skin last night I told him he was balding. I'm going to ask it again, what is wrong with me? The funny thing is that last night I felt better immediately after the "I hate Mike" parade of insults was over. Oh how I forgot about how crazy these infertility drugs make you.

Today I felt great. I felt like myself again. Maybe I just needed a good vent at his expense, but thankfully I have an amazing husband who will take it. He may not sit there and just let me yell at him. He definitely gave me a bit of my own medicine last night. However in the words of my awesome husband who loves me unconditionally, "I'm glad we are cut from the same material".

My appointment is at 9am tomorrow.  Fingers crossed that I am going to trigger.  I will update as soon as I can.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

ICLW, Follicle Update, and an HSG dilemma.

Welcome ICLW!!! Feel free to look around and make yourself at home. You can find our infertility story by clicking here. Right now we are on our first cycle while trying to conceive #2. We are doing Gonal-F and timed intercourse. Fingers crossed this works and I don't have to do IVF again.

So I had another appointment with my RE today. Things are looking really good. I have 4 follicles. They measure 14mm, 13mm, 12mm, and 11mm. They are not sure if the 12 and 11 will catch up by the time we trigger, but I am A-OK with that. Ever since I had London, the idea of multiples scares me to death. Twins, I could do, but it would be VERY hard, especially with a 2 year old running around. However, just the idea of triplets makes me break into a cold sweat. Needless to say, I am very happy that only 2 of my eggs look like they will mature this month.

So I was talking to my Dr today and they have decided that they want to do a HSG on Friday (if I am not already ready to trigger). This really complicates my life. I had a HSG done 3 years ago and everything was clear and it obviously did not help me get pregnant. Now I know once you have a baby things change. I do probably need to have this done again, but it's just that I don't have the time. Mike is going to be out of town on Friday (he will be back on Saturday, so even if we have to trigger he will be home in time to supply "the goods"). So it will just be me and London. The HSG would be done during his nap time, so I can't really leave him over at the baby sitters house. In case you don't know, nap time is SACRED!! He won't really nap anywhere but at home, and my babysitter has a baby his same age with the same nap schedule so asking her to come here is out of the question. I don't know what to do. On one hand, I hope that I am ready to trigger on Friday just so I don't have to mess with the HSG, but on the other hand it would be nice to go ahead and get it over with this month.  Part of me is using the baby sitter thing as an excuse because honestly I don't want to do another HSG. It's not its a painful or hard procedure. I think deep down its just one more thing that reminds me of how stressed I was last time. As I have mentioned here probably a million times, I'm petrified of feeling all of those emotions again. I hate the idea of Mike not being there too. Last time I didn't really need him, but it was just nice to have some support while I was there. *As I read back over this, it all just sounds like a bunch of excuses to me. I really should just go ahead and do the HSG*

Anyway...Tomorrow is the last day to enter my What's For Dinner Contest! I have had quite a few emailed to me as well as added to the comments. I am really liking all of these ideas. I already have a front runner, so bring your best recipes and enter!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Infertility Update And Twitter Too.

I joined twitter. WHAT?!?! I know, I swore I wasn't going to do it again, but I did. I only say "again" because I joined a few months ago, but I am pretty sure I never even logged back on after that first day. This time I am really doing it. It is going to take some getting used to though. I have a Droid phone (which I LOVE), so I went ahead and added the twitter app. It seems that I have alot of free time while sitting in waiting rooms these days, so maybe I can practice my twittering skills while I am there. Come on over and follow me. @IFOverachievers You know you want to! :)

Speaking of the Dr, I had my first monitoring update today. I didn't ask for specifics (but I will next time I promise) but after 3 days of medicine, they told me that I had a couple of follicles already growing and looking good. I am PRETTY sure that I saw her write down three different measurements. So I am going to assume that I have 3 eggs right now. 
The injections are going well and are SUPER easy, however the side effects are really starting to get me. I am super emotional, even more so than last time. It's funny how quickly your mind and body forgets things though, so who knows if it is any different than last time. I am also having hot flashes, but they are NOTHING compared to when I was on clomid. Now that was torture. So as of right now, I am doing A-OK, and don't really have anything to complain about. My next appointment is on Wednesday morning. I am going to go ahead and put my money on a trigger shot on Friday morning. I am really hoping that I can stretch that out until Saturday though. I will explain that in a different post though. 

Don't forget to send me your recipes for the What's For Dinner Contest!! I have had about 12 so far through comments and emails. I am so excited to see what everyone else has. Deadline is this Thursday, so hurry up and send them in. 

Friday, April 16, 2010

Overcoming the past.

Today was my appointment with the RE (reproductive endocrinologist). It went well, but I was amazed at how many emotions came flooding back. Fear, anxiety, desperation, disappointment, frustration, embarrassment, guilt, you name it, it was all there.

As I walked into the office, I could feel  my chest starting to tighten up. All the sudden, I could actually feel that plethora of emotions taking over my body. My heart started to race, and I am pretty sure I broke into a sweat while signing my name on the clip board. I sat down and looked around the waiting room, trying to imagine the journey that had brought all of the other women into that office. Moments later I became very self conscious knowing that they were probably trying to imagine my journey as well. My thoughts raced.

Can they read my mind? Do they know I have a baby already? Are they judging me for being greedy and wanting more kids? Wait, what am I even doing here? Do I really want more kids right now? I could be O.K.with just London for the rest of my life, right? I could put him in dresses with bows in his hair. He doesn't need a sibling. I don't need to be here. I should just leave. Yeah, I'm leaving, I can't do this all over again.

"Aly Lastname, please follow me to the lab"

Crap, I guess I'm staying.

Once I was called into the back, I calmed down a bit. I was back in my element. It's sad  that infertility treatments have become "my element", but hey, at least I'm good at something. I laughed in my head as she talked me through every step of the process. I mean, didn't she know who she was talking to?  How could she not? Ummm, I'm Aly, I beat infertility. I'm kind of a big deal. I told her all about how to find my veins, and which arm bleeds the best, you know, the normal stuff. I felt at home. I wasn't scared anymore, in fact it was actually comfortable.

The nerves came and went several times during my appointment. During the ultrasound, I was petrified that she was going to look at me and say " O-M-G, you have no ovaries". I have no idea where I thought my ovaries had gone. It's not like I thought London grabbed and took them with him on his way out of the womb. It was just that not having ovaries was the absolute worst case scenario that I could think of. I wanted to be prepared for anything they could throw at me. Luckily the ultrasound showed two beautiful ovaries. I had several follicles and no cysts. Everything was perfect.

Just as quickly and emotional as the appointment started it ended. I had a mini panic attack as I walked out of the office.  It reminded me all to much about that day almost exactly 2 years before when the Dr blind sided me with his IVF recommendation. As I got into the car, everything clicked. Two years earlier, I got in the car, called Mike, and then entered into a 12 hour long cry fest. That didn't happen this time. This time was different. During my entire appointment I had been so lost in the emotions and fears that I experienced last time that I couldn't even see how different things really are now. I was blinded by the past, but this isn't the past.

This time, I got into the car picked up my phone to call Mike and was greeted by the most adorable picture of a certain red haired and green eyed little boy. That is why it is different, HE is why it is different. I'm not in the same place in life that I was last time. The desperation and guilt that I felt two years ago isn't there now. The embarrassment, gone. The frustration and anxiety aren't there either (yet). I am sure those emotions may creep back in at some point, and I will deal it all then. But today, this month, this cycle, I'm not going to allow the past to dictate my emotions. I'm going to spend time with my husband, surround myself with family and friends, and kiss that little boy of mine every chance I get.  Who knows, he might just be a big brother by this time next month. Only time will tell.

I will be doing daily injections of Gonal-F for 7-10 days this cycle, starting today. The only other time I have used Gonal-F is when we did our IVF cycle with London. Maybe with a little luck we will have the same good outcome.

Let the good times roll!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

What's for Dinner Contest!!!

So recently I have been in a bit of a rut in the cooking department. Before I had London, I cooked all the time. I loved it! I would start at about 4pm and take my sweet time preparing every ingredient, garnish, and spice. I would pour a nice glass of white wine, put on some back ground music, and dance around the kitchen as if I was Cameron Diaz in every role she has ever played. By the time the hubs got home from a long day of work, I would be putting the finishing touches on a beautiful meal. It's not nearly as fun anymore.

Now, I spend my entire day chasing an extremely active toddler around the house. Half of the day is spent pulling him off of every piece of furniture while he tries to practice for his part time job as a stunt man. The other half is spent trying to keep stuff out of his mouth. I have pulled everything that you can possibly imagine out of his mouth, everything from the classic phone charger all the way to the dead bug he found in the corner (yeah, not one of the highlights of my life, and a definite Mommy FAIL). By 4pm, I am exhausted and staring at a messy house. All I want to do is sit down on the couch and relax. I am in no mood to cook. I will admit I still enjoy that glass of wine though. :)

London goes to bed each night at 6:30 or 7:00 and most nights Mike doesn't get home until about that same time. London is a CRAZY man in the kitchen, so it is really hard for me to cook while he is awake. So when ever Mike gets home he helps me with London's night time routine while I try to get some cooking prep done. Then we put the lil man down and I go right back to the kitchen to cook for another 20-45 mins. I HATE it. So here is what I am looking for. I need some quick HEALTHY flavorful meals. Mike doesn't exactly like to eat healthy, but I am really trying to lose weight. It also doesn't help that I am a picky eater.

Things I hate:
All fish except Tilapia (but I LOVE crab and shrimp)
Red Sauce (like pizza or spaghetti)
I'm not a HUGE pasta fan but occasionally it's ok.
Chicken or Steak on the bone (however boneless is yummy)

So here is your mission, should you choose to accept it. GIVE ME YOUR RECIPES!!! I will try all of them and the one that Mike and I BOTH like will win.What will you when you ask? Good Question! You will win one of my favorite kitchen gadgets. These SleekStor collapsible silicone measuring cups and spoons. I love them, and hopefully you will too!!
 You can leave a comment with the recipe or email it to me at 
AlyIFOABlog (at) gmail (dot) com
Deadline to send me your recipe is next Thursday (4/22/10). 
I am going to start cooking these as they come in so hopefully I will have a winner in a few weeks.
Crockpot recipes are also welcome.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

National Infertility Awareness Week.

April 25-May2 is National Infertility Awareness Week. It sad to say, but I never knew infertility had its own special week every year. For most women who suffer from infertility, we get a very unpleasant week each month that makes us very aware. But this is NATIONAL infertility awareness week! I am so excited! I'm especially excited that we jumped back onto the infertility train when we did because on May 1st in Atlanta there will be a huge infertility conference. I just found out about this from over at Lovin Ma Soldier, and I immediately followed her link to check out the details. Here it is a link for y'all.

Resolve Atlanta Conference

A little info for those of you who don't want to follow the link.

Attendees will learn about acupuncture, the adoption home study process, budgeting for infertility and adoption, diminished ovarian reserve/premature ovarian failure, domestic adoption, donor egg/donor sperm/donor embyro, egg freezing & other improvements, endometriosis,PCOS, healing, the grass roots adoption process, how to be your own advocate in treatment, hypnotherapy, increasing the chance of success of conceiving, international adoption, male factor infertility, mayanabdominal massage, recurrent pregnancy loss, relationships and infertility, surrogacy and yoga.

There will be opportunities to talk to representatives from reproductive endocrinology clinics, adoption agencies, mental health professionals, complementary therapy providers and law firms about your next steps. The conference will also feature a parent panel where you will hear how other families found their beginnings. Over $50,000 worth of infertility and adoption services and merchandise will be given away, including a free IVFcycle and a free frozen donor egg cycle

I have to talk to Mike and make sure he can keep London that day, but I am planning on going. I hate the idea of going to something like that by myself though. Do any of my awesome infertility readers want to go with me? Come on, it will be fun.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Aly VS Infertility: Round 2

Just typing those words into the title of this entry made my heart skip a beat. I type the word infertility numerous times a day while doing things for this blog, and it has almost become an abstract term to me. 


I better get used to that word, because it is about to become very REAL again. 

Mike and I decided yesterday at the Dr's recommendation to move forward with infertility treatments to try to conceive number two. After much thought and a long conversation, we decided to go ahead jump in feet first. This was a huge decision for us, and it was made for both emotional and financial reasons.

I am not sure if I have mentioned it here before, but last go round infertility really took a toll on our marriage. It was harder than we ever expected. Mike was dedicated to all of it, but he would have liked to step back and maybe take things a little slower. I however wanted a baby ASAP. I guess you can say I was a little obsessed eager. When London was about 7 months old, we sought some marriage counseling to figure it all out. It was probably the best decision we ever made. We were never on the brink of divorce or anything, but we were definitely on different pages when it came to whether or not we would seek more infertility treatments for subsequent children. 

We are finally at a point where we are both ready to try for number two. Surprisingly, Mike was ready before I was this time. We are not going to jump right back into IVF or even IUI.  I am not 100% sure we will ever go that route again. For now we are just going to start with a few rounds of injectables and LOTS of prayer. :)

We just made this decision on Friday, and our first cycle starts NEXT WEEK!!! 


 I can hardly believe it. I am excited and terrified all at the same time. Here is to hoping that this road is A LOT shorter and easier than last time.

I will update about this again middle of next week after I meet with the Dr and figure out the specifics.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to ruin a new car in 12 days.

So about 2 weeks ago, Mike and I bought a new car. It was used but basically new. I got this beauty!
I love it. It was so pretty. 

The key word in that sentence... WAS

I have only had this car for 12 days and I have already ruined it. How you ask?

On Monday (Day 10): I was driving home from a friends house minding my own business, when BAM! a rock flew up off the road and cracked my windshield. I know this was not my fault. It happens, I know, BUT TO MY NEW CAR?????  WHHHHYYYYY?!?!?! It didn't crack all the way across or anything but it made a nice little crack that we are going to have to get fixed before it turns into something more. 
(Oh and yes that is pollen on my car. I swear it looks like my car is yellow these days) I left the windshield wiper in the picture so you can see how big this is to scale. (its about the size of a nickel)

On Wednesday (Day 12): I rear ended someone. I am so mad about this. This was my fault, so that is probably why I am so annoyed by it. I was sitting in the turn lane behind 2 cars. When the light turned green, the first car started to go, so the car infront of me and myself started to advance forward as well. Well  just as the first car entered the intersection, he slammed on his brakes. Even now I have no idea why, I am assuming he didn't know if he had the right away or not, WHICH HE DID. So the car in front of me slammed on the brakes and just barely managed not to hit him, I however was not so lucky. I hit her. It was just a bump and oddly enough my SUV had more damage than her little car. Her only damage was the paint has rubbed off in a few areas. I, on the other hand, had this.

I almost wish it was more damage because we probably won't get this fixed. Our deductible is $500, and I can't imagine this costing more then that so it would all be out of pocket. It's just a little cosmetic blemish, but IT WAS MY NEW CAR!!!

Now if only I could get a gallon of milk to spill on my back seat, I could really finish off the job.

I am off to stare at pictures of what my car used to look like. *sigh*

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

One of my favorite pictures EVER!!!

So today I had a Dr's appointment (actually two) and my very awesome (and BRAVE) friend Sierra offered to watch London. O.K. maybe she didn't offer, I kinda forced asked her to do it. HAHA. 

This is the picture and caption she sent me while I was at the appointment.
"Hanging out...Scarlett is learning there is a lot to learn about boys, while London is having 
a fun carefree time :o)"


Our Infertility Journey

I have gotten a few email recently asking the reason for our infertility and what treatments we did before finally resorting to IVF. I decided to write a post about it today. I added links to all of the highlighted words for some of my readers who are unfamiliar with infertility.

After deciding to start a family, Mike and I suffered a few miscarriages in 2007. At first it seemed like we had little to no problem getting pregnant, but staying pregnant was a different story. Our last miscarriage was in May of 2007, when our Dr discovered at 9-12 weeks (not sure on dates) via ultrasound that our pregnancy was actually a Blighted Ovum. Due to the fact that my body was not miscarrying on it's own, we decided at my Dr's recommendation to have a D&C.  After that, despite out best efforts, we just couldn't get pregnant again. My Dr did a ton of test on both of us, but when the results offered no answers he put me on Clomid. It was then that we were diagnosed with the dreaded "unexplained infertility."

I produced 2 eggs that first month on Clomid, but no pregnancy. The following 3 months on clomid, I produced around 2-4 eggs each cycle, but never even got a hint of a second line. Trust me it wasn't for a lack of testing, I could probably put London through college with all of the money I wasted on pregnancy tests during those 2 years. After 5 cycles on Clomid, we moved on to Femara. I did one and only one cycle on Femara. It made me a CRAZY woman. Looking back it could have been the fact that I had been on infertility drugs for 6 months straight, but all I know is that I was an emotional  train wreck that month.

The following month we were taking a trip to Europe with Mike's family during the time I was expected to ovulate. My Dr agreed to allow me to do one more cycle of clomid (unmonitored) while we were gone. I mean, after all, what better souviner to bring back from Paris and Rome then a baby. Unfortunately that didn't happen.

Upon our return and another negative pregnancy test, my Dr started talking to us about IUI.  We decided to give it a try (or three). 3 more clomid cycles, and three negative pregnancy test later, we gave up on IUI and decided to go see a specialist.

I had my first appointment with the specialist (a reproductive endocrinologist) on April 1st, 2008. Looking back, April fools day seems like an appropriate day to have had that appointment. I was 27 and Mike was 28, we were supposed to be FERTILE. Every test on me and my husband, came back 100% normal. I was hoping this specialist had some sort of magic pill to fix everything. Sadly, he did not. I will never forget his words that day, "You are going to need IVF". I did all that I could not to burst into tears as he uttered those heartbreaking words. He told me all about the process, which I already knew, but I used the time while he was talking to collect my emotions and thoughts. Then he handed me a price list which listed a big $15,000  for the basic IVF cycle and medications. That did not include ICSI or AH (which I would later find out that we would need). My husband was a 1LT in the Army and I wasn't working at the time, we definitely did NOT have $15,000+ just laying around  for IVF. I was devastated that day when I left his office.
When I got home I began so scour the internet for information about IVF. God had a plan though, and he worked his magic that day when I came across this discussion board all about the military and infertility. It had a plethora of information about military IVF. It would be an understatement to say that it was a dream come true. By the time Mike got home from work that afternoon, I had a plan. If we could come up with the money, we were going to do IVF at Ft Bragg (Womack). Mike was amazing and immediately offered a mutual fund that he had started back while he was in college. It was just enough to cover the $6,000 we would need to do IVF through the Army. So I made the call and got an appointment at Womack. On April 28th I had my first appointment, and God worked his magic again that day. They were somehow able to schedule me into the June IVF cycle, just 40 days later. Everything had somehow fallen into place. While we were waiting to do IVF, Dr Doom (AKA: The afore mentioned Reproductive Endocrinologist) did 2 rounds of injectibles (Follistim) and timed intercourse with us.We were really hoping that we wouldn't need to go all the way through IVF, however both rounds ended the same as all of the others. One pink line.

On June 26, 2008 the day of my egg retrieval we finally got our long awaited infertility diagnoses. After retrieving my 19 eggs (17 mature) and fertilizing them with Mike's sperm via ICSI (11 fertilized correctly) , they realized that the zonas (shells) on my eggs are too thick. Not only could sperm not break though to fertilize them on its own, but the embryo could not break out of the shell to implant in my uterus either. They also found that while Mike's sperm seems perfect, he has low morphology according to the super strict Kruger scale. They assumed that this is what caused our miscarriages. They think that his abnormal sperm probably fertilized my egg, thus creating a abnormal embryo and impossible pregnancy.

After a alot of begging, I convinced the Dr to put back 3 top quality embryos. (For the record, apparently I am quite persuasive when I am all doped up on Valium.) Of those 3 embryos, two of them implanted, but sadly at 11 weeks we lost one of the twins. My pregnancy was far from easy. At 24 weeks I went into preterm labor and spent the rest of my pregnancy on bed rest. Thankfully my hard work (on bed rest) paid off and London Michael was born on February 28, 2009 at 37 weeks. The hole that infertility carved into my heart had been filled and made whole again...temporarily.

We were really hoping we wouldn't have to do IVF again and that next time we would be able to get pregnant without the aid of any infertility treatments. A girl can dream right? However it looks likes IVF might just be our next step.

Currently we are planning to do another IVF cycle in November 2010. We are really hoping that the stars align again and IVF #2 turns out to be just as lucky as IVF #1.

 If you want to read all about our journey through IVF, you can read about it here starting in June 2008. It's all there.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Stepping up my blogging game

My blog is boring. I will admit it. I spent the last few days sprucing it up visually, but what I just realized is that it's content is extremely fall asleep at the key board pretty boring too. Now, everyone loves cute baby like London, but why would someone who is not blood related to him come all the way over to The Infertility Overachievers just to see a bajillion pictures. Isn't that what Facebook is for? Then again it could also be that no one wants to come around because I use made up words like "bajillion". Either way, I will be stepping up my game from now on. Trust me I have plenty of things to write about, but for some reason I always think that no one wants to read that crap. I mean seriously though, it can't be any worse then looking at a bunch of pictures of a random baby (he is pretty freaking cute though).

In an effort to start things off right, I will be doing an AWESOME series of giveaways soon. I just have a few more details to iron out before I can officially announce it. However I wanted all 5 of the people who still read this to know that it might just be worth sticking around a little while longer.

P.S. While your here, you might as well leave a comment, grab my new button, or become a follower. I mean really, it won't hurt anything. :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

30 Day Shred

OMG! Jillian Michaels is THE DEVIL! She totally just kicked my butt for the second time today. I am pretty out of shape right now, I know that, but she just made me feel like a child trying to walk for the first time. It was sad, just sad. Mike actually did it with me and he thought it was a pretty "legit" work out as well. Although it is quite possible he was just saying that to make me feel a little better.

Here is my plan. I am not going to do the 30 day shred like you are supposed to. I am going to do the 15 day shred. I know I probably should do it everyday, but lets be honest people. I enjoy having days off. Oh and did I mention that I am lazy??? Well I am!! I'm not a couch potato by any means. I love getting out of the house and going to the park or a hike, or basically anything that is fun. WORKING OUT IS NOT FUN! I don't care who you are, if you think working out is fun I would be inclined to believe that you have some sort of chemical imbalance. Working out makes you feel good, gives you more energy, it sure makes you look good, but it is NOT fun. Show me one person who is in the midst of a smoking hard workout, the kind where every part of your body is burning in some way or another, and can say "OMG, I am about to pass out but boy this is fun". The rewards are fun, but the act itself is NOT.

Ok Ok I am ranting, back to The 30 day Shred. I am going to do it every other day for the rest of the month. I started on the second so by the end of the month I should see some results. I promise I will update with my progress. I am going to take my measurements today and hopefully by the end of the month I will see a different not only on the scale but also on the tape measure.

Not sure if I have mentioned this here, but I have lost 16lbs since middle of January. I haven't really been working out, it is mainly a lot of portion control that has helped me. I try to eat healthier, and not drink so much wine haha, but if I am going to eat junk I just eat less of it. Tonight is Mike's night to cook so I am sure it is going to involve some sort of frozen pizza. I have mastered having just 2 small slices and adding broccoli or some other veggie on the side to help fill me up. It almost always works. Now if I could just have that sort of self control when it comes to the left over Easter jelly beans and Reeses eggs.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy Easter!

Looks like the Easter Bunny made a little stop at our house last night.

London was pretty excited about his Easter basket.

Although he was more excited about collecting the rocks than he was about collecting eggs.
He loves these flowers, I tried to teach him to blow on them.
However it usualy ends up like this, with him eating them.

London and Mommy

London and Daddy

Our attempt at an Easter family photo, trust me this was the best one of MANY attempts.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

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A Little Face Lift

So you might notice I gave the blog a little face lift.

I finally created a banner. It was actually REALLY easy. After a lot of thought, I kept the title the same. I really wanted to change it, but I titled this blog during a very important time in my life. It was a time when things were emotional and uncertain. I like the fact that my life is NOT this way anymore. I LOVE the fact that this title no longer accurately describes my life. So I am keeping it. The term "overachiever" originally entered my title after my husband and I both had problems that caused us to fall into the dreaded "infertile" category. We WERE overachieving at infertility, something no one ever wants to be good at. It makes me smile to know that I have beaten all of that. No, I didn't just beat it, I kicked infertility, threatened miscarriage, pregnancy, AND preterm labor in the A$$. I had a healthy baby boy. I WON!

The first picture is a picture of all of my IVF medicine. In the picture it looks like a lot, but it looks like a whole lot more when you realize that it is covering an entire love seat. Laying everything out like that was intimidating. I could feel it all staring at me. In way it was mocking me, and reminding me of how far I had to go before ever actually getting that elusive BFP. That picture is very emotional to me. When I first posted that picture on my blog, I was scared to death. Oddly enough it was the very first picture I ever posted to my blog.

The second picture on my new banner is a picture of London on his very first birthday. It was taken one year and nine months after that first picture, and it represents all of the differences that took place in that time span. It is my smiling little boy with red hair and green eyes sitting in the rocking chair that I used to rock him to sleep every single night for almost 365 days. That picture scares me as well. It makes me want to scream "where did my BABY go?" every time I see it. It is also very intimidating to me. The fear fact that he is going to grow up even more every.single.year. makes me want to cry. However, unless I learn to stop time, I better get used to it.

The back ground is a picture of my embryos. One of those is London. Well it's probably London. I have a picture of the three that they put back inside me, but only two would fit on the banner. So my fingers are crossed that London is one of the lucky two that made the cut. If not, then it can be a tribute to the only pictures that we have of the other little guys.

Ok well that is enough from me from now. I have had a glass (or three) of wine, so I am probably going to start rambling even more than I already have soon. Trust me, it's best that I hit "publish post" NOW.

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I am a 29 year old Army wife and stay at home mom. I was born and raised in the south, and wouldn't want it any other way (Y'all!). I met my husband in 2001 when he was stationed in my home town. 6 months later he went off to a military college 1000 miles away. It was definitely not your average relationship, but we made it work. After 5 years together long distance, Mike and I got married in May 2006. A few months and 3 dogs later, we decided to start a family. What we didn't know was that deciding to have a baby was the easy part. After a 2 year struggle trying to get pregnant, our IVF miracle London was born at 37 weeks on February 28, 2009.
I love being London's Mom but we both know that our family is not yet complete. We are now trying to conceive baby number two, but it doesn't look like this time is going to be any easier than the first. If you want to read Our Complete Infertility Journey click on the link at the top of the page.

Since this is the About Me section I figured I would let you know a few random things...About Me :)

1) I write like I talk. I don't claim to be the best writer on the block. I know that I misuse punctuation sometimes, but I do my best. You can Guarantee that reading my blog is just like having a conversation with me. Although I am probably a lot louder in person. After all, I am from the south so we don't really use punctuation when we talk anyway.  :)

2) Calling me a Type A personality would be an understatement. I am always trying to take charge which doesn't always work well since I married a Puerto Rican man.

3) I am very sarcastic. Yet, when I write I worry that people who don't know me think I am being serious. So I use a lot of these :) just to make sure people know I am kidding.

4) My husband is 5 inches shorter than I am. I am 5'10" and he is 5'5". It always makes for some interesting looks especially when I am wearing heels.

5) I hate LOL. I instead use HAHA. You can tell how funny I think something is based on the number of HA's.
 It's not rocket science people :) <-----(See number 3)

6) I am not a girlie girl. I usually walk around with no make up, jeans, a tank top, and flip flops. However I love a good reason to put on a dress.

7) I am an equestrian and grew up in the Show Ring (Hunter Jumpers). 

8) I don't eat spaghetti or ice cream (and by just admitting that I probably lost half of my readership), but I  do LOVE a good glass of white wine.