Thursday, April 8, 2010

How to ruin a new car in 12 days.

So about 2 weeks ago, Mike and I bought a new car. It was used but basically new. I got this beauty!
I love it. It was so pretty. 

The key word in that sentence... WAS

I have only had this car for 12 days and I have already ruined it. How you ask?

On Monday (Day 10): I was driving home from a friends house minding my own business, when BAM! a rock flew up off the road and cracked my windshield. I know this was not my fault. It happens, I know, BUT TO MY NEW CAR?????  WHHHHYYYYY?!?!?! It didn't crack all the way across or anything but it made a nice little crack that we are going to have to get fixed before it turns into something more. 
(Oh and yes that is pollen on my car. I swear it looks like my car is yellow these days) I left the windshield wiper in the picture so you can see how big this is to scale. (its about the size of a nickel)

On Wednesday (Day 12): I rear ended someone. I am so mad about this. This was my fault, so that is probably why I am so annoyed by it. I was sitting in the turn lane behind 2 cars. When the light turned green, the first car started to go, so the car infront of me and myself started to advance forward as well. Well  just as the first car entered the intersection, he slammed on his brakes. Even now I have no idea why, I am assuming he didn't know if he had the right away or not, WHICH HE DID. So the car in front of me slammed on the brakes and just barely managed not to hit him, I however was not so lucky. I hit her. It was just a bump and oddly enough my SUV had more damage than her little car. Her only damage was the paint has rubbed off in a few areas. I, on the other hand, had this.

I almost wish it was more damage because we probably won't get this fixed. Our deductible is $500, and I can't imagine this costing more then that so it would all be out of pocket. It's just a little cosmetic blemish, but IT WAS MY NEW CAR!!!

Now if only I could get a gallon of milk to spill on my back seat, I could really finish off the job.

I am off to stare at pictures of what my car used to look like. *sigh*


Heather said...

Anytime you get a new car or a new windshield, there's sure to be a rock flying at you in no time. I'm really sorry about your new car though. The pictures wouldn't load but I'm sure it's not too bad. Cosmetic is much better than totaling it and having to buy ANOTHER new car.

Amber said...

sorry to hear about the new car blemish what a bummer

Cassandra said...

Maybe you could think of it as a beauty spot rather than a blemish? Not working? lol.. This really sucks.. Our car is only three years old and we have paint scratches all over it from other people, our car isn't even that new and it annoys me like crazy so I can only imagine how you feel!

Jeannette said...

No fun! Ours got 2 flat tires and a crack all the way across the windshield. I think it's an initiation conspiracy thing. lol

Thanks for stopping by my craft blog! I like horses too. We plan on owning one when we retire and have the land and stability to care for him. My husband wants a Friesian. Good luck in the giveaway.

Oh and my husband says "insane" every time he sees me on your site over all the meds you had to take. We are so happy they worked and you have your little guy. :)

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