Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ok here we go!!

After months of waiting, IVF time is FINALLY here. However, I have to say that I am WAY more nervous than I expected. Any-who, I'm a little late starting this thing so let me start from the beginning.
Sat. 6/7: I left Columbus with 3 of the 4 pups in tow, and headed down to Savannah. I have to say pulling out of my driveway KNOWING what I was about to embark on was a little scary. It made it worse when I realized that the passenger seat was empty, and Mike was waving goodbye from the wrong side of the window. A few minutes and a short panic attack later, I was ON MY WAY!!!
Sun 6/8: After a brief stay with the family, I again am off to FT BRAGG. This time my panic attack was not over leaving Mike, but over leaving Abby (yes, you heard that right, THE DOG!). I came soooo close to packing her in the car and bringing her with me, but after reflecting on the last time she was here and remembering her little 14 year old 3.5lbs body tumbling down the stairs, I quickly decided to leave her on level ground. Anyway, I arrived here at 10:30pm and immediately checked my meds that had been sent to my in-laws house on Friday. Some of the meds had to be refrigerated, so I quickly checked to make sure everything was where its supposed to be. As I'm checking through everything, I noticed it, well actually, I noticed the LACK of it. I was missing one of the meds. I started to FREAK, here we go with panic attack NUMBER 3!!! My mother-in-law (Wilma) quickly tried to calm me and find the box with the packing slip. Low and behold, she had thrown one of my "REFRIGERATED" meds away in the box. Keep in mind this was the med I was supposed to start taking the very next day. Well to make this long story short...I think the med will be fine, I asked the nurse about it and she said not to worry, so I'm going to try this whole NOT worrying thing for once.
Mon 6/9: Well, I officially STARTED my IVF cycle!! :) I had an orientation class to attend which due to a RETARDED Tomtom (GPS) I got LOST and ended up being 15 mins late. That was ok though. The class went well, I got two more bags of meds and was told that I will be taking 6 shots A DAY, 3 in the morning 3 at night. You're supposed to give them to yourself in the stomach, so when my child is a teenager and complaining about God knows what, I'm going to lift my shirt and show them my PUNCTURE WOUNDS I got while conceiving them, but if they are my child that probably still wont shut them up. So for the next few weeks, I will be going to the Dr every day or every other day for ultra sounds and blood work to monitor my egg growing progress. As it stands right now, I should have my Egg Retrieval (ER is where they pull all my eggs out of me and fertilize them) between June 20-24 and they will do my Embryo Transfer (ET is where they put them back inside me) 3-5 days later.
Tues 6/10: Today I started my Lupron, the first of my meds (you know the one that got thrown away haha) so I'm expecting some side effects, just to give y'all an idea, its nickname is Loopy Lupron. Apparently it makes you a little crazy, GOOD TIMES, GOOD TIMES! Ok that's all from me for now. Don't worry this blog is a work in progress, I'll make it more fun later! :)


Kristen said...

Welcome to the blogging world! I'm still trying to figure it out myself. You are brave for going through all of this! 6 shots a day! I don't know if I could do it. I hope that everything works out! Love you girl!

CCG said...

Hi Aly, welcome to the blogging world - I'll add you to my list of bloggers if you dont mind :-) Carolin

Sierra said...

Hello my dear Allison!!!! I have been thinking of you and praying hard for you!!! The blog is an awesome idea since I know we all love you and want to know how your doing!!! Keep up the awesome work and send me your address wherever you are :o

d.a.r. said...

Hey Aly!! Welcome!! It's so good to see you on here...and wow, you are incredibly brave for enduring all of this. What a wonderful mommy you are going to make!

Jamie said...

Howdy Sasquatch-
I had thise whole long sute note typed on here, and lost it....cheese and rice..and few other choice words were said. Anyways- You are very strong, and I know that God only gives us as much as we can handle. You are going to be a great mommy...as we have all seen in you from being with our kids and Lori's and Jennifers. Glad that you started the blog as I am always wondering what is going on. hang in there, and call me as much as you can.
Love -Jamison

Miss Feisty said...

Hello, it's MrsG07!

Isn't this a scary ride?!? It will be worth it in the end though. And I love your idea about showing the rugrats the puncture wounds...hilarious!

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