Friday, May 1, 2009


So I didn't want to say anything yesterday, for fear of jinxing myself but.....Wed night London slept for 7 hours straight. It was GLORIOUS!!!!! Oh and it only got better last night. He did it AGAIN! He fell asleep at 8pm IN HIS OWN BED and slept until 3am. He woke up, ate and was back asleep by 3:10 and slept until 8am!!! I didn't even know what to do with myself. Well, actually yes I did, I SLEPT!! He is only 2 months old so I'm thinking its just a growth spurt but a girl can dream that this is how it will be from now on. *Fingers Crossed*

On a different note, we are having some family portraits done next week. I am so excited. I really wish that I had started to tan and lose some more of my baby weight. I lost all of the 27 lbs that I gained while I was pregnant in about 2 weeks (GOD BLESS BREAST FEEDING). Actually right now I'm about 2 lbs below my pre preg weight. However thanks to over a year of infertility treatments, I packed on a some extra weight BEFORE I got pregnant. So needless to say even though I am back to my pre preg weight, I am no where NEAR my goal weight. I have a plan to lose that over the next few months. So pretty soon this blog will turn into my "baby blog" AND "weight loss blog".


Kristen said...

Woohoo for sleep! Your family portraits are going to turn out beautifully!

corkyshell said...

Yeah for sleep!!!!!!!

I cannot wait to see your family potraits...and sweetheart, I thought you looked amazing in your bringing London home photos! You're going to look amazing!

Erin said...

WOOHOO for sleep!!

And for what it's worth, you looked great when I saw you! I am sure the pictures will be beautiful!

Heather said...

Sleep is so nice!!!! Grace started doing that too around 6 weeks... the time I started making her sleep in her crib! She even started sleeping longer... like as in 11 hours!!! The only bad thing about that was I was so used to waking up at 3am that I would wake up and just wait for her and start missing that feeding time. It lasted until she his the 3 month growth spurt (which was about 2 weeks shy of 3 months) and then we left for the states so we never really got back on track. But now that we are back to the once a night feeding. Hopefully you will be able to keep little London on this schedule for a while (or if it changes, be getting even more sleep!)

Have fun at the photo shoot!!! And you know we will all be stalking your blog until we see them! I have been trying to find someone to take 6 month pictures and my mom just let me know she booked someone.

Anonymous said...

Yay! for losing so much already! And double Yay! for extra sleep! :D

We'll be trying IUI this month... we don't have many tries left before deployment!

Stacie said...

Yay sleep! I'm sure the family portraits will look awesome too, don't worry!

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