Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Moving on up!!

So today has been a big day. As I type this London is napping in HIS OWN BED!! Up until today he has slept in a pack-n-play in our room. He will continue to sleep in our room at night since it is still easier for me. With Mike gone I feel no real RUSH to get him out of our room at night. The fact is that while London is sleeping through the night (from about 8pm to 5am), he is still breastfed. It's just really convenient that at 5 am I don't have to walk across the house just to feed him. I DON'T want to create a monster and get him used to ONLY sleeping in our room though. So I decided today, only 2 days before he turns 3 months old, he was going to nap in his own bed. Here are a few pictures of this milestone.

London has also started sitting up on his elbows. Just last night, when I though he was asleep, I tried to sneak into my bedroom where he was "sleeping". Just as I cracked open the bedroom door, I saw a little head pop straight up and start looking around from side to side trying to find me. It was so cute and was probably one of my favorite moments of being a Mom thus far. Here are a few pictures from today of London doing the same thing.

To Mr. you know who: We love you!! MMMmmMMMMmmMMMMmmMMM!!


Erin said...

It blows my mind that he is old enough to start sleeping in his own bed. Seriously, didn't you just have him???

raybanoutlet001 said...
琐事 said...

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