Thursday, September 22, 2011

33 Weeks

Nothing terribly exciting to report here. I'm still pregnant, yay!!. I still have cankles, boo!! And  now I officially  can't sleep anymore. I know I know, I should feel very blessed that I haven't experienced any problems sleeping up until now but man this sucks. I guess it's my body's way of getting me ready for baby, but I really don't want to practice the sleepless nights without a newborn to cuddle.

I'm getting less and less mobile these days too. Getting up and down from the couch is next to impossible. So is leaning over to pick up one of the million Thomas the Trains that litter my floor. As you can imagine, my house is a mess because of this. I'm starting to think investing in some sort of 'Go Go Gadget Arm" wouldn't be such a bad idea right now.

Well this has been a quick whinny update from me! I have an ultrasound next Tuesday to check baby Holden's weight and position, so I will be sure to update again then. :)

Until then, here I am at 33 weeks. 


JW Moxie said...

You look adorable!

Anonymous said...

LOL - go-go-gadget arm ;)
looking good at 33 weeks!

Amber said...

Awww, you are precious!

pexejurer said...
mary said...

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