Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Disappearing Act!

First off I want to apologize for my disappearing act over the last few weeks. As you can all imagine, I've been VERY busy! Something about having a VERY ACTIVE 3 year old, an ADVENTUROUS 8 month old, and being almost 20 weeks pregnant with twins has been keeping me busy.

Holden is all over the place now, he is crawling everywhere and pulling up on anything he can reach. Which of course means he falls about 50 times a day. As many times as that poor kid cracks his head, he has to have a headache by bedtime every night.

Not even the dog is impressed anymore. 

London has been going CRAZY recently. He is officially out of preschool for the summer so he is BORED if we don't go somewhere and do something every single day. As you can imagine I am exhausted and don't feel like dragging both kids out in the blazing South Carolina heat every day.  So I have had to get pretty creative recently.

Yes my kid is using tape to pretend he is a mummy! 
SO WHAT! It kept him busy for nearly an hour. Totally worth the $1 I wasted on scotch tape. 

The twins are doing well! We are still in shock that it's twin girls. I am refusing to get rid of my boy clothes yet, for fear that one or both of them will sprout something at the 20 week ultrasound. I have however started buying some pink stuff. It's so surreal. This has been the wildest ride of my life. I have started feeling them ALOT over the last few weeks too. Although I can't really feel the difference between being pregnant with one vs two yet. Here is a horrible belly picture  from 18 weeks.
I guess that is my update for now! Holden just woke up from his nap so my free time is OVER! :)


The Swann's said...

Awww! They sure are getting BIG!!! I thought I dreampt you were having two girls but indeed it is true! Just forgot... :-) Glad all is going well on the pregnancy front though! Are you still nursing? How's that going?

So I totally did not realize you were in SC! How far from Charlotte?? I say let's meet at the Riverbanks Zoo for the day, when it's not too hot anyways! :-)

Coco said...

You are adorable! And so are your kids, and DOGGY!!! :) An idea for keeping the 3 year old entertained without wearing yourself out... I google things like "daycare lesson plans" and "pre school print outs"... there are TONS of free print outs and activity ideas, easy, free, fun for him and low energy for you! Good luck!!! :)

Candice said...

Oh my gosh! Holden is HUGE now!! Didn't he just come out? And that dog!!?? Have we ever seen him/her before!!?? Gorgeous!!
So excited that you are half way with the twins!! Still so amazed by this!!

Emms said...

You are looking so adorable!

Memoirs of Me & Mine said...

You look great! Kids are so busy and so much fun.
Cute kiddos!

Unknown said...

You look amazing, and your boys are adorable! I'm sure I'll do the same when my LO gets old enough!!


Maddy said...

Haven't read an update from you in a while. I hope everything is okay!

Heather said...

Miss. Aly, I know you are super busy but I'm curious as to how life is going for you, plus we need another belly pic to see how your little girls are growing! Hope all is well with you and your family!

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