Monday, July 7, 2008

Beta #1

Well all of the HPT's I took were correct, I am indeed pregnant. I went in this morning for my beta (blood pregnancy test) and the number came back at 84!! Both my Dr's were really happy with that number. I personally think that its only one baby in there, but my nurse told be it could definitely still be 2, but more than likely not 3. Either way, Mike and I are THRILLED!!! :) I will go back to the Dr on Wed morning for another beta. On this test they want to see the number double. So we are looking for something in the 160's or higher.

I'm starting to feel a little pregnant. I'm ALWAYS tired but usually can't sleep, and my stomach appears to be bottomless these days!

Mike left today for a MONTH :( He wont be back until Aug 8 th . I'm really hoping I don't get sick with this pregnancy. It would SUCK to be here all by myself and be sick the whole time!

So I spruced up the blog a little, I added a poll to see how many babies you guys think I am pregnant with, as well as a little pregnancy count down thing. Its kind of scary though, doesn't our baby look like a sea horse right now? CRAZY!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay number 84!!!! This is sooo exciting Allison! I am happy I called you at the perfect time too :o) Oh yeah and I do love the new additiongs to the blog! Haha you have to love the sea horse stage, it is freaky!!! 4 more weeks or so it will start looking like a human though!!! :o) YAY!!!

chenlina said...

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