Tuesday, July 8, 2008

How will I ever sleep?

So tomorrow is my second Beta. I would be LYING is I said I wasn't nervous about it. I wasn't really nervous for the last beta because I knew I was pregnant, I had a MILLION positive pregnancy test to prove it (and help me prepare for it). Well for this beta there are no tests I can take, I just have to show up at 9 am tomorrow morning and then spend the rest of the day hoping and PRAYING for a number over 160! If the number doubles it shows that thus far the baby is healthy. If the number doesn't double it usually (NOT ALWAYS THOUGH) means a miscarriage will follow. I, honestly, don't think I can take hearing those kind of results again.

I feel really good about this pregnancy, I feel like it WILL make it to term, and I WILL carry home a baby in March. Its just all of those, not so tiny, WHAT-IF's in the back of my head.

Everyone say a little pray for us tonight. Tomorrow, will hopefully be an AMAZING day :)


Anonymous said...

Hey you, keep up the positive thoughts, your doing awesome!!! I hate those little what-ifs too!!! I'm feeling strongly about you bringing home a beautiful baby(ies) in March as well. I had to drive a friend to the hospital at 2am this morning since her water broke! Very exciting but it is going to be a looong day/night. I came home to take her dog and mine out then I'm headed back. I'll be sending you happy thoughts as well. I love you and keep smiling! :o)

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