Friday, July 25, 2008


How is it possible to eat every 1.5 hours? Seriously, someone PLEASE answer that for me.
I have a very weird version of morning sickness these days. Here is how it works, I wake up at 9 am and either have to eat IMMEDIATELY or I puke. So I eat a big bowl of cereal. Then at 10:30 I am starving and again either have to eat QUICKLY or I puke, so I eat a big bowl of fresh fruit. 11:30: You guessed it, eat or puke time again, I make a mad dash for the kitchen, and manage to get my hands on a container of yogurt. That holds me over long enough to get to Chick-fil-a (the only thing that sounded good) where I got some chicken nuggets and more fruit. 2:00: MUST.EAT.SOMETHING so I find a bag of pretzels. Those hold me over for oh, about an hour. Then at 3pm, I had to eat again, this time I found graham crackers with peanut butter and glass of milk. I can't keep doing this. I just don't know what to do. Its like food is the only thing that keeps the morning sickness away. I know its for a good cause (ahem, the babies) but wow, its just so hard. Its especially hard since none of the food tastes good to me right now. *gag* ugh, I have go, I need to plan my NEXT meal!


Becca said...

k. told me the medical thing behind this.. nausea/vomiting and eating operate on opposite pathways.. so if you are eating, the pathway is occupied, and your body can't be doing both at the same time. or something like that, clearly i am not the doctor.. so if i messed up the explanation i'm sorry.. but it goes something like that! yay!

CGK said...

Wow..sounds like they are little stinkers already!!! I'm SO excited for you and the hubby..and I can't wait to hear the tales of having TWINS - amazing! Cue Cara and Maddy on TLC. Anyway, hope they start to cooperate and you can find a few foods that are appealing AND that you can keep down :)

Lauren said...

awww you are too cute aly!!! just keep eating whenever you can and this will probably go away at 12 weeks... hopefully anyways!!!

Chandra said...

I know exactly what you mean - I thought I was going to go craaaaaazy. I ate grapes every day for a while & haven't had any since. The weird thing to me was that even though I ate constantly, I lost weight at the beginning - and then definitely the more I "tossed up". It went away for me, but it took longer than the usual 12 weeks. Sorry to tell you that. But - I feel great now!

Pam said...

Aly.. congrats on the pregnancy. Just found out tonight reading your blog.
Hope everything stays on track and your son is healthy and you have an easy deliver.
WP 04

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