Friday, July 18, 2008

A Lazy Friday Night.

Well being lazy has become all too familiar over the last few days. However I have to say, today, I was productive. I actually cleaned my house! Well, part of it, I cleaned the kitchen which DESPERATELY needed it. Over the course of weekend I am planning on cleaning the rest of the house. Don't worry about it though, I'm NOT over doing it.

I went out and rented a couple of movies to give me something to do tonight. I rented "Definitely, Maybe" and "We are Marshall". I'm pretty sure I'm going to cry all the way through both of them though. My hormones seem to have caught up to me today. If you were a fly on the wall, you would have seen my crying while watching Last Comic Standing today. I was just so sad for the people who got kicked off the show, HAHAHAHA! Oh, pregnancy! I LOVE IT!!!


Anonymous said...

It is amazing how lazy you can feel during pregnancy!!! I think these babies are a little selfish and take too much of our energy!!! I watched both those movies (definetly maybe and we are marshall) this past week as well!!! They were both really good and I totally cried with both! Have you watched the movie P.S. I love you yet?!?! Now that one is a serious tear joker!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!

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