Friday, August 13, 2010

I have a tattoo!

Correction: I have a
(Yes, that is a bruise on my butt, I tried to cover it up, but it just made it worse {it's really not that bad}. That, my friends, is what happens when you back into the open pantry door. My tat also looks crooked in the picture but I promise it's not. Just another example of my poor cell phone photography skills. 

Anyway....Back to my Tramp Stamp tattoo. 

I got it when I was 18 and STUPID! I somehow thought that getting a multi-colored butterfly tattooed 2 inches above my butt crack was going to be original and trend setting. I guess in a way it was. Now, something like 90% of all women my age have an equally original and trend setting butterfly parked right in the middle of their back. Ok so maybe those numbers are a little skewed, but that is what it feels like. However with all of that said, I want to get another tattoo. 

This time I want to get London's name and the phrase 
" Aut inveniam viam aut faciam"
Which means 
"I shall either find a way or make one"

I don't exactly want anything huge. So that phrase is a little on the large side. So what do y'all this of this.

I found this online and really liked it. I would NOT get the blue background. I would just get the black wording. Then I would put London (and any subsequent children) underneath it.

I was going to get it this weekend when my BFF got hers, but I chickened out after Mike told me it looked like something you would see on a store front window.

See I hate my butterfly now and really wished that I had waited and gotten something that was meaningful to me. I feel like this tattoo is VERY meaningful, but I am still afraid of regretting it one day. Oh and there is also that little problem of WHERE to get it. I want to be able to cover it up while I'm at PTA meetings or weddings or church. So my placement options are rather limited. I thought about getting it on my hip, but I don't know. I am so torn.

What ink do you have and where is it at?

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Lisa said...

Not much help here. I'm part of the 10% that doesn't have a drop of ink on her. But I don't think you'll ever regret putting your son's name permanently on your body. Can't wait to see what you end up with.

Lacey Bean said...

I like the idea of it, but I would probably change up the font to something prettier? Not as harsh?

Anonymous said...

I have three tattoos all meaningful and all in places that are covered by clothes. After we have a baby I plan on getting two more, again both will be meaningful. I have one on my hip, one on my lower back and one between my shoulder blades. The two that I want to get in the future will be on my right and left rib cage. My tattoos are for me not the public. I do not show them off.

I think as long as they are meaningful you will not regret them.

Amber said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the expression and the meaning behind it. I'd go with something a little softer in terms of font, too. I think I would actually spell the whole thing out, just could break it up into 2-3 lines of text to make more of a block (or even an arch shape). Does that make sense? Anyway, however you decide to get it, I hope you do get it! Great idea.

JJ said...

I like the idea--awesome quote, I must say.

Unknown said...

maybe in a different font?...

ens said...

thats' mine and chris's deployment motto :) so obviously i like it! I'm not crazy about the way it's put together in that diamond shape.. i think if you got it in small script written across it could be really pretty...

This American Wife said...

I like the quote, but honestly I think the image you posted is confusing. I agree with whoever suggested to break it up into 2 lines. I've been thinking about getting another tattoo of AJ's name or something representing her, just can't decide so I'm holding off for now.

Unknown said...

I love that meaningful! I have one tattoo...really special to me. I wrote a post about it here!

Kelly said...

I like the new tattoo idea!

When I was 18 I also got a tramp stamp...I got the japanese symbol for love...Cept when I google it, it looks nothing like what's on my back! Who knows what mine actually says!

Lauren said...

I LOOOOOVE your new tattoo idea. I love the way the words intertwine. And I love the quote so very much.

I have three tattoos: an Om symbol on my forearm, the tibetan word for compassion on my ankle, and a puzzle piece with our wedding date inside it on my back. I'm planning to get my family crests on each shoulder but my grandpa can't find his and I won't get them done if I don't get both sides of my family!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Boy oh boy! That tattoo brings back a lot of memories! Mostly cuss words, but definitely memories :)
You know I am not a fan of ink, BUT I do think London's name would be very meaningful. I'm with you on the PTA meetings though. Good luck b/c you know the places that you can't see are the places that hurt like hell to get one. I will come and hold your hand again if you want!
Love ya

Kaitlin said...

Well I have a lot of ink, haha. The hip would be an odd place since it's your kids name. Maybe somewhere on your back where you'd be able to cover it up. It's hard for me to think about a place where you could cover it up. Almost all mine are completely visible.

I'm sorry you regret yours. :/

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I don't have any tattoos and I honestly have no idea what I would get. I think if it's something meaningful to you then go for it!

Moe said...

i love that idea for the tattoo. :) I think I agree with a previous commenter about changing the font though.

I don't have many ideas for placement for you... :( I have a tattoo above my inner ankle bone - and I love that spot....but it can be a little hard to cover at times. What about the upper shoulder???

I use a tattoo coverup by Kat Vondee (sold at sephora) if I need to cover my tattoo and it works pretty well (just throwing that out there!)

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