Thursday, June 23, 2011

20 weeks and Bedrest

20 weeks started off fun enough. I feel great (well except for that whole back and pelvic pain). My belly has really popped recently. I feel like I finally look PREGNANT to just random people now. No more wondering if I'm just a heavy beer drinker, I actually look pregnant!

Crappy cell phone picture because I can't get up to get my camera cord (more on that later). 

  And I also finished my first arts and crafts project for Baby Holden. They turned out GREAT. Again, another crappy cell phone picture. You get the idea!

Today was my official 20 week appointment. I had the big ultrasound and Holden looked GREAT!! He was measuring right on target and weighs in at 12 oz. (71st percentile). I may be biased but he is already a handsome little guy.
Adorable little chicken legs. :)

 He actually cooperated long enough for a cute profile picture, something his crazy brother never would do. 

And his cute little Skeletor face looking right at you. Arms up around his head, and little legs crossed at the ankle. You can see he is obviously still a boy too ;) 

After all the ultrasound fun was done, I went back to meet with the Dr. That is when I found out that my cervix is already starting to shorten (efface). Since I went into preterm labor with London and had some cervical shortening then, my Dr decided at 16 weeks to do a baseline check so we would have a comparison number later on in pregnancy should we run into any trouble.  At 16 weeks my cervical length was 5.6 cm long.  This was great! Nice and long, just the way we wanted it to be. Well today at 20 weeks, my cervix was a short 2.5cm long. :( UGH!!! This tells us that my body is doing something to prepare for labor and as all of you know it's way way WAY to soon for that.

My Dr has ordered me onto bedrest and scheduled me to come back next Wednesday to have it checked again. If it is shorter we will have to start talking about putting in a cervical cerclage (aka: a stitch in my cervix). Thankfully I have not had any other signs of labor, no contractions or even cramping. Right now, it's just the silent shortening of the cervix that has landed me on bedrest.  I guess now I will have more time to update my blog.

I'm not exactly freaking out yet. I'm gonna give it till next week before I start doing that. For now I am just following the Dr's orders and hoping for the best. I'm also doing a ton or research on cerclages and cervical length. Dr Google knows everything right? :)


Erin said...

Oh yeah. He sure is a boy! Glad he is looking healthy. Your cervix needs to get itself in check! No pre-term baby for you!

Melly said...

Glad that baby looks great, but I really commiserate with you on the cervix. My cervix sucks too! I actually dilated at 19w5d and ended up in the hospital with my membranes hanging outside my uterus a full 2 cm. Luckily my baby (a girl) was able to be saved and my bag of water pushed back in and cerclage placed. Talk about a scary time for this first time mom. I've been on bed rest for 13 weeks now and just got released to 4 hours per day off bed rest this week. My cervical length has fluctuated from 1.8 (right after surgery) to .68 the last time it was checked. I am far enough along now that we don't check it anymore. If you have any questions, I'll be happy to give my experience. Good luck, and abide by your bed rest. If you have netflix it may save your sanity. :o)

Lora said...

Stay PUT Baby Holden!!!

Those letters totally rock. Maybe you can add it as a side business to your blog design business...Nursery Letters! Mine suck, I would love some that are actually artistic looking, lol.

Kakunaa said...

You look amazing! I am so sorry you are on bedrest though! I had a friend with a cervix at 1cm the whole time and with a cerclage she made it to a scheduled section at 38 weeks. It will be okay :-)

Love the letters!

Courtney said...

Love seeing this little guy get all plump and adorable!

I know how scary this all is. As I mentioned on twitter, I have a cerclage, I have the transvaginal cerclage. So far it is holding beautifully.
Keeping you close to my heart and hoping your cervix stops acting up.


Calmly Chaotic said...

Oh I feel your pain. My cervix hasn't been cooperating much either until recently. I was down to 1.4cm at one point and got the steroid shots to mature their lungs. Luckily with reduced activity (my OB doesn't believe in full bed rest) my cervix was back up to 2.7 2 weeks ago. Take it easy and hopefully things will improve quickly for you.

Kat said...

So glad to hear that he's doing great!!!! I hope this bedrest isn't too tolling - I know it can be hard to stay immobile but it's so worth it for that little guy :) I hope next weeks results are going to show that everything is going great and you can be up and walking around again!

JM said...

Stupid cervix!!! Fingers crossed for more cooperation!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

That's great that everything is looking good with him. Good luck on the bedrest! I hope everything eneds up ok!

Shona said...

Fingers crossed that everything works out for you. It must be a scary time. You are right he is a handsome little boy.

AP said...

You look great and so does Holden! I have my ultrasound appt in about two weeks - I can't wait!

KLaw said...

Ahh! So cute! Those ultrasound pics never get old :)

PS - you won my giveaway yesterday. Send me a note so i can get you in touch with katie!